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There are few classes so mysterious as the Spy class, oftentimes going out on solo missions and returning months later, unable to talk about the content of those missions. Some people look down on this class and claim they contribute little, but the fact that you cannot see where they have been and what they have done only means that they are excelling at their job. You never know where a Spy has been if they did their work right, this isn't James Bond, people. These Agents slip in, take care of business, and get out with minimal emotional attatchment- and that's just in bed. But in all seriousness, you do not cross a spy, or they will find out all those little things you so dearly wish to keep hidden. They know their stuff.

Head of Class: Seis
Color of Glasses: Purple
Number of Members: 9

List of Spies:

  • 06 (--)
  • 78 (Jessica Zammit)
  • 108 (Nahel Banko)
  • 123 (Emily Lancaster)
  • 148 (Adam Cavul)
  • 194 (Derek Lark)
  • 197 (Mi Orlocke)
  • 204 (Natalie Dunes)
  • 208 (Kryos)

Deceased Spies:

  • 45 (Francis Rasputin')

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