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Name: W

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olfgang Sharpe

Number: 202

Class: Firebomber

Age: 21

Weight: 185lbs

Height: 6'4"

Birthday: August 2nd

Weapon: Anything that can explode

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ability: Wings Wolfgang has giant wings that can expand and retract on command. This gives him the ability to fly, but they are very hard to control. They act with his emotions, which seem to be amplified by his power. They are very sensitive to touch, but can regrow/heal. Wolfgang's right eye is affected when his emotions are being amplified by the use of his wings by changing color according to emotion. Known colors:

-Dark green ambition, greed, and/or jealousy. -Light blue can mean tranquility, understanding, and/or softness. -Dark blue means seriousness. -Dark purple can mean gloom and/or frustration -Light yellow means joy. -Dark orange can mean deceit and distrust. -Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. As well as passiveness. -Dark red means anger/rage.

Personality: Wolfgang is quite arrogant at times, having a bit to much confidence. He tries to stay cool and calm, and hates getting angry, but if you push the wrong buttons he will snap. He also isn't afraid to be blunt. Genuinely nice, and if he doesn't know somebody well enough he won't act completely like himself, he tries to be completely respectful. He also has a habit of being overly dramatic. Will shut himself away when he feels depressed.

Background: Wolfgang grew up sheltered from the world. His father was a politician and mother was regarded highly herself. He had an older sister of which he barely knew, and an uncle he saw occasionally, who was a soldier. When Wolfgang was born, he was born with little nubs extruding from his back. Thinking it was some defect the doctors performed surgeries, in hope of removing the strange deformity, but each time they seemed to grow back, but larger. They gave up, seeing as it was pointless, but his father however took matters into his own hands. He sealed him away from the world, after having beaten the boy senseless trying to remove the "wings" himself. By the age of three the boy had large wings, life a hawk, feathers and all. As he grew up, he became self conscious of his wings, and tried to control them himself, in hopes of being capable of walking out into the world without being judged. At six he learned just how to do such a thing, and he learned to retract them into his back. His mother, having "always" admired his looks decided it was time to take him into her "line of business" - modeling. The now spoiled boy got all the love and attention he had craved for, becoming quite popular. Age 15 however, in attempt to rebel against his fathers wishes, he decided to show the world his ability. The next thing he claims to recall is being in lockdown in his home, away from the world, until the day he met Uno, and was taken away to the HQ. All that is known from this gap in time is that his father died and mother is now put away in a nut house.

Relationships: To be updated !