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Name: Rell Dorian Attwater
Number: 55 (Previously 64)
Birth Date: November 14, 1979
Gender: Male
Class: Medic
Hair Color: Very dark brown, 'seal'
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 137 lbs.
Shoe Size: 8'
Blood Type: AB+
Astrilogical Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Goat/Sheep

Power: Cell Generation

With touch, he can cause cells grow extremely fast and heal wounds. This can heal injury quickly, or stabilize something life threatening, like a nicked artery. However, he will usually not heal something all the way, as Rell is imprecise with the art and does not want to 'go over' or generate cells past the healing point, also known as on-the-spot benign cancer.

The power tends to exhaust the user and/or receiver quickly, though dietary supplements can ease the price. Situations involving acid, poison, or a constant threat to the cells would be a losing battle until the source was removed, though he could slow certain ones down.

He can heal bruises, but the bruises themselves would still appear to be there, as his ability cannot remove old spilt blood. He can only create new cell growth, not remove old dead cells. That's the body's job.

Weapon: Sedative Gun

As a person, Rell would rather avoid fighting if at all possible. He has a gun that shoots sedatives somewhere about his person, but it really is more of a last resort thing.

This gun has, unfortunately, been used against fellow agents more often than enemies at this point, as Agents have an unfortunate habit of trying to kill each other. As 60 (more often than most) often has to be 'persuaded' against doing just that, 55 has a few cartridges specially dosed for him.


Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Rell enjoyed a modest upbringing just enough above the poverty line to be comfortable. His only immediate family was his mother, Adella Attwater. Other relatives that ventured into his life did so only briefly, such as his uncle, Joseph. While a kind and loving man, Joseph was just as damaged by Adella's issues as her son was, and he rarely intervened in 'family matters'. He did, however, gift to young Rell a giant stuffed caterpillar, which he still owns today. There was also the ghostly presence of his grandfather. Though the man was long dead, his hidden movie collection and box of saved letters (stored under the floorboard of Rell's room) were the only example of healthy life that the child had for a long, long time. If Rell ever says he feels like he was born in another generation, it's because he learned most of his social cues, mannerisms, and mores from a dead old man's words and movies like The Master Key (1945).

Due to his ability, his mother was really only limited to her imagination when it came to hurting him. He never learned of her motivations or even really anything about her. As a child Rell quickly learned values like obediance, never disagreeing with anything said, and not thinking too hard when his mother was in the room. He learned a life of rigid control. At first, smiling constantly was a challenge she encouraged with bodily harm but no more. Later on, she expected the smile at all times, despite the fact that it is physically difficult to smile when choking on blood and missing several teeth. The Attwater child was never to leave the house without his mother. While there were about twenty escape attempts in his lifetime, he learned not to do that. His last attempt was the only even slightly successful one, where a nineteen year old shut-in stole money from his uncle and found public transport to the nearest airport, putting several states between himself and her.

Having little but expecting much of the world, Rell slept about five hours total in the next five years of his life. With a quick mind and an unwavering determination to prove himself, he was in a constant state of learning at any hour of the day he was not working to keep his college loans from swallowing him. Not one to waste time, he only spent a year catching up on what high school would have taught him and decided to jump right in to higher education. At about that time he really started believing she would never find him again.

In 2002 he earned his degree in medicine, and in the following years worked as a doctor, testing what he could do in the field. It was during this time that he met Eyphah and his lovely mistress in rather strange circumstances. For one year he also enlisted in the army as a medic in the War on Terrorism, working in various countries across the Middle East. It was in 2006 that the Agency approached him after a particularly obvious use of his power, though for please-do-not-hit-me (and later please-do-not-experiment-on-me) reasons he had done his best to keep it on the down low. Now, to his pleasure, he does not have to.


  • Agent 60 (Ainsley Ferguson) - By far the strangest of 55's relationships, 'Eyphah' holds 55's attention in more ways than one. Despite the conflict that seems to spring up whenever the two are around each other, they always seem incredibly straitforward and forthcoming to each other with matters others would have to pull out piece by reluctant piece. A large part of their exact relationship is still shrouded in mystery, but it is obvious that at least on 55's side there is a great concern for Ainsley's welfare, perhaps enough to allow certain exploitations of his weaknesses and phobias slide, such as the rather traumatic pool and water ride incidents. While 55 seems to always be giving ground in any argument, his persistance with Eyphah is enough to say that he certainly does not intend to give up. Though the nights when the syringe fairy was sleeping a foot away from him were a little tense (on account of the syringes), he misses them.
  • Agent 42 (Oxana Siassimov) - 55 really wishes he knew her better, as she is obviously someone close to 60 and 137 and has shown great strength and kindness in the past. He finds her shameless vanity amusing and her outspoken manner impressive, but he still can't shake the feeling that he is a perpetual disappointment to her. Every time they talk, it seems like he can not give enough to help, either that or he is berating her on her lack of forethought in gun use.
  • Agent 39 (Colin Walker) - He had a lot of mixed feelings about 39 at first, because of a bit of a conflict involving the previous 55 and 83, but 39 has more or less earned back Rell's respect, as a medic immediately and as a person. He never imagined 39 meant harm, and lately 39 has been showing a more authorative side that 55 really appreciates. He found 39's love with a certain single digit to be absolutely adorable, and understands that the agent is probably going through a tough time right now.
  • Agent 41 (Luisa Dimanche) - While for a while fearing that 41 would never forgive him for a rather unprofessional outburst during a mission, 55 is relieved that she seems to have accepted his apology. He does not see her much, but despite that she seems to know a lot more about him than most, probably because of a very strange talk during her severe allergic reaction to alcohol. He likes her quiet composure, and thinks she has a good heart. Lately he has only seen her in the Medibay unconscious, due to some horrific incidents involving her power.
  • Agent 47- There is a lot 55 does not know about 47, but he likes what he does know. She's a smart friend with a lot of personal style--everything she does seems to hint at hidden depths. He always enjoys having her around, but he never seemed to realize some of the signals she was sending before she became involved with 192.
  • Agent 50- 55 seems more impacted and at ease with stronger personalities, and 50 certainly qualifies. Her confidence and exuberance are enough to make him smile (more) any day, though he wonders what she must be meeting to be injured so often. Just an occupational risk as an assassin?
  • Agent 52 (Artemis Belle) - Would first like to note that he had no idea her last name was Belle when he made that Southern Belle joke. He didn't intend for it to be a bad pun, just to comment on 52's bold brand of kindness that he intensely respects. She has always given off vibes of maturity to him. Her keen insight into his life, done from her generosity, left him that night with the feeling that she was a skilled medic and caring person, but later he began to wonder if she saw through him so well because they were more alike than he thought. He tried to break through that shell when it seemed she was suppressing a deep sadness, but it went fairly badly and he eventually admitted he was doing more harm than good in continued attempts, and finally gave up. Somewhere during this she attempted to kiss him, causing him to slap her in a panic. It might be fair to say that she is not the only one avoiding their meetings at the moment.
  • Agent 53 ('Silent' Chantes) - Though they never have had a conversation, 55 appreciates 53's company whenever she's around. In his mind she has a dry sense of humor that is very appealing, and she is a very calming force. Also, though it might be a little juvenile and he would never admit it out of embarrassment, he likes the gamelike aspect of guessing the meaning of her gestures. It's kind of like cherades. However it has never been a challenge for him to guess her intentions; he imagines she is what a parent should be like. She witnessed his shameful breakdown during the water ride incident, but because of her strong presence there she is the only woman besides 83 who can touch him without making him flinch.
  • Agent 63 (Bianchi Arcelli) - 55 honestly doesn't know 54 very well (besides knowing he's very shy and of the Amigos), but he loves his style. It might remind him a bit of his uncle, though he has not realized this himself. He tries to keep 54 out of harm's way, a place that 54 seems to be constantly placing himself in.
  • Agent 77 - Introduced by 60's assertion that they should be broskis, 55 and 77 became occasional broskis. They might not have the most in common, but straightlaced 55 nevertheless enjoys 77's funloving antics, and attends them with all the enthusiasm of an old man trying to be 'hip' with his grandchildren. This may or may not be actually applicable. He can tell 77 actually cares quite a lot and thus tries to his best to help 77 when some of his more 'extreme' actions rub others the wrong way.
  • Agent 83 (Ramona Ziemer) - As both play the role of mediators in the base, it is only natural that the two would form a fast relationship. The two have a lot in common about their pasts, and 55 is constantly amazed at how well she fought through it, to be so unfettered today. At the same time, he does see sometimes see chains of the past on her shoulders, and he often worries about her. He enjoys her endless compassion and patience, and how she never gives up hope. When they are not talking about filling the common room with sand, they are often teaming up to do good for someone. Whether this is general help or just baking some cookies, the two are constantly there for each other. She has earned his complete trust.
  • Agent 87 - Having met 87 around now and then, 55 finds her pleasant but only really knows that she's a good person to build a sandcastle with.
  • Agent 108 (Nahel Banko) - While 55 still does not know much about Agent 108, every contact he's had with her in the past has been pleasant, and she also tried to help him find information on Ryonell. She's made a good impression on him, and he'd like to help her back somehow. After the poor girl went through Grin's torture machine, he tried to reassure her that the dark dreams she experienced were not reality. He has not seen her since, but he hopes she is better.
  • Agent 131- 55 has been seeing a lot of her lately. She seems to be an easy-going, intelligent woman, and he respects the way she's always willing to lend a hand or teacup. Some of her comments he finds passing strange, but he doesn't really mind the novelty either. Besides, she showed him Nyancat!
  • Agent 134 - Having more of a chance to work with her, 55 is finding more and more about this agent. She is a pleasant person, cool and polite, with a good balance of brain and heart, though he does sometimes have to encourage her to sleep. Like most medics and quite a few agents, she is a workaholic. He finds her accent cute. Usually the two are always bumping into each other in and around the Medibay.
  • Agent 137 (Lio) - Always amused by 137's constant and earnest enthusiasm to learn the world around him, it's possible that Lio's situation reminds him a little bit of how his own had been, though he realizes 137's version is much worse. Hoping to help him whenever and wherever he can, 55 considers 137 to be a little unpredictable but always an enjoyable companion. He also received the nickname 'Uncle Cookie' from him, which he finds hilarious and charming. He is still waiting to see if there will be another hide and go seek game, because that was awesome. Tag, a little less so, due the dying. He knows Lio is the father of 47's baby, but hasn't gotten to congratulate him yet.

Random Facts -

  • Stuffed caterpillar is named Caterpillar.
  • Is a sucker for old movies, children's movies, and especially musicals.
  • Has the fashion sense of an old man, but thankfully sticks to the uniform.
  • Republican.
  • Can in fact regrow teeth, for himself or others.
  • Maintained college workaholic tendencies, hence the bookpiles.
  • While his smiles vary, looking at his eyes tends to be an easier way of seeing what emotion he's really trying to express.

Manufacturer's Instructions-

Do not immerse product in water. Do not put water near product. Do not put product near water. Do not talk about large amounts of water in front of product. Keep product away from physical contact with women. Do not attempt sudden contact with the product regardless of gender. Do not be an abusive, controlling female around product. Do encourage the product to get fresh air and occassionally compliment the product's abundance of pockets.

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