A-gents Wiki

Name: Susanne (Susie) Davies

Age: 8

Birthdate: 20 May 2003

Weight: 43kgs (94.6lbs)

Height: 130cms (4'3")

Blood Type: B+

Class: Mechanic Trainee

Sexuality: Ew, boy germs.

Ability: Metal Mould. She has the abilty to change the properties of metal with her hands as she can warp it to her own specifications.

In her short lifetime Susie has probably been through a lot more than the average adult. Her birth mother is Agent 43 (Jane Hart), but was traded at birth by her birth father, Alex Fisher, with Brian Davies' sickly daughter. Brian had full knowlege of the swap and only agreed to it because Alex convinced him that Jane was a drug addict who would abuse Susie once she was out of hospital and that his own daughter had only 1% chance of survival.

And so, Susie grew up as the daughter of Brian and Diana Davies. The Davies were very rich, Brain Davies controlling most of the world's rare earth metals and uranium. Susie grew up mostly by herself, she very rarely interacted with children of her own age, being brought up by nannies and tutors. Her mother and father were often busy and though they loved her dearly, they didn't have the time for her.

She was often regarded as very unusual by outsiders, mostly because of her appearance. Both Diana and Brian were quite dark featured, especially with Brian's grandmother being Indian (Susie's middle name is Prashanti after her) and so seeing a blonde-haired green-eyed girl was quite startling in a family with dark eyes and hair.

Her powers manifested themselves at the age of seven while she was playing with her mother's jewellery. Her father found out about it and did everything in his power to hide it from everyone and Susie was punished severely if she ever tried to show it off to others. She showed it off to one of the members of the help, who then sold this information to some very ruthless people.

A few days after her eighth birthday, while residing in China, her nanny took out to the playground. Her nanny looked away for a second and Susie was abducted by a group of a team of scientists studying Abilities. This kick-started her fortnight of terror. She was heavily drugged throughout the whole two weeks and in that space of time she was experimented on, vivisected and molested. Her father hired Agents to rescue her and the 12 other young people with Abilities aged 3 to 15. Her memory of the incident was to be wiped from her brain, but Brian Davies pleaded for the Agents to protect her since he failed and after much deliberation she was accepted into the agency.


Birth Mother: Agent 43, Jane Hart. She has a very special relationship with Jane. Even before Jane knew that Susie was her daughter, her intentions were always motherly, though they tend to butt heads when together.

Birth Father: Alex Fisher. Never knew him and has only seen one photo of him. Deceased.

Adoptive Mother: Diana Davies. Not so close with her mother as she is often out with friends or going to parties. she doesn't know where Susie is or that she has any abilites.

Adoptive Father: Brian Davies. She adores her father, having always been close. Metal mogul.


Agent 41 "Miss Luisa" - Has only just met 41, thinks she okay, a bit grumpy-looking

Agent 42 "Ms Oxana" - Breifly met with 42, she likes her sense of style and is happy that she will be having a baby.

Agent 47 "Miss 47" - Has jumped onto her on a couple of occassions. Doesn't know her that well.

Agent 50 "Delly" - Looks up to her like a cool older friend. Both are creative spirits and are enthusiastic about life. They first met when Susie walked on to 50 naked in the bathroom and thus a wonderful relationship was born.

Agent 52 "Miss Nurse" - Wants to look like her when she grows up.

Agent 53 "Miss Chantes" - Doesn't often interact with 53 as Susie is too embarrassed to show people that she's a slow reader and would be slow to respond to 53's texts.

Agent 54 "Superior Bianchi" - 54 is the only person who she would call superior and respects him. She wants to impress him and show him how far she's progressed. She also thinks that he's the prettiest person on base. Has learned the word 'cazzo' from him, much to his embarrassment.

Agent 55 "Dr Rell" - He was a willing ear to her problems and told her the meaning of vivisection. Quite likes him, no matter what 60 says.

Agent 60 "Mr 60" - he encouraged her to read books, especially 'The Secret Garden' and she finds him intriguing and a little bit of a recluse.

Agent 66 "66-Kun" - There's something special about her relationship with 66. He is unusally gentle with her and she is sweet to him and looks up to him like a cool uncle/brother/best friend. She frequently stands up for him as she thinks that he's just forgotten how to play nice.

Agent 69 "Big Sis Trist" "Tristy" - She really does regard 69 as a cool older sister and will tell 69 about her deepest secrets. One of the few people she trusts completely.

Agent 70 "Mr 70" - She finds him incompetent, which is a rather long word for an eight-year-old to know.

Agent 78 "Sexy-Butt" - Doesn't know her well at all, but just likes to give her that name.

Agent 88 "Vader" - Tag buddies.

Agent 107 "Karren" - As her soon-to-be step-mother, she finds her unusual and deep-down, she doesn't trust 107 to make her mother happy. Will still makes plans of the wedding with her.

Agent 109 "Mr Ranger" - Cooking buddies and someone she likes to tease.

Agent 123 "Emily" "Miss Numerical Order" - Gets really girlish around 123 and they talk girlish things with each other.

Agent 131 "Miss 131"- A bit of an odd couple but hangs around 131 as long as she tolerates it.

Agent 136 "Miss Kalipa" "Miss Jerky" - Partners in really bad jokes.

Agent 150 "Timber Mac" - Once again, incompetant. Maybe she just has a thing against scientists.

Agent 163 "Mr 163" - Doesn't like him as he's quiet and doesn't like her efforts to speak to him in Chinese.

Agent 188 "Pinkie Pie" - She drinks too much and should teach her more swear words.

Agent 191 "Mr Bird Man" - Teases him a little unkindly, but she loves it.

Agent 195 "Mr Jin" - The closest thing to a father-figure to her in the agency. He looks after her and speaks to her kindly, a thing that she responds to with affection.

Agent 204 "Nate" - The closest thing she has to a friend her own age. Their conversations make her giggle and she loves her friend even though she thinks she's on the 'special' side.