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I will watch you achieve LiWagasm in 5... 4... 3... 2...

About me[]

Hello, ladies.
Look to your man.
Now back to me.
Now back to your man.
Now back to me.
Sadly, he isn't me.

Anyways. You can call me LiWa, Warz, Lizzy, Hey You, or Master. I will likely respond to any of those monikers. I RP the notoriously surly Agent 40, and I take much joy in crushing all your hopes and dreams. My true love is the beautiful Neip and I will protect her with all the ferocity that Connie protects my baby boy. Don't test me on that. Or I will have your soul.

Another thing to keep in mind, I treat this wikia like my baby, keeping things put together and organized. I will not stop to think before editing your page for grammar and spelling mistakes and I will link your page to other ones. However, do try to do as good a job as you can so I don't have to. Really. We aren't children here.

My favorite pages[]