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A-Gent 83

Name: Ramona Ziemer((pronounced Zee-Murr))

Nick Names: Momo, Little 83, My Angel, Pocket

Theme song #1: “For those who wait” By Fireflight

Theme song #2: “What I’ve overcome” By Fireflight

Age: 23

Date of Birth: December 22, 1987

Sexual Orientation: Strait

Significant other: A-Gent 75

Home Country: United States of America

A-Gent: Ochenta y Tres (83)

Partner: 75 “Chaton Varr” Class “Hacker”

Class: Brawler

Date Joined: April 26th, 2003

Years in Agency: 9 years

Ability: Speed running Fighting style: Martial arts(Mostly Kung Fu and Karate)

Ramona Ziemer(A-Gent 83) is in the Brawler class of the Agency. She is fairly well known among the A-gents, good or bad. Ramona has a tendency to sneak her way into the hearts of people, whether she means to or not. Which also means this young woman is highly trusted with information others may not be. She is a sweet loving girl who wants to help everyone and make all happy, even if it means hurting herself in the process. Like most other girls, Ramona has a few issues with herself, mostly having to do with the way she looks. But those lies are quickly being swiped and torn from her thought process.

When Ramona first was brought to the Agency, she was young and stupid, for lack of better words. When given the choices of what she could be, she chose the thing she was most familiar with, which was Assassin. Trained from the time she was 15 up until January 28th 2011, she was an exceptional assassin, mastering in a few martial arts she learned to kill with her bare hands, preferring it over weapons. But as time moved on, she knew in her gut she couldn’t handle this, and even master Tres knew she didn’t belong there. Now a Brawler, 83 feels more in place, her training is easier, and she feels her power suits the position better also.

Ramona has a power called ‘Speed running’ allowing her to run up to the speed of sound, and a little past it. This is her limit to her speed. With her training she will be able to run longer distances for a longer amount of time, running up walls, maniuvering rough terrain with the help from her glasses, and even running on water. It is easiest to control when the distances is longer, but when kept in a short distance like in battle, her kicks, punches, our whole body for that matter can be fatal to your own.

She was made aware of her power at a younger age, people saying that she could run abnormally fast for such a little girl. If asked she says she remembers she could only go a small distance, it was hard to stop, or sometimes the suddenness would cause her to feel like something was pushing back on her. Her full ability was shown when she was 15, she used it to escape the harsh conditions and fatalities of living on the streets. Escaping from people who wished to harm her. Her ability puts a great deal of stress on her body if she over uses it, and also, her power needs a lot of fuel to keep up her energy and to keep her body mass in check. She has special nutrient bars for that, and also in an exceptional cook so she feeds herself and her fellow A-Gents well.

//Ramona is a very loving person and can’t pass a lonely looking person without feeling horribly guilty. Therefore she has many, many friends.//

83 and 75 at Uno's and Dos's wedding.

Agent 75: They met each other on a very boring day at base, at the time 83 was injured fairly badly, and was ill. That day they made mac and cheese from scratch and decided that she would teach him how to cook. He has since then become one of her best friends, and now her true love. She, for awhile, hid her feelings from him, honestly fearing to be loved. But the more time she spent with him the more she realized he was perfect and her crush turned into a little more than a crush. She hinted her liking of him but other than that the two avoided it. But alas love has its way of kicking two people together. And now they are happy, and wouldn’t be with anyone else in the world.

Agent 64: 64 is by far one of the most important people she has in her life. He not only came to her at the right time, but also mended a few wounds in her heart and filled a couple more with love. For a long time she had mixed feelings for this Agent but when she finally sorted it all out, ‘Jeb’ was the name she gave him meaning ‘Beloved Friend’. When they aren’t joking about filling the common room with sand these two go gallivanting about the Agency helping people, and trying to put a smile on a face or some laughter in their lives.

Agent 141: Is her oldest and longest friend in the Agency. He brings out the harsher side of 83, not afraid to tease and call him names, he does the same back to her. These two will have playful, but rough scuffles with one another. They also enjoy causing shenanigans in secret. You don’t know about it? That means they’re doin’ it right.

Agent 53: 83 came across this agent and immediately loved her. The silent agent, for reasons unknown to 83, stole her heart right away and now she is 83’s ‘Bella’, her beautiful friend. 83 wants to know the woman more, but thinks if 53 wanted her to know, she would tell her.

Agent 137: Was one of her first very good friends in the Agency, but since then a few things have brought them away from each other. Even so their love for one another as not changed a bit.

Agent 42: 42 is a strong willed woman who knows what she wants and she will fight to get it. That is what 83 has noticed, but also through the tough DIVA girl exterior is also a wonderful caring person on the interior. 83 wouldn’t openly admit it, but to her 42 is like a mother figure who she loves very much. It breaks her that she hasn’t spent much time with her.

44: A new friend of 83, the two of them enjoy cooking together, and have small conversations about different things. 83 enjoys being around this agent because he calms her when her mind seems to be at turmoil. She respects him very highly and appreciates his company.

97: 83 had only been around little ‘Izzy’ a few times for short moments. But when she had been, her heart fell for the beautiful, sweet girl. As of recent, 97 asked 83 to train her to fight. So the two of them have just begun this.

77: 83 loves 77 very much. Like a brother. She has helped the green haired Bro force leader out of some sticky situations with a few of the other agents. She can’t help but smile when she is around this boy.

41: 83 has known her for awhile since the two were both assassins. But only recently had she started to get to know her a little. She cares about A-gents 41 very much and would like to start being with her more often, but 41 is a very busy lady.

Other friends: 01, 02, 05, 74, 134, 87, 52, 66, 65, 39, 60, 124, 80, 99, 109, 110, 161.

//Other little things to know//

- hates snakes and large fish

- isn’t a very good swimmer

- will not eat raw tomato - doesn’t like pineapple

- On the top of her cheek bone on her right cheek her freckles make a heart.

- Wants to be married and have children one day

- Is terrified of tornados

- One of her worst fears in not being able to do anything

- Will stand up for anyone she loves, even if they do her wrong