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  • A real DIVA, and proud to be one.

    Name: Oxana Siassimov
  • Birth Date: April 11
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Sniper
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Eye Color: Marine Blue
  • Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
  • Weight: 136 lbs.

Oxana Siassimov, more known as Agent 42, one of the highest ranked snipers of the Agency. And a real and independent woman who knows what she wants and where she is going. Most of the time calm and smiling with polite people and often teasing too unless you upset her, as she tends to be trigger-happy when angry. Agents often come to confide in her, especially about their clothes, sexual life, and other gossips. She likes competition and will never refuses a fair challenge, though she is a sore looser. Surely coming from the way her father educated her with a nationalist ideology, once she joins a group she will be proud of it, and worry about the other members of said group.

Oxana's ability is Night Vision, allowing her to see clearly in a dark environment thanks to a super developed spectral range and intensity range. It can be at daytime, in the air, underwater...The perception she has of the surroundings stays the same no matter the decreasing of light. Her ability helps as the sniper she is, but Oxana is globally a complete agent, not skilled in everything but capable to handle another task than being hidden and waiting for the order to fire.

She comes from a rich Russian family, and is the third child of five female siblings. She received, as her sisters, a cold and strict education from their mother to make them the perfect women, and that mother didn't accept failure. The girls had nearly any freedom, yet still managed to rebel themselves from their mother's grip without her being aware of it. Talking about her father, he was an industrialist, proud of himself and his roots, a nationalist who wanted his daughter to be the same. What differentiated Oxana from her sisters, which also led her to be isolated from the siblings group, was her close bond with her father, who saw in her the son he never had. His main hobby being hunting, he often brought his third daughter with him, as she was the only one of the Siassimov siblings to enjoy it. One day at the evening as he was hunting with his friends and the girl, he discovered Oxana's Ability, the Night Vision, as despite coming dark an even at night – they tested her limits – she was able to see as clear as if the sun was shining bright. Now it was clear, his daughter would not be just a simple future sage wife, he decided to make her join the army. Oxana wasn't against it at all, on the contrary, she was definitely freer when far from her mother and sisters, and adapted quite easily to the strict discipline of the army. She was in her element.At a moment of her life she left the army, aiming for the KGB, when the agency contacted her. She never returned to Russia since then -unless for missions- because of the tense relations she has with her sisters.

At the present time, her only goal in life is to succeed in the career she chose as a way to contrast with her non independant mother, and doesn't want children because of it.

In missions, Oxana, despite her role as a sniper, is fired-up and often yelling orders at the enemy or the other agents, though she can calm down to analyse the situation. From her past as a military, the protection of the medics is a great part of her priorities, not willing them to get hurt as, sometimes, the result of a mission depends of them. She expects a lot from her partners, as much as what she expects from herself. That's why people coming back from a mission wounded deeply hurt her, seeing these injuries as a personal failure in her job.

Talking about love, Oxana's love life is...crowded. She is aware of her beauty and likes seducing men (she had adventures with rare women too, influenced by her homosexual sister). She had too many adventures to count them all, but some of them still marked her. Her first love, a Russian military called Matvei...who she had to kill because of his betrayal of Russia. Another man who marked her was the agent 56. They stayed together roughly two and a half years, until they broke up, because she thought she was pregnant and didn't talk to him during one year. The other Agents she has been romantically involved with are agents 58, 66 who she went out with but broke up, and 137 who she is currently dating, and thinks is the right one. Infact her only steady relationship with a man is with agent 40, but more a siblings like.


  • 06: Fangirls on him. VERY MUCH. But he is an idol, and will stay one, probably.
  • 24: He has been a potential lover.
  • 25: A sniper higher ranked than her. Important to point it out.
  • 40: At first acting towards him like she would do with any man, seducing him and asking him for his credit card, their relationship quickly transformed into a more emotional bond. If you asked her Oxana would be able to explain why she is attached Aisnley, as they had lots of fights, threatened each other's lives, but in the end always forgive each other. To Oxana 40 is the brother she never had, secretly admires him, and has faith in him, and this, despite his past which she is starting to know more and more. After listening to tapes Ainsley had recorded of him, Oxana believed for several days that all his feelings were faked, and that he was fooling all of them, preparing his betrayal of the Agency, all of this for Alice. Even if the misunderstanding has been cleared, she is still puzzled by this. What's more, the development of 40's relationship with Connie irritates her, Ainsley behaving as a possessive and exclusive partner, even towards her. At the moment, he 'broke up' with Connie, and made Oxana promise that, if Alice came back, to protect Connie, and Dell, and to run away. And to kill him in the process. This is the bloody pact sealing their realtionship.
  • 44 : A fresh new agent, and a sniper. 44 calls her Commander though she asked him to call her by her name. In missions he oftens asks for her orders, which pleases her a lot. His calm personality is a bonus too, and she is impressed by his ability. Would like to know him more.
  • 49:They don't often talk to each other, but from time to time Colin comes to ask her advices, about love or sex. She finds him cute and innocent, and really wishes for him to be happy...and is envious that 49's sex partner – and future lover she hopes – is so 'skilled'...
  • 51:One of the rare females she sees as an equal WHILE not feeling threatened by her on the seducing

    Their common point? Being friends. Oh, and each of them dating a member of the Broforce.

    field. Oxana knows she can rely on Luisa in missions without doubting. They don't talk often to each other, most of the time only greeting each other when being in the same room, but Oxana prefers that kind of relationship. For her 51 is an independent woman and will not interfere in her life. Also one of the persons she doesn't want to get angry at. And she finds her very cute as the hyperprotective mother she is acting with Izzy.
  • 52: Would never admit it out loud, but feels threatened by her, because of 52's good looks and her skills as a Medic. Infact she is just secretly a bit jealous. Calls her 'Cow'. As their relationship goes, she starts not to hate her for her physic - though she is still jealous.
  • 53:She doesn't really know her, but the rare talks they had together marked Oxana, especially on the HQ's rooftop. A relationship to develop.
  • 55:They had verbal fights, but he also confided himself in her, and she hopes he will managed to deal with his own demons and come back to the HQ. Very glad he came back, and that Lio and he are friends.
  • 56:They met in the beginning of their Agent career, during a mission where the two of them got trapped in a sunken submarine control room. They managed to escape as a team before being labelled as failing the mission, and rather proud of each other. From then 56's goal was to run into her as much as possible and gathered the courage necessary to ask her out on a date. Due to their previous mission, they became partners, but also lovers, though discrete ones. During two and a half years...until a mission, which nearly failed and were 56 nearly died because of a missed shoot of Oxana. Back to the HQ, both angry and loosing their temper, they had an explosive clash. The reason: she thought she was pregnant, and since she didn't want children at all, during the mission a sudden impulse of rancour made her loose her self-control and she missed her shot. They stayed on this, and a week later talked again. Not much brilliant: Oxana told him that she didn't want to hear a word out of his mouth because he may had risked her career to be ruined by getting her pregnant, and that anyway, he should be happy because she wasn't since the idea seemed to be such a torture to him...and to never to speak to her again. They were removed as partners and waited a year or so before speaking to each other again. 56 still cares about her, she too, though as friend now. But it doesn't prevent her from acting like a DIVA and be aggressive in front of him, which he actually likes.
  • 58: Has been a potential lover, she now sees him as a friend, but he is more a source of annoyance at the moment. Finds him ridiculous.
  • 63: secretly admires his good-look as a man. They recently went on missions more often, and by his usefulness and his sensible and coherent advices, 63 managed to get higher ranked to Oxana's list of the agents pleasant to go in mission with. Now she notices his presence more often than usual, wouldn't hesitate to ask for his help, and reassure him if needed. Still would like to know more about him.
  • 64: Doesn't know what to think of him. Oxana knows that he has a strange yet strong link to 40, and that he slapped him. She respects him as another colleague but finds him weak, and thinks he is in love with 40. Wants to know more about him.
  • 66: Her ex boyfriend. When they talked for the first time she liked his fighting spirit, and flirted with him. Their little game stopped when she posed him an ultimatum though, after feeling betrayed by 58. They went out a moment but she broke up announcing him that she chose 137. Oxana seems to be one of the few persons not afraid of him, she doesn't think he could be threatening. Feels very guilty that Lauren and Lio aren't friends anymore, and asked him to report his frustration on her by hitting her, he did not. Also accompanied him to visit his tutor's grave. Wishes for him to find another person to love than her. Right now they manage to have a steady relationship as 'friends', and Lauren told her that he had found a competavie girl, matching his high tastes after going out with her. She likes to tease him on his 'womanizer without being aware of it' skills, but also on his male conquests.
  • 77: finds him cute, very cute, and it is her main weakness against him. The only problem she finds in him is his tendency to injury Lio.
  • 83: Oxana likes Ramona and would like her to be happy in her love life. Feels a bit guilty to snatch Lio, from her, as the two seemed to be close friends before Oxana started going out with him.
  • 96: Izzy really looks like Oxana's sister, Uliana, the only one of her siblings that she likes. Thus, she often melts everytime she meets with 96, and accepts very kindly and gently towards her, acting like a big sister precisely. Really can't resist her smile and her tears.
  • 104: finds him ridiculous, calls him “Doggy”.
  • 107: fears that she might influence Lio, nearlly hates her, as she is often around 'her' men (Lio and Connie) and hates her tendency to get easily naked. But she took her defence when she heard by 58 that he made her cry. As their relationship goes her opinion on her didn't change, specially after hearing that she molested the agent 44. Asides of that, values her pilot's skills.
  • 108: Really likes her, as Nahel helped her often, without asking for something in return. Consoled her when she was sad, a while after revealing her feelings for Uno.
  • 114: At first one of the women she felt threatened by, she soon started to know her more and appreciate her. They recently had a fight recently, which they talked about, and now are officially friends. Oxana likes Gwen's calm yet determined behaviour in her choices, she looks like her. The incident with Tres though, lets her puzzled by the attitude she would have if they talked to each other again -because they haven't yet.-
  • 124: Called 'Dolly' at first, then by his first name, 124 is 42's new friendly crush. She finds him cute, likes his fashion taste and his like for photoshoots, especially when she is the model. Suspects 66 to be teasing him too much.
  • 137: Her current boyfriend. The word to describe their relationship is 'explosive'. Right from the start Oxana often told him how skilful he was in pissing her off, and their epic fights inside the HQ's walls are now famous. He told her he was in love with her while she was dating 66. 58 did it too, but it doesn't affect her as much as she got lost in her feelings towards Lio. In the end she chose him. Their lovers relationship is complicated, but since as she says she 'listened to her heart rather than her brain', she will be patient, and not mess up things once more. Despite his ability not to die she is still worried about him, and still get angry at him...infact it worsened with her girlfriend's jealousy. But in the end, she does love him. Really loves him, as she said she could throw her career away just for him. And that scares her. Acting like a mother towards him most of the time, there are times when she fears to get scolded by him.
  • 140: Like 51, 140 is a female she doesn't talk to that much, yet values her skills and respects her. Her ability puzzles her, as it led her to misunderstandings with 40. Also feels guilty towards her, because she knows she is close to 66. Really likes her, finds her funny.
  • 179: They aren't that close, yet in the missions 42 leaded she had moments with 179, and from what she knows of her she is a decent agent. Likes her more knowing that she is close to 96.
  • 201: Since she met Connie Oxana has directly got attached to him. Recent events, as the ones when she got into his mind, deepened the bonds she has with him, to now being a mother/son's relationship. It really bugs her, as she doesn't want children and acts more like a big sister towards younger agents, not as a mother...it's the first time for her to feel that way, and the fact that it feels so natural to her to protect him doesn't help her, but one think is sure, she doesn't see him as an incomplete being, and clearly separates him from 40. At the moment her feelings for Connie are more steady, he is her son. And nobody harms her son. They have the same kind of rage.

  • Has been in the agency for roughly 4 years
  • Nicknamed her main rifle Ulie
  • Doesn't want children
  • Doesn't eat, only drinks coffee
  • Plays several instruments - has been thaught by her mother - her favorite is the saxophone
  • Nicknamed DIVA by most of the agents, Ossana by 96, Kiska by 40, Oxie my 66, Ugly Witch by 137 and Posh by Uno
  • Asked Dos for a second room, which she transformed in a giant walk-in-closet
  • Killed 201 birds living around the main HQ until now
  • Founder -?- of the DivaSquad