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Natalie Dunes (a.k.a. Nate), currently trainee T04, is the Agency's very own alliteration class namer and innocent sex education less derpmaster.

Her power is Gravitational Reset, which allows her to change the direction of the pull of gravity on her body, allowing her to walk up walls and onto ceilings (as well as draw, eat, etc. on them).

While T04 has not met too many agents, she is well known to those she has for her... less than average intelligence. What she lacks in smarts though, she makes up for in enthusiasm and optimism.

She is a firm believer that Gummy Bears are evil and trying to take over the world, and is easily manipulated through this and other strange personality quirks.

T04 is a pickpocket and klpetomaniac (though recently this has died down), and keeps a huge stash of stolen items she is protective over towards strangers.

Her roommate is T16.