A-gents Wiki

Most agents are inclined to be part of a 'class', and show it on their glasses color. There are various instructors, and even lesser ranks Agents can achieve the 'tutor' status by being ORDERED to teach other Agent. However, higher Rank Agents, specially the first 10 numbers are known for being prone to teach, and most lesser Ranks have them as their instructors.
Also, only the first 10 Agents have Two classes in their profiles.


A good instructor of this class is Agent 01, who teach when he gets free time. This class includes from street fighters to martial artist, so the skills may vary from an Agent to another. Being instructed by the leader make this class a bit...proud.
They use Orange glasses, and their equipment is EXTRA resistant 8because they HAVE to take the beating, jump, go INTO the action!!!).
Weapon? What weapon? They can break your skull with their little toe.
Yes, they can...


Most of them never leave HQ, but others take great responsibility on field examination, Forensics...etc. Instructed by the Laboratory Head, Number 02, who works them to death, this team makes every gadget in the Agency. Scientist use Green glasses, long laboratory coats and...,we may like to add: Not all of them are harmless.


Not all are dark and mysterious, but knowing that the guy with red glasses is an assassin can make more than a rookie nervous. Instructed by 03, they LEARN to be quiet when needed. Their usual light gray Agency coats are made of a special material that gets darker if the light is low, so they are able to blend with shadows easily.


They travel a lot, everywhere in the world and out of it, no speed limits at all, who does not want to be a pilot? Instructed by Agent 04, they get to work with the most carefree teacher of them all....lets hope they don't get used to it much, because other High ranked Agents can be less....fun. Pilots uses Yellow glasses that have radars, altitude and speed info and target locks in them, very useful.


Can be as far of the HQ as possible or never leave at all. Because of their work, they know most of the Agency staff and don't get much sleep when they start as rookies, but are VERY respected no matter their number. A Medic is a Medic, they may save your life one day, so...treat them well.
They use Blue Glasses that display the information they get with a special watch that can get blood samples, and do a very fast diagnosis.
The Medic Head is Agent 05, who is not only a 15 years old, but a work/internet addict.


They like to know and to change roles, most of them are instructed by Agent 06 to be able to change 'character' and fit any situation. Used on social and uncover missions, they can be send to act as double agents sometimes. Dangerous work, but interesting.
They use purple Glasses, known a lot about false smiles and are the best with clothes and make up. Never sub estimate them, they can know more about you, than yourself.


Everything that does not explode, breath or is programed is part of the mechanics work. They are the ones that make every machine in the Agency WORK, like the planes, cars, tanks, Macross and stuff.
The head of mechanics is the red head Agent 07, who is a very strong woman, even when she is kinda short. They use carmine Glasses, and like to sign their work in that color, as showing respect and love for what they are part of. Tell one of them that their color is PINK, and they will probably put you in the shredder.


Snipers are your best friend! They can get you out of trouble on more than one occasion, and use all kinds of weapons (one from afar and other for those pesky moments where they have to be near an enemy). They are no cowards, and are very resistant to some situations other Agents don't know how to overcome, like extreme whether. Having to be still enough to get a target without shaking because of the cold in middle of a storm can get pretty hard, but they manage! ....or Number 08, the 'Ice bitch' will get them.
Btw, never call her that.
Their Glasses color is Ice blue.


Demolitions, explosions, dynamite, stuff that explode! They make it look easy, always there smelling the napalm in the morning...You may think they are crazy, but they are actually a BIT crazy and pretty responsible. WHY? They have to do all their stuff, and get you out of there ALIVE. Now, who is crazy?
Their Glasses color is brown, and their 'teacher' is Agent 09, who may be in his 70, but does his job pretty well. He is getting deaf tough.


You don't have to go and fight face to face to do harm, the Agency computer experts know very well how to make mayhem from the comfort of their quarters. Most of them 'know' other agents and have done many missions with them without even meeting them in person. So its kinda awkward to have another agent you never saw say: 'Hi Fred, how your wife?'.
Agent 10, the best Hacker of the Agency...has been NEVER seen in person.
Or maybe you did, but WHO knows?
They use Grey Glasses.


Being part of a class does not define your abilities or personality, this is just a little help, so you all are able to fit the character better. Remember that in the Agency, your class defines the first thing an Agent will know about you. It's all about telling the other what you can do in a very fast way.
Because sometimes, on a mission, you just can't go from Agent to Agent asking who is the medic.