A-gents Wiki


  • Name Sharlet Wills
  • Nick name: Miss. Candies
  • Age 28
  • Eyecolor: Jade Green
  • Haircolor: Sand blond
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Weaght: 155 lbs
  • Race: French, Italian, Polish, American
  • Skin: fair freckles
  • Accent: heavy Sothern accent
  • Birth places: New Orleans
  • Occupaion: Medic
  • Weapon: Silver Whistle
  • Ability: Sonokinesis
  • Likes: Fish, Men, little babys, the color green, The beach
  • Loves: Pink, animals, music, Flowers, Sweets, Romances novals, Girl thigns, laces, frills. Dragons.Sea shells, Dragons, mythology, horses.
  • Dislikes: Men, dogs, being picked on, Frogs, Sand
  • Hates: Men, spiders, Slimey things, the cold, Salty bitter things.
  • Fears: Men, Dogs, Spiders, newts, Being alone, the dark, not being able to hear or see
  • Guilty pleasure: Reading up on Mythology, Reading Romances Novels, and Long bubble baths with scented candles.

Talents and Hobbies

Likes to do arts and crafts. Has boxes and boxes of things, scrap books, beading, origami. She loves using her hands.

Sharlet is a very go singer. Back in high school, she was part of the school choir and glee club. She also knows how to play the banjo and guitar along with the piano. But she’s very shy and rarely sings infrunt of people now.

About the Ability. this ability allows you to produce any level of sound and control any sounds. This ability can be used to amplify sounds, diminish or deplete sounds, block sounds, carry sounds over extreme distances and at high enough levels produce tremors through sound vibration. At extraordinary levels, may break the sound barrier, resulting in phenomenal effects (Sonic Boom, etc).

The Good Control thunder.
Can mute people, Animals, Other sounds.

The Bad The body can only sustain so high a level of sound.
May unintentional harm yourself or others.

How Sharlet uses her ability.

Sharlet has to do a lot of concentration, or Meditation to keep her ability’s under check. But She does get startled easily and there for looses that control were she may change the sounds by mistake, or shriek till your ears start ringing. She does not mean this; she is just a timid woman. Or a short temper. With this glass may shatter, or she may end up roaring like a big cat or bear. This realy happens. But when it does. Best to not be in the same room.

Sharlet before she went to AGENTS. She knew something was off about her when she was 10 and sinces then it kept on growing. Was a low level Sonokinetic. She could rise and lower sound volume, or change their sounds. Or up the sounds around her so she could hear better.

But do to a incident , she now knows that she could do more than that. Sharlet could make sounds go as high as a sonic boom. Make them so sharp ears could bleed, or heads well pop. She is able to direct this at other people. And yet this still somewhat hurts herself as well.She is in the works of controlling and harnessing her abilities so she may not hurt herself or others.

Specal moves

  • Sonar: She is the uman sonar. With the help of her whistle. This does indeed take a lot of concentration, and a lot out of her so she only does this once every now and then.
  • Hum: She secretly gives everyone there own sound that she can hear. . But this only works with the people that she has meet. It may be something annoying or something sweet, but it fits that person rather well.
  • Sonicboom:when shes mad, her voices goes up and it makes this loud booming sound. Its usedto get peopels attention.
  • Screech: using her voices or her weapon she can make a sharp sound that can cut through wood, or flesh. Depending on how she modifies the sound waves. This can mke ears bleed. or knock someone or kill someone.
  • Mute: like it says. She can mute people, for short or long points in time.

To prevent her from uses of ability

There are a few ways to stop her. Distract her, or cover her ears and eye. If you block her senses she wont beble to ues this. She is slowly trying to get over this. But its a sure way to knock her off.

The sounds linked to who she knows.

  • Uno: Surprisingly, he sounds like wind chimes.
  • Dos: Squeeky Chair.
  • 04: Jet plane
  • 42: Wine glasses
  • 52: perfume spray bottle
  • 53: buttons on a phone
  • 54: Tools in a tool box moving around.
  • 66: a ball bouncing
  • 65: a loot (insterment)
  • 87: a little puppy
  • 58: darthvader
  • 107: the cracking sound of a Whip
  • 117: Hard candys in a glass jar
  • 97: Knife on a cutting borad
  • 136: sons
  • 140: pen on paper
  • 134: soft waves (makes her sleepy)
  • Hac-Tao: Wood popping in a fire. (She loves this sound)
  • 41: metal agents glass
  • 60: growling from a big dog
  • Ethan: Bear cub
  • more will be added

Whistle. A thin metal whistle. It is used for her sonic blast or to do a sonar sweep.


Sharlet is and was a people person. But do to an event in her pass this slowly changed that. She slightly fears her ability and it rather carful on how she uses it. Yes she may have a temper but that resolves quickly when she loses control of her ability. Sharlet comes from a large family of 4. Three older brothers then herself. Her father is the owner of a small plantation in New Orleans. That raises racing horses. Her mother Died when she gave birth to her, so she never had a mother. Hes step mother but she was not pleased with this women and never got along well with her. She was the reason why Sharlet is so curvy. Sharlet became a vetinaren, do to she loved animals so much, but after that she got her medical diploma after. The woman is smarter then she looks.She was very gifted in the field of medisan and for helping both animals and people. Yes she may not look it, but with the proper worth ethics and studying habits you can do a lot.

Why she fears men.:: Sharlet was betrayed by the man that she loved. This was do to He was secretly seeing her stepmother under her fathers nose. And do to her step mother not really liking Sharlet at all. She manipulated the boy into getting rid of Sharlet. Heartbroken when she found this out it was too late. She was raped by three other men, and was about to be cut off, when she screamed to the point of ‘popping heads’ Tormented, frighten and heartbroken, she was found by Uno, and taken home. This was when she was about 24. He let her stay home until she was stable and ready to take up his offer to Join Agents. But she never trusted men ever again. And if she did it was only a select few. Like her brothers, Father and Uno.

How she is now

Sharlet is slowly starting to get over her fear. She wants and has to. She finds it silly that she is letting her fear take control of her life, and wishes to do the things she missed gain. Love is a very important thing for a woman. And she does miss it. That an most the population in Agents are mostly Male.

Personality:: Dispute her hate for men. Sharlet is a reliable and kind person. She’s very careful about her ability's. But may end to get angry to the point where windows may crack. She gets embarrassed easily. She does not like to be teased about her wait or her freckles. Then again just don't make fun of her. She had enough of that crap when she was a kid. She has Trust issues. It takes alot for someone to get it, and it Takes alot for her to give it. Unless you give her a good impression and the respect she needs. She stands off as cute and rather lovable. But when she’s in the Medibay she takes things very serially and may be known as the mother Bear. Bout out of that she’s just timid and sweet.