"We are no cheap foes."

Red Code is AGENTS's rival Agency, and even when they are usualy fighting them, its more of a Mercenaires group with a very good organization, so they get to be allies from time to time, if the goal is shared. Formed by a varied range of youngers with powers that go from RANK 1 to 4, and their aparent 'MOTHER', this group has many activities aside from terrorism, like working in the RED CODE bar. A very fancy place.

RED CODE Members:

  • Lady Red Code. (Leader and Mother.)
  • Mirabella. (Shapeshifts into animals.)
  • Tulio. (Regeneration, Invulnerability, Changes places.)
  • Tiana. (Swordmanship, Very fast, Changes places.)
  • Wight. (Brawler, Ice and Water powers.)
  • Xu. (...)
  • Cornello. (Giant.)
  • Math. (...)
  • Mimi (Ragdoll.)

The 'Children':

  1. Tulio: Tulio is considered the strongest RED CODE member (known), being a Rank 4, and almost indestructible. His ability consist on a willpower so strong that he REGECTS the direct damage, the gravity that make things heavy, inertia and injuries. He also can change places with Tiana in a blink, so hitting him is not only difficult, but when you do, you face a wall. He was said to be the Lady's favorite, and that his abilities comes from that special bond...
  2. Tiana: The fastest RED CODE member (known), Tiana uses a sword to cut her opponents in various places and kill them because of blood loss. She has been shown to be bored of most things and even battle, obeying her brother and following him like a mute Lolita fashioned doll. However, when it comes to Agent 66, Tiana gets violent, happy and specially sadist. Her ability is to change places with Tulio in a blink.
  3. Wight: The official BRAWLER of the RED CODE organization, Wight is smart, joyful and a dork. However, the usual bullying that he suffers of his fellow siblings had convinced him of his own stupidity, so he tends to act before thinking, even when he shows hints of having a very high IQ. Nerdy, he likes AWESOME things, fighting with lots of styles and Ice cream. He also said that for him Xu was a 'sister', even when she was not a real sibling, and is seriously thinking of being an Agent someday. His Powers are known to control Ice and water.
  4. Mira: The unofficial Team Leader, Mira can be quite the bitch, always saying hurtful things, bullying Wight and discharging her frustrations on everyone around; She, however, knows how to manage her team and how to maximize the efficiency of every mission. Has a strong sense of pride, being able to fight an enemy hand to hand if needed, even when her powers are more defined to fight groups of enemies instead of charging fully into a brawl. She can transform into animals.
  5. Cornello: Not much is known about Cornello, as does not speak much and almost never leaves the Lady's side. He looks older than his siblings, but its the youngest of them, showing it when he is talked to, mostly because of his gentle demeanor, his shyness, and his mute embarrassment. Cornello keeps to himself, and leaves if there is something going on that might not be of his liking. His power allows him to grow as tall as a giant, something that he uses to protect his siblings from time to time, or carrying them if necessary.
  6. Mimi: The youngest sibling to join the family, it's easily apparent in her innocent actions and childish demenour. Mimi is at heart, a teenage girl. Even on missions for the Lady, she can get easily distracted and tends to forget what she was doing, but with the help of her older siblings she manages to pull through. Loves to play with her older brothers and idolizes Tiana, Mimi wants to grow up to be as beautiful and impressive as she is. Her power allows her to unravel, turning into threads.

Story of the creation of Red Code:

"It starts with a woman, the daughter of a mafia boss. She is to be married to another mafia boss as a little 'trade' to unite both families.

She....likes the guy, no matter if its business, she likes him a lot, and it seems, he likes her too. But he never shows up to the wedding, and kills her father instead! Ending their families 'war' a very bloody way. She was sent away for protection, the last thing she heard of her fiance was that he got himself arrested years later, 200 years of prison. Weird, she still cared.

She matures into an independent woman, never really trusting a man again, but there is a hole in her life...she wants children. She wants a son and a daughter... But she is not really 'mother' material, so she keeps with her life...till one day, a snowy day. She sees a snowman in her way home, a little one, made by a child. She looks at it, why so lonely at the side of the road?

She steps out of her limo and smiles at it, the poor needs a scarf. So she grabs her scarf and puts it around the snowman's neck. "There there, now you are warm.". Little she knew, the snowman would actually smile. She could be freaked out...but she didn't, she cleaned the snowman face to find a boy...Not possible, but there he was, cold and alone....she took him with her not thinking twice. The boy would not speak, so she called him...Wight. Now she had a son.

Soon after that, the little boy started to bring home old toys, he liked them better than the fancy ones his mother bought for him. The woman let him do, till she found two rag dolls on the dinning room floor... One of them was a little girly doll, with a very cute lolita dress. The other one was all broken...she couldn't even tell what it was. What she could see clearly, was that they were sew together by an arm. Poor things, she though, and even when she wasn't good at it, she took them and sew the loose parts. She redid the boy to resemble the girl and gave them matching clothes.

The very next day, she woke up when she heard laughing in his son's room, and what a surprise when she peeked, there were three kids there. His son, Wight, and two more...She smiled at them, and after that, she named the new brothers Tiana, and Tulio.

It was strange, yes, but she didn't care, she was happy like that..tough she was starting to get very nervous every time Wight brought more toys home. What if? Could not be. She sew the toys, put little smiles on them...nothing. Ah, so it was just luck?

But two years later, she found a puppy plushy in the was all tattered and ruined because of the house's dogs...she took it with one hand. Eww, it was all sticky and full of ants...but maybe, with a little care and a good piece of cloth...Maybe.... The next day there was a girl in the dog house, not wanting to leave, behaving like a little tomboy or even worse, an animal. The woman called her Mirabella, maybe a fancy name would teach her some fancy demeanor? The answer was a mud ball and a no.

The last one, Cornello, was a gentle surprise, years had passed since her children come to life...and there she was, old and watching them grow up and...well, they were 12 years old already, wanting to do things without mommy there to care for their every step. A little nutcracker...with his soldier vest and his funny little hat. She found it at the side of the road, where it had all began....and she wondered...again. With that feeling in her chest, she almost left if there, but...she looked back and took it with her.

She painted the wood and sew a new hat. Maybe her kids were too 'grow ups' and old for toys, but she could still dream, right? She woke up early the next day and walked straight to the dinning room, she looked inside....She smiled. "Good day, Cornello.""


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