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Cool and collected, the sniper class is filled with individuals who posess no need to rush into the thick of battle, being capable of killing their opponents from long distances and avoiding most of the danger altogether. While sometimes this might cause problems between them and the more messy classes such as the brawlers, there is no denying the fact that having a good group of snipers on a mission makes it easier for everyone, or even just one single sniper can change the outcome of a mission from disasterous to a wild success. Always appreciated (but often not enough), the sniper class is filled with top shooters under the discerning eye of Ocho. Snipers are trained to be less effected by extreme temperatures and situations, so as to not allow it to effect their aim.

Head of Class: Ocho
Color of Glasses: Ice Blue
Number of Members: 6

List of Snipers:

  • 139 (Jayden Julius)
  • 08 (--)
  • 42 (Oxana Siassimov)
  • 44 (Kasmir Freimeister)
  • 139 (Jayden Julius)
  • 192 (Michael Hurley)

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