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Medics. There is a lot to be said about medics, and fittingly enough, there are a lot of medics to talk about. One of the largest classes in the Agency, medics are the heart of every mission, keeping everyone alive long enough to complete the task at hand. Whenever on a mission, the team's medics are fiercely protected and a medic is always respected as it is widely accepted that some day, you might be counting on them to save your life. Lead by Cinco, one of the younger members of the ten, this class can expect fair tutelage from their knowledgeable and dedicated leader.

Head of Class: Cinco
Color of Glasses: Blue
Number of Members: 13

List of Medics:

  • 05 (--)
  • 39 (Colin Walker)
  • 43 (Jane Hart)
  • 46 ('Sharlet Wills)
  • 49 (Artemis Belle)
  • 55 '(Rell Attwater)
  • 90 (Kenya Yule)
  • 99 (Amalia DeVir)
  • 134 (Gwenaelle Gautier)
  • 205 (Thoridyss Bøe)
  • 212 (Kaleb Islopov)
  • Dr. Jubel
  • Alexis Foster

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