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Royce Durnam "Roy" aka Agent 77


Age: 21

Ability: "Master of Languages": Royce has the ability to understand all languages. His ability allows him to pick up the language by either hearing or reading it and automatically translate it within his mind. Once he has the gist of the sounds, or "alphabet", of the language, he can speak or write it as aif he were a native speaker.

Class: Pilot

Weapon: Custom made hand bombs and his custom aircrafts. Recently got approval for his own, custom made gundam which he loves to use in battle.

Personality: Royce is a very openminded and expressive individual. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and often times is overdramatic hardly anything he says is to be taken seriously. He does not shake your hand the first time meeting you, he gives you a great big hug. This causes some people to believe he is an idiot, when he actually isn't. He is actually very smart, and mischievious at times. The only times you would usually see Royce act serious would be if he was drunk, or if he was on the job. While flying, it's as if he is a completely different person; Royce takes a lot of pride in being a pilot and is very serious about his job. Thanks to his pilot skills, he has a very good sense of direction and never loses track of where he is.


Then:....Royce was born to a family of two fathers and one younger sister. Royce never had a real mother or a mother figure in his life. As a result, Royce grew up treating women the same as men; which led to many fights with his sister. In his childhood, rather than allowing the other kids to taunt him into depression, he stood up for himself and proclaimed his pride at having two fathers, for it made him unique and special. It also helped when his sister beat them up.

One of his fathers was a fighter pilot for the military. Royce loves flying and all things related to it. As a child he would propell himself from the tops of trees in an attempt to fly like the birds (it is speculated that this resulted in some brain damage and is the cause of some of his so called "crazyness"). He entered the airforce at the age of 17 but didn't graduate for at the age of 19 he was recruited to be a member of the A-gents. His training was later finished off there under the supervision of Cuatro.

Now:....Royce now works as Agent 77 for the A-GENTS organization. Recently he went on a mission to protect the ambassador and his pilot skills were put to the test. Piloting the plane safely to their destination (Planet Ridion) was no easy feat, but he managed to succeed. In the end he bonded with the alien which attacked their ship, known as "Slime," which he regards as some sort of pet.

Royce quickly bonded with another Agent by the name of Tommy aka Agent 104. Together they created the "Broforce." Also known as the troublemakers of the A-GENTS.

Another mission 77 went on involved a woman named Mel. Even though he hadn't known her for very long, she had been their guide and companion through the mine. Unfortunately, 77 was unable to protect her and had to watch as she got shredded to pieces inside the monster named "Bastion." This left a very heavy mark on 77, and traumatized him with the image of her horror-stricken face, begging for help.

After the death of 77's idol, Cuatro and the woman Mel, 77 has become slightly matured. Death was not something he was accustomed to, and two deaths, being so close in timing had a toll on his mentality. At nights he has dreams of Mel's demise and Cuatro's dead body.

Recently 77 went on a mission to capture the enemy Morkeal. Using a specially equipped aircraft he managed to take down a majority of zombies, leaving the other agents with time to capture Morkeal. The mission was a success.

How 77 regards the others:

  • Agent 01: Scary boss, avoid unless necessary.......
  • Agent 04: Idol, mentor, hero.
  • Agent 39: Mother figure.
  • Agent 41: She has an unhealthy obsession with apples, constantly fghts with him, and reminds him of his sister.
  • Agent 42: Elder sister figure.
  • Agent 53: Mean amazon woman.
  • Agent 54: Pookie.
  • Agent 60: Was scared of him at first, but now is his mentor on poisons.
  • Agent 74 : Brother from another mother.
  • Agent 83: Little sister.
  • Agent 87: Shorty with a temper.
  • Agent 97: Naive, cute little sister.
  • Agent 108: Makes him food, but is sometimes annoying.
  • Agent 117 : Slave...../brother...
  • Agent 136: Short kid.
  • David: Likes to flirt with him, thinks he's a lot of fun.
  • Bertha: Demon.


  • Royce is bisexual.
  • His hair is not naturally green.
  • Likes to pull pranks and cause chaos.
  • Does not have a love interest at the moment.
  • He is a fast runner.
  • He is very weak, strength wise.