The Scientist class is often overlooked by the other members of the Agency, despite it's utmost usefulness and the Agency's strong need of them. Without a good team of scientists, the Agency would be severely lacking in a lot of the technology that keeps it functioning today. Rarely seen in battle-based missions, they are not necessarily helpless on the battlefield, in fact there are scientists who are just as dangerous as the most skilled brawler or assassin, the upside is that it is rarely expected of the class and that increases the danger when one does posess such skills. Often very well cared for, the Scientist class has the immense pleasure of being headed by Agent 02, the apparent 'mother' of the Agency and this is a fact that some other members might even feel jealousy over, especially the assassin or sniper classes who's leaders are not known for being the most friendly of people.

Head of Class: Dos
Color of Glasses: Green
Number of Members: 5

List of Scientists:

  • 02 (--)
  • 51 (Reanna Jones)
  • 70 (Stuart Junior)
  • 150 (Marcus Crowshaw)
  • 198 (Tor)

The Classes

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