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Mechanics, one of the many necessary classes present that you never expect to need but always end up needing on a mission. When your pilot falls short, it's always good to have a mechanic at hand to pick up the slack, they can also repair whatever things happen to become broken in the heat of battle... or they could improve things. Always handy and a very humble class (or perhaps that is simply Agent 63), mechanics are appreciated by every other class in the Agency though most noticeably the pilot class, who relies on them for upkeep on their precious ships, mechs, and planes.

Head of Class: Siete
Color of Glasses: Carmine (Pink)
Number of Members: 8

List of Mechanics:

  • 07 (--)
  • 54 (Bianchi Arcelli )
  • 80 (Newton McCoy)
  • 93 (Victor Aradeus)
  • 120 (Rosa Sonali)
  • 210 (Susie Davies)
  • 213 (Scarlett Durnam)
  • 216 (Rembrandt Alexander)

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