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"As the GOOD King that Iam..."

Ryonell Luca llanfair is one of the most, if not the most, dangerous enemy the Agents has confronted by now, and being a Rank five may have something to do with that. The ranks between Evil lords and criminals judge their personality and their powers, and with Ryonell, the five is given to him by both causes. His way of thinking is Machiavelic, and his powers over the souls are frightening, making him a very difficult foe to fight.

He is very ostentatious, from his way of dressing like a king, to his homes, to his way of life; the only cheap thing he ever likes is Vodka, because he used to enjoy it before it became a expensive drink.

Having a weird code of honor, Ryonell will behave like the king he once was and fullfil his promises, no matter what he was asked to do. Also, as a warrior, the lord lives by the belief that those made to fight will fight no matter what, and to avoid a battle is beyond all dispute.

So Ryonell, with his comercial way of thinking, his charismatic and sensual demeanor, is also a fighter at heart, one that loves wars and gore.

Ryonell has two servants with him, his Butler krato, and his Maid, Machellen. He treats them well, and surprisingly, hasnt tried to bed them yet. However, he enjoys asking Krato to say embarrassing things from time to time, like: "My lord's seed is my food." And such.

Very old, boredom is what Ryonell fears more, since he has tried most things known; from cooking to evil plotting, this lord surprises sometimes with his random knowledge and his extrange taste in trivial stuff.

Latelly it has been discovered that the original Ryonell was 'killed' and cut into many soul pieces, keeping them from joining together and molding into him again, by making they look human. These pieces are very different, in personality, age or even physical features.

"So very much alike, and even so, so different."

There are a few parts of Ryonell known to date:

  1. Ryonell? (Is a full part.)
  2. Dietrich Hoges. (Has a part inside.)
  3. Ethan Orlocke. (Has a part inside.)
  4. Nellias Russo Hoges. (Is a full part.)
  5. Conchis Mephisto. (Is a full part.)
  6. Lucca Llanfair. (Is a full part.)
  7. Taegan Llanfair. (Is a full part.)

  • Likes Vodka a lot.
  • Can't remove his crown from his head, so this is an easy way for spotting him.
  • Is a Warrior AND a Mage.
  • Is very old, like ancient-ancient old, but looks like a 25 years old.
  • Implanted Connie into 40's soul.
  • Has a hawk named Rheos.
  • Did 'something' to Tres when the Agent was young.