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Name: Thoridyss Bøe

  • Rank: 205
  • Class: Medic (trainee nurse)
  • Original Language: Swedish(svenska)

205 joined the agency in a way to show herself that people can be kind and caring unlike what she has met up to this point in her life. She is highly unused to being in with groups and prefers to keep to small groups of people and speaks very proper to them (any attempt at English slang has come out unintelligable). She is the only medic trainee at the moment and looks up to her leading medics alot, though secretly she feels slightly unwanted and useless. She has yet to show that she is cable even after re-attaching 137's arm after a game of broforce tag. She has recently started vigerous studies on medical books that 52 had told her to read, and is determined to become a full fledged Agent.


-under construction- .


She is extremly proper with people she does not know, but can come off extremly brash with those she has become close with or when irritated. She dislikes drinking with great intensity and sees it as a vile substances and does not find any enjoyment in damaging one's system. Indisive and not one to fully stand up for her thoughts, she is currently dealing with her lack of assertiveness.

-205 relations-

-under construction-

NM = never met

NO = no opinion

  • 01 -NM
  • 02 -NM
  • 03 -NM
  • 04 - From their first meeting being an interrigation, she does not have fond memories of the man
  • 05 - NO
  • 06 -NM
  • 07 -NM
  • 08 -NM
  • 09 -NM
  • 10 - finds her sweet and the nicest of the top ten so far
  • 34- She is at a loss for words at how happy she is that someone else wanted to communicate with her through learning Swedish(even though it is Swedish.sign language) enjoys being around her
  • 39-finds him extremly plesent to be around and was not used to his ovely kind demeanor
  • 42-has yet to really meet the agent but she is fond of the way 42's voice sounds
  • 43- Very fond of the medic and loves speaking with her. She learns something new from the medic at even their breifest encounters
  • 44 - Gets the feeling that the man is easily annoyed by her.
  • 46-Worked with the agent during an attack on base and the two worked togeather to help the wounded and specifically agent seis.
  • 49-looks up to her greatly as a medic and as her teacher
  • 50-Met her through treating her in the medbay, does not really know her at all
  • 51-NM
  • 54-NM
  • 55- Always has a good time speaking with the medic, she looks up to him greatly and will go to him for help if needed
  • 59 - Miss Karren, Thori is under the impression she is a library spirit but likes her very much. Views her as kind and understanding.
  • 60-finds him too busy to even remember her number correctly
  • 66-does not like him at all, thinks he is a very snide person and feels belittled from the tone of voice he uses with her
  • 69 -Absolutly adores the woman. Someone she can readily confide in for help and just talk. She also enjoys listening to her voice.
  • 70 -NM
  • 74 -NO
  • 77-The obstinent patient that is constently trying to escape? 205 finds him entertaining and hopes that his escape plans never hinder his ability to get well.
  • 78 -barley knows her but she was kind to 205.
  • 80 -NM
  • 87-Finds her very pleasent, kind and relaxing to be around. Hopes to be around her more.
  • 88- Her first reaction to him was he was much like 66 much to her dismay. She attempt treating for his amnesia for a little only for him to be fine in a few minutes. Recently she has properly met him and finds him a much more pleasent person (205:this has no relation to the fact he has hit 66, truely!)
  • 90 -NM
  • 93-NM
  • 96-thinks she's extremely cute but has yet to figure out she wasn't joking about being a firebomber
  • 99-barely knows the agent but sees her as a kind person
  • 108 -knows she is a sweet person but would rather avoid her so as not to be questioned.
  • 109 -NO
  • 110-is very fond of her as she is pleasent to be around and is always willing to help her
  • 117(Lio the great)-met him through sewing his blown off arm back on and aiding in his nerves reconection. Since then has talked with him a few times and calls him Lio the great for 117 personal preference
  • 120 -Terrified to treat her beacuse she can not use her power at all on the woman.
  • 123-finds her...energetic
  • 131- Miss Libellula , enjoys the fact she will speak Italian on occasion and looks to her for help with her technological problems
  • 134(miss Gwen)-was intimidated by her at first but Gwen has helped her a number of times and she looks out for 205. Thori sees her as a very good friend and always loves being around her. 134 is also helping with 205's training.
  • 139 - NM
  • 145 - NM
  • 148- complicated, currently trying to push the young man away to prevent him from being hurt.
  • 150 - NM
  • 163 - helped teach her how to eat a hamburger
  • 188 - wishes that she could help the girl control her power better
  • 191 - A good friend to her she enjoys his views on the agency and likes how he thinks about what he's doing. Thought he was a medic at their first meeting.
  • 192 - NM
  • 194 - Treated him once
  • 195 - He's a big teddy bear, who is always there to help
  • 197 -NM
  • 198-See's him as 'a strange one who never listens to orders that are given'
  • 201 - NM
  • 202 - NM
  • 203 - NM
  • 204 - NO
  • 206 - NM
  • 207 - NO
  • 208 - Wants to learn his native language to make him feel more at home at the agency
  • 209 - NM
  • 210 - Though they got off on the wrong (horribly wrong) foot, she is now teaching the young girl how to read braille
  • 211 - NM
  • 212 - Sees him as eager to learn , but feels he should be higher ranking then her since he is training to be a real doctor
  • 213 - NM
  • 214 - NM
  • 215 - NM
  • 216- Sees him as a confused boy but finds him kind.
  • 217- NM
  • 220 - NM