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Tor. Possible Antropoidian.

Appearance update. (February, 2012)

Agent 198 of the Scientist Class, only known as Tor by Superior Agents and Ethan Orlocke ever since he has joined/lived in the AGENCY 10 years ago at the age of twelve. Born/created through artifical insemination, his origins are firmly assumed to be from Planet Antro even though he lacked a shred of any animalistic features as any Antropoides would have - the humane appearance he has could probably have been the result from various operations/experimentations conducted onto him.

With Agent 197, he shares an ability called "Link". Tor had already been injected/implanted daily with various substances/serums before he'd accidentally collided into (then seven) 197 when chancing escape from his imprisonment during a diplomatic visit by the Earth Ambassodor on Extraterrestial Relationships to Planet Antro. The excess foreign cells from his skin (or sweat) got transferred and absorbed into her.

(Full information: See DeviantArt Profile)

Because he lacks proper communication skills (even though he's been living on Earth for 10 years already), Tor tends to make himself infamous for his not-very-prudent questions and exceedingly-verbalized-and-honest way of talk. Most of the Agents within the AGENCY has given him a wide berth whenever he appears on the scene, except for those who could tolerate him and are aware of his personality; the number of which can be counted on one hand. He is oblivious to any disdain expressed towards him - taking it a while for himself to know it. Either swallows or ignores the negative reactions when he does. Besides having a 24/7 curiousity towards EVERYTHING, Tor's most prioritized occupation is to get Agent 197 to socialize more and resorts to elaborate endeavours to get other Agents in the AGENCY to realize 197's existence (like a recent "Treasure Hunt" Agent 117 and 66 had unwittingly partaken in and was "rewarded" with the secret of Kat, 197's stray kitten).

Tor recently discovered his own "dormant" feelings towards 197 and confessed, which she reacted to with a faint. His confession was followed by a rejection from Ethan, enforcing that 197 is a lady and would have no problem performing bodily mutilation on Tor if he touches his protegee. Though Tor deems it a losing battle to retaliate at Ethan's words and heeds them, he doesn't close off his feelings towards 197 and even decides to save Ethan for 197 when the politician enters into a coma after an encounter with Ryonell.

His upper right arm has never been seen unwrapped by fellow agents; except by Superior Agents 01 (Uno) and 02 (Dos) for confidential observation purposes. The concealed limb hosts a similar scar-and-vein-surrounded implant on his arm like 197, the color being a dull, emerald green instead.

He also recently experiences flash-visions and vivid dreams in his mind of his past, something which disturbs him greatly yet still managed to maintain a calm exterior about it - after inflicting damage to himself and/or his surroundings to get over them.

  • Promises 197 with "Chocolate Requests" when he wants her to do something for him.
  • Always knows when 197 has brought in a stray cat into the AGENCY and often makes himself the "Welcoming Committee", evoking much annoyance and a "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!" from 197.
  • Forever interested in the topic of "Human Couples Expressing Affection Towarads One Another". Something he wishes dearly to explore with 197, now that he knows of his feelings for her.
  • Oddly and easily irked if he is called "Old Man", due to his hair color. Only 197 can get away with calling him "Stupid Old Man"...Because she can.
  • Further probing into his biological make up ends up with zero results as the samples taken from his body would immediately "die off", thus rendering them useless for further study. He hasn't nor wouldn't touch the idea of going through a "direct" test/check-up/examination - a personal issue. He's alright with DOING research but being PART of it is another story.

Recent events: (Top to bottom=Old to new)

  • Had officially sealed his "Death Contract" with Ethan Orlocke after causing quite a bit of harrassment now and then to 197 - in his defense, 197 was a finicky stray cat.
  • Demoted from 98 to 198.
  • FINALLY bought clothes at 52's insistence.
  • Currently in a VERY "friendly relationship" with 197; lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses on the forehead on his part. (Hopes Ethan doesn't remove his manhood and feed it to sharks...)
  • Before Ethan left for Dog Howl, was appointed and "ordered" to protect and keep 197 safe. Somewhat has permission to express his feelings more to her.
  • Courting 197 and also giving her space.