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Sariel Turner Rank two thief

Name: Sariel Turner

Age: 17 ½

Sex: Female

Height: 5'11

Weight: 149lbs

sexuality: Bisexual

Alliance: Unknown.

Birthday: Septembder 27th, 1994

List of crimes:


- Kidnapping

- Vandalism

- One count of Murder (1st degree)

- Threats to worl officials

- Posession of a deadly weapon

- Other minor charges

ENEMY Rank: 2

Personality: Extremely playful. She loves a good game of…. Well... Anything. Mind games, board games, video games, she loves them all, especially in her thievery work, She’ll toy with someone until she finds it boring or until she’s told to give it up. Then she’ll just run away and hide like a good little thief. She is also extremely flirty, in the most perverted way. Often times she’ll throw extremely lame pick up lines out. It that doesn’t work she’ll go for the ‘charmer’ Move. When she DOES have something Important to her, wither it be a person or object she’s extremely protective. She’s extremely rebellious to those older then her or points of athority. She does not like being TOLD what to do., if asked nicely she'll do whatever ya want.

Ability: //Girl of Rubber//
Due to experimentation of new and unknown chemicals when she was younger; her body, from skin to muscle to bone (with the exception of her organs) became a strong rubber. She is unable to be electrocuted unless it’s at a extremely high voltage. She is also unable to be shot. To wound her means you gotta get close and use a blade of some sort. Fire also works extremely well.

History: (Known)

Sariel was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 27th , 1994.

During the first five years of her life she was raised like any other toddler…. Well.. Kinda… Her mother was a drug addict while taking care of her and her father was no where to be seen. When Sariel was five her mother found an add in the newspaper that described (vaguely) about children being wanted for a experiment. The pay? 15 grand. Her mother took the short opportunity, waking her sleeping daughter up and taking her to the meeting place. That was when Sariel met ‘Papa’, the scientist who paid her mother and took Sariel to his home and lab.

For the next eight years Sariel was subjugated to tests of all kind’s. She was made to test many different new chemicals and underwent multiple surgeries and plain old fashioned abuse when ever she disobeyed. All those chemicals being ejected into her blood stream reacted in an unseal way and slowly her bones, skin, muscles and such became rubber, which made it easier for her to disobey and nick stuff like sweets from the man.

Soon after turning 13 Sariel and a few other kids the man was testing on decided to rebel. In the chaos she and two others were able to escape and find a place to hide in an orphanage. Feeling like it was another cage Sariel ran away again and became a thief, Nicking clothes, food, toys even as she grew older. She has become quite destructive in her work now as well, She’s recently stolen a few guns and is teaching herself to shoot them. She carries one with her knife.


- Never seen without her mask

- When not 'working' there is always a lollipop present in her mouth

- Can read people fairly well despite her low education level

- Enjoys 'playing' with people. This includes normal harmless pranks, sometimes deadly pranks, and pissing people off by reading the emotions on their face and their thoughts

- Addicted to the color Aquamarine

- Trying to teach herself to read

- Cannot stand math or history, tries to avoid those subjects

- Flirty

- Probably knows more about some people then she should

-Sariel is not her real name, she gave it to herself in 'The Labs'

- Acts like a Older sister around little kids

Relationships: Unknown