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Without pilots, the Agency would literally be going nowhere fast. This useful class provides skillful transportation from one place to another, often entire missions riding on the ability of the pilot involved. No pressure, though! The pilot class is headed by the rambunctious ladies' man, Cuatro, one of the more sociable of the ten. Overall, most missions cannot run without a pilot and in this respect they are one of the most necessary of the classes, also being good for day trips to the tropical islands of high fashion shopping locales as the Agency has been known to take from time to time. Pilot pride runs thick through this class, and they very well do deserve it, posessing a skill that is not infringed upon by any other class. While assassins can fight alongside brawlers if need be, and a medic can be just as comfortable in a lab as a scientist... there is no class that can hold a candle to the prowess of a pilot when they are seated in the cockpit of a ship.

Head of Class: Cuatro
Color of Glasses: Yellow
Number of Members: 5

List of Pilots:

  • 04 (Sebastian Beaureguard)
  • 59 (Karren Chaser)
  • 69 (Tristyn Woka)
  • 77 ('Royce Durnam)
  • 145 (Jackson Bastion)
  • 188 ('Morrigan McCarthy)

Deceased Pilots:

  • 04 (Emil H.)

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