A-gents Wiki

Rank: 207

Class: Hacker

Name: Ruth McBride (this is her adoptive last name originally it was Plank)

Age: 25

Birthday: November 1st 1986

Weight: varrying as she is slowly putting on weight but currently at 97 lbs

Height: 5'3"

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair : Dark Chestnut shade

Weapon: Fishnet Armor


Ruth is an odd one when it comes to meeting her. She likes keeping a near expressionless face. Often blaming this to conserving energy as resting is tiresome, but when with friends (make that friend) she is known to chuckle and smile. often makes snide comments and will give people a false first name to see what they do with it. She tends to lean more towards the calmer type of people finding high energy people ‘suffocating’. She has yet to have any romantic experiences and doesn’t see it as an important part of life. Her voice and speech pattern- When she’s uninterested she keeps her voice flat, it’s of a medium pitch. At other times she put emphasis on certain words or endings. She uses a lot of contractions and will speak with short cuts such as ‘bout and whatcha’. These word are often the ones being emphasized to give them a friendly feeling in her mind.

Though she was shunned from her Amish life and she prefers to not think about it. Some of their teachings never left her. She despises vanity, hating her own picture taken she tries not to judge others but instead writes down her negative thoughts of people on paper that she burns after writing them. This allows her too not pass judgment on others...nearly as often that is.


Or for that matter. Lack of sleep. Little Ruth here can't sleep. She instead sleeps much like a dolphin, with one brain hemisphere resting at a time. She is able (really has no choice) to stay awake for her whole life. She has both halves rest for 4 separate hours, every day. Set backs obviously are that with one hemisphere sleeping she has to sort her tasks to work best with the left brain while the right is sleeping and vice versa. Along with this, is the fact that her brain sleeping doesn't cover her muscle fatigue so she does have to lie down when that comes over her.

She can be knocked out but won't ever pass out from fatigue instead her body might stop moving if it's too tired but she'll still be able to work her tech from her brain. Even though her eye lids can't move.


She was born into an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Little is known about her time there but she showed up at a church at age 10 to where she was placed in a foster home. The true reason for her banishment from her home is not clear. At age 12 the records state that she was adopted into a large family by urge of the daughter who had befriended Ruth. The family was far from rich but they happily accepted her in with loving arms. One night Ruth over heard her adoptive parents talking about the unpaid bills and having to pick up extra jobs. This was her turning point. She started looking up anything she could on computers. By age 13 and ½ she had a small computer repair and programming gig to pull in extra money. One night an angry Ex-girlfriend asked Ruth to hack into her boyfriend’s computer. Saying she’d pay a substantial amount of money, Ruth accepted and turned to the illegal side of technology. Her adoptive parents just figured the money was coming from the business. But they never spent a penny of her money as it had been secretly placed in a college fund for her. At the age of 15, she had established a cell of hackers that were would supply information for competing companies. Often enough they were actually employed by both sides. It spiraled downhill at age 16 though when she attempted hacking a government computer for personal reasons, one of her ‘employees’ screwed up her hack and once she hacked in her ip address was flashed on the victims screen. She had been using an internet café and even after ditching the computer the chase ran to the front door of her home. But the FBI were not the only one’s there for her. A man in a white coat gave her the option to come with him instead, to which she readily agreed.

Life in the Agency Ruth has been a part of HQ2 since her induction at age 16 . She is often enough found in the mechbay with her good friend, helping with designs and programming the technology. She sends any money she gets to her family still, promising that it’s legal. It was in the Agency that she started experimenting on herself such as having the chip placed in her brain that she could sync to machines she designed.

Relationships - she's hardly met anyone so sure changes to this in the future

Medics as a whole - She dislikes being in the medbay, near, near people who belong to it. Half because for any surgery she's been in she was awake for the other reason is because she doesn't trust them to do their jobs properly.

10 - Has respect for her as a higher up hacker and looks forward to working with her over their current project

49 - 'Vanna White'

55 - 'Coco puff' hopes to never see his sorry face again

70 - Scientist who made her energy/nutrition pills to help her with her ability's downside

77 - 'carrot top' sees him as useful for decoding

131 - has respect for her, always entertaining for a vs. game

188 - " I'm gunna kill that ***** ". Lets just hope the two don't ever meet again

203 - 'fuzzface' , 'pooch'. The reason why she hates werewolves, though in reality she doesn't hate the guy she does hate the fact she finds him entertaining.

206 - 'Letta' feels remotly concerned for this girl's saftey with how much she spaces out, closing thing she probably has to a friend but will keep it on that fine line.

212- ....she hates were-wolves remember?

216 - 'the idiot I should have let die'