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Nahel Banko, or as she most prefers to be called in the agency, Agent 108 (Ciento Ocho). Although many agents just call her 108. The only people who call her by anything else is Agent 01 (with the alias "Purple"), Agent 05 (with her first name), Agent 42 (with her first name), Agent 107 (with her first name), Agent 144 (with her first name), Agent 117 (with the alias "Miss Ponytail"), and Agent 139 (with her first name).

//CLASS//: Spy

//HAIR COLOR//: Purple (according to Agent 01) w/ a magenta streak

//EYE COLOR//: Red

//AGE//: 21 years old

//BIRTHDATE//: April 30, 1990

//HEIGHT//: 5' 7"

//WEIGHT//: 138 lbs

//WEAPON//: Tachi, a curved Japanese sword

//PARTNER//: Agent 168

//DATING//: Agent 05

//PERSONALITY//: Nahel is a quiet girl who doesn't like to speak out much. She respects every single agent in the agency and tries to be a polite as she can. She tries to be helpful for other agents, but at times, can be a pushover. However, if pushed too far, she's not afraid to put her foot down and express her thoughts. She's stubborn when people try to go against her morals, but she knows when to back down from an issue. Nahel doesn't have many close relationships in the agency, thus she cares deeply about the ones she have made. She is sensitive, so if a friend tells her off or ignores her, she feels very hurt, but not enough that she won't forgive them. She has the capability of hiding her emotions, but she doesn't do it when she's with friends because she trusts them enough. She's sort of naiive in a way.

However, when undercover, Nahel is able to change her personality to whatever personality she pleases. Especially when it comes to getting shot, she can pretend to be in pain or be dead. Although if a friend or fellow agent is being tortured or hurt, she hesitates whether to help them and break her cover, or not at all.


Immunity to Gunshots—the ability to not feel pain or suffer from being shot, no matter what kind of gun is used or what kind of bullets are used. Any bullet wound shall regenerate. No blood is shed. Even if Nahel shot by a hundred bullets at once, her body will still be able to recover from the damage. Nahel can start the regeneration process at any time which is useful when pretending to be hurt. This ability is troublesome when a bullet doesn't exit through her body completely. Until the bullet is extracted, Nahel can't heal that particular wound. Most of the time Nahel tries to take out the bullets herself despite being advised not to do so, but when all her work fails, eventually she goes to a medic to take the bullets out. Nahel is still vulnerable to other injuries that are not caused by gunshots. If a bullet is laced with poison, the poison will still take affect on her.

The bullet wound scar in her heart could have been seen if Nahel uncovered her chest. The scar went right through the skin and tissue and into the heart. If a bullet is shot and ends up getting lodged where the scar is, Nahel would have fallen into a state mimicking death. Then she would come back to life once the bullet is extracted.

However, since the heart transplant, Nahel still retains her ability even with her new heart.


Her gunshot wound to her heart did not heal even after two years, and her heart stopped beating. She was still alive though, and blood still flowed through her veins, just not pumping through.

Her heart started to experience a "heart attack", as Nahel calls it, when she heard Agent 01's announcement about his engagement with Agent 02. Her heart started to beat a few times before bleeding from where her scar is. Agent 117 took Nahel to the medbay when the incident occured, and Agent 39 operated on her, stitching up her heart where her scar used to be.

After the operation, Nahel's heart went back to it's beatless state. During the mission to the demon masquerade, the stitching in Nahel's heart, however, broke apart due to Nahel being under the mansion's curse. Nothing bad happened when the stitching broke, and Nahel has not informed Agent 39 about it. She actually feels a little bit better without the stitching, feeling that it made her feel uncomfortable.

Agent 01 is the one person Nahel believes that can numb her heart pain away after she confessed her romantic feelings for him. She was rejected, of course, but even though that would have caused her to experience a "heart attack," she did not have one. Agent 01 held her to comfort her, and being held in his arms, she realizes that only with him, her heart does not feel any physical pain. Fearing that leaving Agent 01 will cause her heart to fail again, she addressed to him about the issue. However, Agent 02 appeared in the room, notifying Nahel that the more appropriate thing to do was to address either him or Agent 05 about her heart. After an awkward, cold exchange between Nahel and Agent 02, Agent 02 ordered Nahel to go to the medbay, having informed Agent 05 about her.

Since then, Nahel stayed at the medbay for a few weeks in the medbay. Due to the business of Agent 05 with the recent events at the time, she did not checked with him about her heart, but Nahel had been through many distractions from her pain: missions, reading her favorite gorey book, "Keene, My Saint," receiving a partner, Agent 168, and training. However, during the mission to the RED CODE bar, Nahel started to remember all the pain and the memories of her confession to Agent 01. She did not experience a "heart attack" though.

She was going to find Agent 05 and discuss with him about her heart after Agent 42 advised her to do so despite how busy he is, but she was drafted for a solo mission in Paris.

After returning from her mission, she tried not to show how sad she was after finding out about Agent 01 and Agent 02's wedding that occured while she was gone, but other distractions that occured that day slowed down the arrival of her pain. She went to see Agent 05 right after she was free to move about. She explained to him about her heart problem and what causes her heart to be in pain which resulted in Agent 05 asking her to date him. He told Nahel that she needed a boyfriend, mostly likely to help her heart out. Nahel eventually accepted his proposal.

During a mission involving Grin, Nahel saw an illusion of her worst fears happening in front of her which in turn caused her another heartattack. When the group returned to HQ-1, Agent 49 got Nahel into surgery and stitched up her heart as Agent 39 did before.

Because of the risks for more heart attacks in the future, Agent 05 could not let Nahel move on with her dead heart anymore. He set up a heart transplant for her, and although the apparent surprise was not well received by her at the beginning, Nahel eventually allowed him to go ahead with the transplant in the hopes that it will make her better.

Her heart has been switched with a new healthy bullet-hole-absent heart, and her chest is currently stitched up. There are complications after the transplant due to side effects of medicine and the rejection of the new heart by Nahel's body. Her new heart is beating which makes her glad, however, at times she would ponder whether it was worth it to get rid of her own heart.

//HISTORY//: Nahel was born to Meghan and Claude Banko. She had a little sister named Nova who was 7 years younger than her. Her family used to live in a house that was just outside the forest. They lived just close enough to the town so that they were able to travel back and forth for food, supplies, and school. When Nahel set off for college, she was working for a degree in Web Design.

A couple of days after Nahel returned to her family on college break, a massmurderer gave her family a surprise visit. He tortured her family before shooting them dead. Nahel received a gunshot to her heart, and it toook a few days to realize that she wasn't dead. Seeing as her family was dead, she searched for the massmurderer for revenge. She encounters her murderer in a hotel, but she didn't really think things through well enough. The massmurderer was shocked and tried shooting her again, but he was soon assaulted by Agent 01. The gun he was holding flew at Nahel's direction and landed at her feet. She stared at the gun and picked it up. Agent 01 noticed her running away with the gun, and he soon followed her after subduing the massmurderer.

When Nahel got back to her family's bodies, she tried shooting herself with the massmurderer's gun. She continued to shoot herself as she couldn't feel the pain, nor was any more blood flowing out of the bullet holes in her body. Agent 01 placed his hand on top of one of Nahel's that were holding the gun. He stops her and asks what she was trying to do, taking interest on why the bullet holes through her body weren't spilling blood. She explained everything to him, and afterwards, Agent 01 threw the gun away and offered her a new reason to live.

She's now already lived at the agency for two years.


Nahel has kept her romantic feelings for Agent 01 a secret for two years. She knew Agent 01 and Agent 02 were having a relationship together, but inside, she didn't want to acknowledge it. When Agent 01 went on the mission that everyone was worried about whether he'll come back to the agency, Nahel knew he would come back. She didn't give up hope on him. She stayed strong, knowing Agent 01 was strong himself.

During the mission to capture Hac-Tao, Nahel wouldn't retreat with the other agents when she saw Ryonell. She thought he may had a connection to Agent 01's disappearance, and wouldn't budge until Agent 83 retreated with Agent 90.

When Nahel heard that Agent 01 returned from his mission, she immediately started to make a bamboo bouquet for his return. However, when she arrived to Agent 01's bed in the medbay, he was asleep. She laid the bouquet on the night table and stayed at his bedside all night. When he disappeared though in the morning, she didn't understand. She tried searching for him in order to give him the bamboo bouquet, but she couldn't find him. However, she was well aware that he would be Agent 02.

When Agent 01 announced his engagement with Agent 02, Nahel's heart started to beat and bleed from her gunshot wound. The cause, as diagnosed by Agent 39, stress. Tremendous stress, actually. Agent 49 was able to stitch up her heart and stop the bleeding. Nahel's heart didn't beat again after the surgery though.

Finally, after many attempts of delivering bamboo bouquets to Agent 01, Nahel finally got to deliver one to him. In his office, she gave him the bouquet, and he was genuinely happy for the gift. Then, only out of respect, she congratulated Agent 01 for his engagement with Agent 02. Agent 01 told her how proud he was of her to have her support, but his reply caused Nahel to cry uncontrollably. She didn't want to cry in front of Agent 01, but her body didn't listen to her. She confessed to him, and of course, she was rejected. But Agent 01 comforted her to the point that he was carrying her bridle-style, against his chest, which caused an angry Agent 02 to appear moments later. Being held against Agent 01's chest, Nahel realized that her heart didn't ache while she was with him. It did ache because she was rejected, but not in great physical pain like when she heard about Agent 01's engagement.

Time after the confession, she still retains her feelings for him despite the rejection. Her pain is eased by remembering the comforting words Agent 01 said to her, but at the same time, her heart still aches. Her mind has been trying to play tricks on her. Possibly to give her another "heart attack." She's only seen Agent 01 once when he returned to the agency after the Tres Incident. At that time, she did not think about her feelings for him since she was more worried for Agent 168, Agent 49, Agent 205, Connie, and former Agent 04 who returned unconcious from their mission to HQ-05.

To get over her romantic feelings for Agent 01 and to ease her heart of stress and pain, she is currently dating Agent 05. Even so, she has a great deal of difficulty trying to lose those feelings for Agent 01.


  • Agent 01 - "A-Agent 01? Ah.....he's....really special to me....He was the one who brought me to the agency. He saved me.....from myself...after my family was murdered.....I care about him a lot. He's nice, friendly, funny, caring.....He's a lot of things, and I love him in a way that I shouldn't......he's married to Agent 02 now.....I just want to love him like a daughter, but I can't seem to lose my romantic feelings for him.....I don't want to bother him anymore since I already confessed to him and got rejected. But my heart is in peace when I'm with him....I don't understand it."
  • Agent 02 - ".......Agent 02.....? I........I respect him....since he's the second highest ranked of the agency, of course...he cares for me just like every other agent....I don't really hate him....I just....I act cold towards him most of the time....and he does the same too with his words....it's....disturbing to me...he told me to be strong, and I told him I will. It's difficult though, I just can't stop myself from crying sometimes......"
  • Hanz (former Agent 03) - "I hadn't encounter the former Agent 03 a lot on the agency........I heard from lots of people that he was cold and mean.....but I thought he had that nice side to him somewhere deep in his heart. He told me after the mission to capture Hac Tao that I should be happy that I was alive. I think there was some caring attributes in those words of his. Gwen really loves him, and I don't understand why he would betray the agency and leave her. I do not necessarily hate him for doing so. For a man like the former Agent 03, he must have had a justified reason. I only wish that he would think about Gwen. Maybe he did and she was not as important to him as I thought. Then I would believe he is foolish."
  • Emill (former Agent 04) - "The former Agent 04....he was usually so upbeat. I haven't met him a lot, but I was worried about him whenever he got sick from a hangover or anything. Especially when he was the one piloting. However, he was really nice and cared for all of the agents in the agency. I had really hope that he could truly love Agent 39....Agent 39 gets so happy with him.....now that he is dead, I am sad that I was not able to make a bamboo bouquet for him. I believed he would love to eat it, but.........it is too late now."
  • Agent 05 - "A-Agent 05........he's my boyfriend........I......I love him. Since starting our relationship, I just get so flustered once I start thinking of him. It is ridiculous for a spy to act such a way........but I can not help it. He is my first boyfriend. And 5 years younger than me at that. It is hard for me to comprehend my role in the relationship. I try not to push him around too much, or it would seem I am treating him like a child. Agent 05 really cares about me.....he is willing to do a lot of things for me.....it amazes me how much he loves me. I feel that....being with him can finally help me get over my feelings for Agent 01."
  • Agent 06 - "Agent 06 is like a second father to me. He taught me about the ways of being a spy and trained me. He's really caring, but at times he talks alot about his past missions. I'm always willing to listen. They're actually pretty interesting. I care about Agent 06 like a doting daughter, and I would come to him if I had any problems. However, he's the leader of the spy class, so he already knows all my problems. [laughs] I love him, and I would do anything for him. Even ask Agent 01 to demote him! .....if I lose him....to anything other than natural causes.....I don't know....I might have a "heartattack".....and die......I might want to seek revenge....I don't want to lose him....not again.....I already lost my real father.....I love Agent 06. I would do anything for him."
  • Agent 09 - "Agent 09 is nice. She has a tent on the roof of HQ, and she allowed me to stay up there whenever I wished. Even without a voice, she comes out as a protective and strong-willed woman."
  • Agent 42 (Oxana Siassimov) - "I first met Oxana on my mission to the ruins. She was the leader of the mission and guided us through. After the mission, we didn't really talk much though. We've bumped into each other a few times, but it was only small talk that occurred. During the vacation to Ridion, I didn't really know who to hang out with since I wasn't really that close with any of the agents that went......I asked Oxana, and she let me accompany her on the island with Agent 117 and Agent 87. The events that occured that day were chaotic: I had to look after Oxana because she had gotten drunk....It was crazy....trying to calm her down....and Agent 117 was drunk too....I had to look after the both of them....so in a sense, I had to take the job of caretaker for the day. [giggles] But Oxana was happy afterwards that I kept the two in line. I care for her very much...I don't like it when I see her sad or angry....and....she's one of the only people that I've told about my feelings for Agent 01.....she said I am strong....and told me I shouldn't have to wait for Agent 05 to help me deal with my heart. She's very strong-willed, and I'm really grateful for that side of her."
  • Agent 39 - "I think Agent 39 is very kind. He's the one who stitched my heart up when I got my heartattack. He saved my life. He's also a very strong-willed person whenever people are in danger around him. When dire circumstances are around, Agent 39 takes up the leadership role. I care for him because of his love for Agent 04, and I support him. He's one of the lucky ones, and I wish that he can get Agent 04 to love him and have him be his only one."

"In OOC, Agent 39 has been trying to persuade me to become the surrogate mother to him and Agent 04. I am not so sure whether to say yes or no.....He really wants children of his own, but it's impossible because neither Agent 39 or Agent 04 can bear children. I told him that I would agree to it if he got Agent 06's permission and Agent 05's permission. However, we also came up of an alternative. Instead of having me be a surrogate mother, Agent 39 could ask Agent 02 or Agent 05 for a way to change him into a female. He suggested that I ask Agent 05 for him since he is my boyfriend, but the problem is trying to ask me to do that IC. We aren't that close of friends IC, which is the challenge."

  • Agent 55 - "Agent 55 is friendly. He always has his smile on, but he is not like Agent 66. Agent 55 doesn't have any malice in the words he speaks while keeping his smile. He is genuinely optimistic. We're on friendly terms, and it is enjoyable being with him."
  • Agent 61 - "Agent 61 is a very energetic person. She is also brave, although I do not know if she really thinks much about it when she tries to attack an enemy.....however, she is pretty nice, and I get worried of her when all I see is her eating beef jerky. She started eating more fruit by the time I came back from my 6-week mission, which is a good step. Agent61 has stayed nearly the same as she was when she returned to HQ and already became 17-years-old. Although I have not spent much time with her to see a difference yet. I could see that she still has a love for meat, but I mostly just comply. There is really no harm unless she eats a lot meat every single day and not have any fruits or vegetables."
  • Agent 74 - "Agent 74 is actually the first person I've met in the agency. I highly respect Agent 74, but lately.....my view on him has changed. He used to appear so calm, friendly, and funny.....but as I keep bumping into him.....he's....immature...childish....Well, I feel he's just different than he was when I first met him......he's become a troublemaker......maybe he already was I just didn't realize it right away....taking Oxana's bikini top during the vacation to Ridion...? He surprises me everytime he does those kinds of things....I'm afraid I'm getting used to it, but not entirely. However.....Agent 74's still nice and caring. I got mad at him and Agent 77 making graffiti all over the kitchen walls, and none of them wanted to clean up. So I just decided to clean it up by myself, but Agent 74 soon took away my sponge....and he said he would do it instead. He makes me confused some times, but....he became my first friend. I don't really have to get him. As long as he's still nice and friendly, then I'm happy."
  • Agent 77 - "Agent 77 may have been the third friend I made in the agency. He was really friendly to me. We do not hang out much nowadays. Usually the times I see him are when he's with Agent 97, Agent 117, and Agent 74. I am surprised that he's almost like Agent 74. At first he was nice and friendly, but then he starts acting crazy and out of control. He has played pranks, done mischievious things, and then he also caused Agent 60's severe allergic reaction. He was not the same person I first met. Even though that is the case, it is not like he is evil or anything. Immature could be the word...but I still like Agent 77, but I sometimes feel like I will have to keep him in line. I am going to eventually if he keeps commiting all of his misdoings."
  • Agent 87 - "Agent 87 and I are friends, I believe. We've talked to each other many times, and it's a nice spending time with her. She is...the first person I have told about being Agent 05's girlfriend, and she helped me figure out what to wear for our first date. Agent 87 also makes very good cookies."
  • Agent 96 - "Agent 96 is one of the first friends I have made in the agency. I think it was Agent 96 who said that we were friends....it made me happy. Although, she was rather energetic....it was hard to keep up. .___. But I eventually got used to her, and I started to become more protective and worried about her."
  • Agent 59 (Karren Chaser) - "I have to be careful around Karren when it comes to my tachi. I warn her whenever I am going to take out a knife in the kitchen because she will faint if she sees it. My relationship with her has gotten better since I tried stopping her from blowing up HQ. We were both overreacting and doing outrageous things at the time.....she and I did not really talked to each other after the event, but we soon became friendly again when I returned from my 6-week mission. I'm happy that she's not mad at me anymore. I have been going to her for some advice involving my relationship with Agent 05. She has been very helpful to me, and our friendship has been much better than before."
  • Agent 117 - "I think Agent 117 is one of the nicest people in the agency. He actually saved my life twice. The first was on the mission when we were to capture Hac Tao. The second time was when.....I got my "heartattack"....[looks down but laughs] Well.....my heart was basically bleeding out of the bullet hole and it was extremely painful....Agent 117 actually dropped the bamboo bouquets he was carrying for me and carried me all the way to the medbay....I was really depressed after surgery....I did not know who to talk to, really. I was not really close to any of the agents at that time, so I contacted Agent 117. He brought Agent 97 with him to visit me, and they tried to do some things to cheer me up. They really worked. [laughs] Agent 117 was telling all these hilarious jokes, and I stopped being sad. Since then, we have been friends. I worry a lot for Agent 117 because of his fights with Oxana. Even after they got into a relationship together, there were still fights.....just none of them involved gun fire anymore. I also worry for him when he is in a fight with anyone. Just because he can regenerate any wound, it does not give other people the right go all the way and kill him, thinking "Oh, he'll just regenerate. I won't kill him." I dislike it when people do such a thing, even if Agent 117 allows them to. He is usually very care-free and friendly with others. There have been times where I've seen a much more serious side of him, but he always come back to being the happy person he is."
  • Agent 132 - "Agent 132 is a really good cook. He makes the most delicious Chinese food. However, he is impatient when it comes to waiting for his wounds to heal before doing any extensive activity. It worries me when he does that, and I have to force him to eat someone else's food for a change."
  • Agent 139 (Jayden Julius a.k.a. JJ) - "JJ is an interesting person. The reason why I call him JJ was because I kept confusing him with Agent 137 (now Agent 117). OTL It was horrible....I wanted him to shoot me....but he didn't. He is really nice. So I decided to call him JJ to prevent myself from confusing him with Agent 117 anymore. He has this huge interests in ghosts, and I'm also very interested because of him. I saw my first ghost when we first met. He told me that he cares about me a lot, and I enjoy his company."
  • Agent 144 (Gwenaelle Jolie Gautier a.k.a. Gwen) - "Gwen has taken care of some of my injuries before in the past. She told me that if I ever had a problem, I can come to her, and I would do the same for her too. When Agent 03 betrayed the agency, she tried to protect him from the other agents that were trying to stop him from killing some of the patients in the medbay because she loves him. Many agents didn't see her the same afterwards, but I don't feel the same as them. I would have done the same if it was Agent 01 or Agent 06......I understood why she did what she did. When we went to the mission to the RED CODE bar, we stuck together, acting as sisters. That day, we both saw each other cry for the one we love. I told her about my relationship with Agent 05, and she's happy for me. She acts almost like a mother. I was so impatient when I thought Agent 05 forgotten about our first date, but she helped me realize that something more important may have come up and occupied him. Gwen is the one I usually go to from advice, but at times, I feel as if I am putting too much on her in a short time span. However, we are like sisters, having similar problems and supporting the other."
  • Agent 168 (Adam Cavul) - "He's my partner. However, I have to keep him in line most of the time. He doesn't understand love and friendship, and he talks in a way that most of the agents get angry with. When trying to explain things to him about friends and caring for them, it's like explaining certain subjects to Agent 117....except with Agent 117, he's innocent and naiive. Adam isn't, which bugs me too. [sighs] He's gotten better at socializing as I noticed the increase in his friendly relationships with other agents. I believe he is becoming more friendly, but he's still a cold bat."

Outside the Agency Relationships

  • Wight - "What...? Mr. Bartender....? Ummm....I don't know his real name....I only met him during the mission to the RED CODE bar.....he offered Gwen and I two free drinks....he was really nice....although.......I did not wish to try to kill him....unless there was a legitamate reason for me to do so. Currently, he has joined the agency and I hope he would be able to fit in."

"Agent 117 tried shipping me and Mr. Bartender together, but he is a LAME shipper according to Miss neipynosimp. Now Mr. Bartender is being shipped with Agent 136 and Agent 97 since he came to join the agency."

  • Tulio - "He was the waiter at the RED CODE bar. I would have to say he is a tough one. When Gwen tried flirting with him, he did not get affected at all. He was either uninterested in two ways: he already has a girlfriend or he is a homosexual. The latter seems most likely. I have seen how he acts with Mr. Bartender. He is not very nice."


  • dislikes printed books, prefers all of her reading material in digital form or else she'll develop headaches.
  • often eats toast with jam, but can cook other meals that she had learned from her mother.
  • if not on a mission, mostly will be reading on her glasses.
  • has a closet full of her disguise apparel.
  • at times makes amateurish cloth dolls that her little sister, Nova, used to love.
  • favorite dance styles: waltz, rumba, and tango.
  • her purple hair is natural; the hairstreak isn't.
  • dislikes messes and wasting food.
  • at times she ends up babbling (like Agent 06) if it's about a subject she's really into.
  • does not wear the same disguise twice. Once she wears something, she modifies it.
  • Nahel is currently a very good dressmaker, able to create a lot of different outfits by scratch. She learned how to sew from her mother.