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The Hidden Alice Files are a creation of Agent 60's design, a series of messages embedded in the page reserved for Alice's enemy profile. Over the past 21 years of Ainsley being an Agent, he has recorded thousands of messages, although a fair enough number of them are simply him staring into the camera. A strong focus point in Agent 40's delusions that he had done very well to keep a secret for quite some time. Uncovered initially in a joint effort between Agent 47 and Agent 85 and further inspected at a later date Diez, the Hidden Alice Files hold a significant sum of eye opening snapshots and dangerous implications.

A few days after the uncovering of the Hidden Alice Files, Dos commanded the former Diez to delete them, however he instead downloaded them to himself instead so as to not delete information. The Hidden Alice Files are no longer accessable by other Agents, along with many of the other things contained within the encoding of the Alice Files.

Unlocked Files[]

1. "Alice... he did it... well... he did two things, actually. But the file's encrypted now. Everything's locked away. I know you wouldn't want them looking into you like that, knowing you like that. So it's all taken care of. I miss you. You know that, right? It's only been a few days but oh God! I miss you, the others who can still feel the warm remnants of your touch, those of us who still remember... they're losing hope.... I'm just happy that my comrade was able to make the program first. He said if I sent it through your file.... nobody else would listen to it... and it'll just sit here... when you come back, you can listen to it... you'll see I knew you would return from the start... everyone else has killed themselves but I'll stay here, waiting for you, Alice.... I'll wait for an eternity. I love you, I love you so much and everyone says..." there appears to be crying, the person speaking is crying.... "They say the body is yours... it looks like you... she's dressed like you... but please, it can't be! It cannot be you, that's impossible. You're too glorious, too beautiful to become such a piece of mangled flesh. Please... I need you here... I can already feel the separation, everything you make me feel, the joy and the love and the happiness... it's slipping away. I want to be yours again. Take me back, Alice, please. .. I beg of you.... please...." the audio file breaks into further crying and the sobbing continues until the end of the file.

2. "I'm the last follower... they all said you had died, that there was more than enough proof, and I saw it, there were the fingerprints and there were the dental records, but it can't be true. You're a smart girl. Yes, you're very smart. You did this, you planned this. I need you, Alice. Please! I know no matter how much I beg, it's not going to make any difference... no difference at all.. none. Nothing. None. Gone. Forever. Lost. You. Oh God, Alice. I can't do this by myself. Some of them still look at me, wary and I guess I deserve it, but I won't kill them, Alice. I will protect them, keep them safe for you, I know you would want to see them die with your own eyes, feast on their dying breaths and spit on their still warm corpses.... I will wait for that. I will wait until I die for you, BUT NO! Please... don't wait that long. Alice... come back, come back to me soon..." and then the audio file ends. It appears to be that they keep continuing, one after the next...

3.There is the sound of jazz music playing in the background, as well as shuffling papers, the occasional scratching of a pen, “Alice... it has come to my attention... I’ve noticed... you see, my emotions... my feeling is wearing away... please return before that. At first I thought it was just a slight lull, a pause, mourning... but this is different. Alice, what if... what if I can’t feel anything, what if it all just goes away? It’s still slipping, everything becomes increasingly numb every day and Alice, please! Alice this isn’t living, this is waking death! What’s happening to me, Alice? Please, I need to know. I need to know what’s happening to me... when you come back... tell me what is... why I feel this way, what is going on. I don’t want to live in this limbo, this eternity, it seems. Every moment feels drawn out, the excitement was drained from my veins, Alice. I’m becoming a husk of a man, my love is dulling and my joy with it. I can’t feel, my heart is being sucked dry- is it because you want me to think, Alice? I can do that so much more now, I can think more clearly now, though many of my thoughts disgust me.” There was a long pause in the audio, you could hear breathing, shaky but not crying, he wasn’t crying... it didn’t seem to be he possessed the will to do so. His voice was quiet, broken when he spoke once more. “I only feel anything when I think of you, and strongest when I review your photo... I miss you, Alice.... I want to return to you, or have you return to me. I survived the battle, didn’t I? I know you say that Agents are nothing, they are just stepping stones underfoot... but let me help you, let me carry you and be more than just a step in a path, let me be a stair. Let me elevate you, give me some order or ordinance. I will follow through with it, I swear to you. Send me a message, I will keep myself wary for it, keep attentive for your word. Ever vigilant. Ever loyal. Alice, just tell me what you want. Tell me what you need, I’ll give it to you, I’ll get it for you. Anything. If you want my life... you may have it again. This, whatever it is without you.... it isn’t living, it’s obscene. If it wasn’t for the promise of your return... if it wasn’t for the truth I know in my soul to be present... I would probably have died with the others. I know, though. I know a goddess will never die. You always insisted you were just a woman, just human, a girl who likes to have fun... but I know better... you are everything, you are in everything. You are in this place, in me, part of me... more than part of me, actually. Without you, there isn’t a me. Please, you need to know how this hurts me. How much anguish you are causing me, you cruel bitch! No! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I am only angry...” –there was hurt laughter- “One of the few things I still feel, though stronger than before... maybe not, actually. It only seems like so much in comparison to the joy. The weak, dying emotion... come back to me, please and save it, nurse it.” There’s a flicker, a bit of jarbled language before the audio comes back clearly, only now accompanying it there’s an image. The figure there is Agent 40, although different, his hair shorter, cropped close to his head and with clear, terrified distress in his eyes, no color on his cheeks and even fewer freckles which showed that it was, indeed a younger Ainsley in the picture. He was trembling, his hands adjusting the camera taking the film. He wasn’t as thin, either, he actually possessed a healthy level of muscle and despite the distress he looked much more healthy, even though it was obvious that his distress also had been causing him to lose sleep. “So... yes....” he looked down, his hands falling through his lap, “I think I fixed it... the video feed, I mean... I wanted you to see me, it’s nice, isn’t it...? I’d like to see you, Alice. I’d like you to fix me. Please, Alice... I’m begging you. I’m already so far gone....” his eyes fell on the camera, it looked like he was begging the watcher, pleading them, offering up everything he had to give, it was the picture of perfect weakness, a shattered, imperfect man. “It’s been weeks... weeks without you. I need you back. Back in my arms. Possess me, Alice. Please, just take me back.” He scowled now, looking away from the camera, his shaking hands cradling his face. He was holding back the tears. No crying, not anymore. No. He wasn’t going to be happy, he wasn’t going to allow himself to be so miserable. “Why did you abandon me! Alice! Tell me why! What did I do to deserve this from you!? I gave you my loyalty, my body, my soul, my thoughts and my words, everything! I gave my family for you!” his eyes shot up to the camera, rage, confusion, worry, sadness, all rolled into his body, “Was that not enough!? You loved me, Alice and I loved you! Can’t you understand that!? And now you’re doing this to me? Letting me become this... this monster! I don’t want this...” his arms wrapped around himself, like he was holding all the falling pieces together... “I want to be human, Alice... lend me that grace, please... just one thing... I’ve never asked you for anything... but please... come back. Come back to me, please... I beg of you.” He cracked, unable to hold it. He could feel deepest agony, still... but joy, someone had pulled that rug from underneath his feet, leaving him unbalanced with the disappearance of Alice from his life. She had poured so much joy into him, made him so alive and without the presence of the woman, he felt dead. It was like mourning your love and mourning yourself in one moment. Alice was like a drug in his veins and he was going through the height of withdrawal.

1632. There is a clear video feed, the man is the current Agent 40, seated calmly and looking almost half bored as he spoke with minimal inflection in his voice. “Alice... I think they believe it now... all of them. Oxana, Lio, even Rell. You remember Rell, right? Yes... well... they seem to be falling into the belief that I care. Everything is falling well into line, however Agent 66, Mr. Wesley will prove to be a problem unless dealt with beforehand. We do not want one person to shatter everything you’d be working to create here. I will take care of matters before your return. I know it should be soon, Alice. I know. Trust me. I can do this. I love you, Alice. I always have...” The video turns to static and there is mumbling that can be heard as well as a small degree of white noise, making it hard to hear. “...Everyone is starting to believe that I am caring for their pitiful sense of well being and happiness, with the sole exception being the wraith, 66. That is not important now. I understand I have a lot of work to do before your return. I will leave now. Farewell, my love.” The feed cuts out.