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Mi Orlocke. A lady.

Appearance update. (February, 2012)

Agent 197 of the Spy Class, otherwise not-so-known as Mi. An orphan since the age of 4 after her parents died in a plane crash on a way to a business trip and taken in by Ethan Orlocke - as her parents were close associates with the young politician.

Her ability is known as "Link" - shared only with Agent 198. How the ability came about was from an accidental collision and the short skin contact between them, when 198 had been escaping from Planet Antro during a diplomatic visit between Apokalis (Emperor of the Antropoides) and Ethan Orlocke, who had brought a then seven-year-old Mi along.

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Mi's inconspicuosness in the AGENCY is either well-known or disregarded and she wouldn't have it any other way; though Agent 198 often pesters her to increase social contact and makes unexpected moves to get others to learn more about Mi. This aggravates her at times but will come to appreciate 198's actions sooner or later.

The reasons Mi has such introversion is because:

- of her habit of keeping any stray cats she comes across and doesn't want anyone to know - especially (now ex) Superior Agent 03 (Tres), he having been the one who took away her last and longest keep, "Mew Mew". Her newest stray is a kitten she named as "Kat". She had once lived under the same roof as Ethan and one of his few spoils of her had been letting her keep the stray cats (and get Oren to drive them away while distracting her with chocolate-related desserts. A trick that worked well until she went to live at the AGENCY).

- Ethan scared off the other kids who attempted to approach Mi at any social gathering he attended; which he often brings her to. So Mi developed a complex of shyness/abrasion in a way from this too.

- her shared ability "Link" with 198 has caused a slight mutation development of scars encircling an opaque implant on her back and has only exposed it to Superior Agents 01 (Uno) and 02 (Dos). 198 hasn't been told of it; though he too has something just as similiar on his right arm. She wouldn't want 198 to feel bad for causing the implant, like how her/their ability came to.

She relates to stray cats and even undergoes a "live like a stray cat" lifestyle - freedom of choice of living. Her behavior also akin to a stray cat's.

What has happen throughout her life has also mold her to be obedient and loyal to whoever/whatever she deems worthy - mainly her guardian, Ethan, and the Superior Agents of the AGENCY.

  • Never calls her guardian anything else but "Ethan"; except when they are in private, she'll rarely address him as "Papa".
  • Treats Oren as part of the "family". Hates it when he lowers himself to the fact that "he's a dog".
  • Calls Agent 198 "Stupid Old Man" when she's angry with him or when he's the root of a problem.
  • Very observant to homosexuality (thanks to Ethan and Oren's relationship and a late night stumble across Ethan's door on the way to getting a glass of milk). Regards Uno's overwhelming love to Dos as natural as chocolate on Crêpes.
  • Has never kissed nor been in a relationship - even fainted when Agent 198 confessed his "dormant" feelings to her.
  • Can dance naturally to a music of her selection/liking.
  • Often cooks a variety of chocolate deserts - sharing the products with Agent 148, a fellow spy who's a chocolate lover too.
  • Seems to pick up gifting as a hobby.

Recent events: (Top to bottom=Old to new)

  • Got a hug, a confession and an impulsive kiss from Agent 198. Relationship with him getting worse, yet she can't fully hate him.
  • Demoted from 97 to 197.
  • Once Ethan had woken up, she had ended up in a short term coma after being forcefully drained by 198 (she had some pent up frustration and lashed out at him without thinking).
  • 197 accepts 198's feelings towards her. Though Ethan still hasn't and doesn't approve of any "relationship" between her and Tor, 197 doesn't stop being nice to 198 and tries to overcome the usual qualms when she receives any kind of affection from 198.
  • Was left with a large sum of inheritance from Ethan before he left for Dog Howl with Oren. Still has her parents' home.
  • Somewhat growing to be more affectionate towards 198.