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Former home of Alice Dreyfus, the Dreyfus Manor is the location of the infamous kennels and hunting grounds. Cleared out after Alice's death, it was on the market for several years before eventually it was forgotten. An abanoned house on an overgrown tract of land in Scotland, it is easy to go past the place and think nothing of it, however the locals know it to be haunted by popular legend.

On the occasional night you can find teenagers going to the property on dares or for the promise of a spooky adventure. Popular things to do are to go there and explore the old house, play with a ouija board, address any number of the famous hauntings around the building and in general, tempt fate. On occasion you can find quite a ruckus around the palatial home as some groups of individuals have decided that it is prime real estate for raves and things of that manner. Of course tresspassing is illegal and the buildings are deemed unsafe for visitors but that is little deterrent for the children.

Stories Surrounding Dreyfus Manor (credibility questionable):[]

  • The Lady Death: It is believed that the statue of a woman found in the center of the overgrown hedge maze east of the main house is death, herself and if you navigate the maze and make way to the statue you can perform a ritual and it will tell you when you are fated to die. However, she has a habit of using the ritual to choose the practitioner as her next victim, grabbing them in her arms and crushing them to death, after which their bodies are pulled into Hell. The ritual is as follows.
  1. Circle the statue three times.
  2. look the statue in the eyes and say "Lady Death, Lady Death, How many years do I have left?"
  • The McLearys: Anne and David McLeary were driving on a dark and rainy night, the weather so bad that you could hardly see a foot in front of the car and so they continued trying to find their way home but because of the weather it wasn't very hard to find yourself lost. Turning off onto a road, they found that it was not in fact where they were supposed to go but it was the long drive up to the front of the Dreyfus Manor. Alit and with the sound of music inside, they ventured out and toward the building to ask for directions on how to get to their hotel. A small man answered the door, one of the demons that resided in the place answered the door and with a charming smile and a node he offered them the chance to stay in the house, rather than direct them to a place to stay. The McLearys were offered dry clothes, dinner and a warm bed to sleep in. However they had the gross misfortune of not knowing that anyone within the house at the stroke of midnight would be sent to Hell. Quietly, unsuspectingly they fell asleep... and at the stroke of midnight they were gone and the house was decrepit and worn once more. They were never seen or heard from again.
  • The Kennels: At night in the kennels, you if you listen quietly, you can still hear the sounds of the 'dogs' kept in the kennels. Rumor states that they were actually people (and according to Agents knowledge, this is one of those rumors concerning the place that is correct) and you can see their tortured ghosts moving about in the corner of your vision, barking and howling in the night. They hunger for blood but are afraid as well, so if you are left alone then you are vulnerable and your corpse will be found in the morning, shredded and unrecognizeable as even a person. Teenagers often venture into the kennels with the intent to ditch one of their fellows or lock them in one of the rooms by themselves as a prank.
  • The Dreyfus Demon and the Dark Man: The entire property is said to be very haunted, the home, itself the location of a small group of demons that is headed by the Dreyfus Demon, herself. Pictures of the previous landowner are believed to be pictures of this demon, in actuality. Come to reign terror on those in the surrounding land. She disappeared mysteriously but rumors continue to circulate that she is still alive and well in the house... just waiting for new victims. Other demons on the property include the Dark Man, not held to any single form, the Dark Man is known to be exceptionally cruel and fond of torturing his victims extensively and often leaving them still alive to be found by friends and family and live on in their agony and pain.
  • The Cellar: In the cellar underneath the house, once you are inside, at night the doors all lock and there is no escape. Commonly a place to find unusual cold spots, the cellar is where the demons tortured their victims, it is said. Oftentimes people will be purposefully locked down in the cellar, adding people as 'credible, I swear before God' witnesses to the phenomena.
  • The Graveyard: There is no official graveyard and certainly nothing marked as such... but rumor states that there are mass graves somewhere on the property which cause a large amount of the hauntings to be found there. From time to time someone comes along with attempts to try and find the location of the graves but there has never been any success.