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//The Science Club//[]

The Science Club - AGENTS 60, 70, 134, and 150. Art by hobo and neipy


- 60

- 70

- 134

- 150


The Science Club began with AGENT 70, a scientist that was recently transferred from HQ 02 to HQ 01. As an experiment and part of his trade, 70 injected a syringe full of Abigail's parasite-infected blood into his veins and was sent to the medbay for recovery. Due to his power, however, AGENT 70 was fine as he presumed he would be. There in the medbay he met the future members of the Science Club.

AGENT 150 [Scientist] had entered the medbay on accident, losing his way when heading toward Lab 001 and AGENT 60 [Assassin] was in the medbay learning about medical business from AGENT 134 [Medic]. 60 and 150 were immediately impressed by 70's power. The three of them were fast aquaintences and quickly agreed to work together in order to test 60's experimental poisons. AGENT 134 proceeded to fuss and worry about the situation and insisted she be present for the tests. The next day the experiments began and thus the Science Club was born.


Posion Testing

The Sciene Club's very first project was testing AGENT 60's poisons. The test subject was AGENT 150 since his power would allow him to adapt to the poison before death if the antidotes failed. Thats what they would likely tell their Superiors, AGENT 150 would have likely done it anyway.