A-gents Wiki

He's actually a lot bigger in real life....

Name: Matthew Hazeman

'Nicknames:' Mr. Darth Vader, HazMatt

Number: 88

Birth Date: Unknown

Class: Brawler

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6 ft., 3 in.

Weight: 169 lbs.

Power: Bio-Toxin Production

Matthew constantly produces and exudes various bio-toxins. They build up in his mucus membranes, and exit his body through his sweat, saliva, and breath. However, since he has absolutely no control over the production of these toxins, he’s actually quite hazardous to any surrounding life without his protective gear. Large quantities of water (or some of the chemicals commonly found in tea) can neutralize the toxins present in his sweat. However, there is still no known cure for the stronger variety he produces every time he takes a breath.


- Hallucinogenic Grenades: Only used when he needs to capture someone alive. He still doesn't like using them then, either, since they can be a bit.... unpredictable.

- Protective Gear: Matthew's protective gear isn't completely for himself. The gasmask and gloves in particular are some of the only things that stop him from accidently killing everyone in the area with his ability. In addition, his jacket is a Kevlar-Abestos mix, enabling him to charge into most situations that other brawlers would be pinned by.

- Ballistic Knife: Even though he hardly needs it, thanks to his training from both his prior life and his time with the AGENTS, Matthew always seems to keep this knife on him. He has yet to use it in combat.


Matthew actually started his life being trained for a supernatural fighting ring. His owner was a particularly cruel extra-dimensional mercenary known as Jubilation Grin. Grin was somehow immune to Matthew’s ability, and personally trained him in a style that’s a unique combination of Savate, Muay Thai, and Drunken Boxing. Grin would beat Matthew senseless for even the slightest errors, eventually leading him to become quite a competent fighter, if only out of fear for what would happen if he failed. After winning a grand total of 13 fights in a row, Grin transported Matthew to Earth (specifically in the Amazon rain forest) and just left him there. Matthew wandered aimlessly for a few days, accidentally killing off millions of plants and animals due to his ability. Then, one day, he ran into a strange man who seemed to be immune to the toxins he was releasing into the surrounding air and knew everything about him. The man told him that he knew that Matthew hated his time serving Grin, and that he could help stop others from sharing that same fate. Matthew readily accepted, and joined the AGENCY.


33 - Hasn't really talked to her much. He's actually a bit jealous of her, ever since he found out that she was involved with 107. He still does feel mildly guilty about accidently hurting her with his ability when she had to operate on him.

40 - 58 doesn't hate him, but he doesn't really like him either. 40 did attempt to help 58 when he tried to become involved with 42, but that was ruined by Matthew's own behavior and his inability to lie well. 58 is also one of the only people who doesn't seem to know anything about 40's involvement with Alice.

42 - One of 58's first attempts at romance within the A-GENCY.

46 - The two have talked from time to time. 58 has a hard time not staring at her boobs or thinking non-perverted thoughts around her.

51 - Before 58 kissed 96, the two used to get along. He even asked her for advice on how to best court 42 before that relationship died. Now, 58 doesn't even want to see her. He's still really hurt that she got so infuriated at him for something that's really actually harmless.

52 - 58 has a hard time not letting his inner pervert accidently come through while she's around. The fact that 52 does tease him for it doesn't really help matters. Also one of the few people who took active interest when Grin possessed him.

66 - 58 LOATHES 66. His constant smiling and nonchalant attitude make him think of Grin every time he sees him. That, and 66 got involved with 42. And he always seems to have some smart-ass comment about how he looks like Darth Vader, or on his relationships. This hasn't stopped him from imagining a naked 66 to try and stop any inappropriate arousals, though.

77 - 58 has beaten 77 senseless a few times. The first time was because the Broforce has annoyed him with one of their many pranks, and 77 was unlucky enough to be the closest to him when he stopped being patient. The other times were because 77 tried to attack him. 58 doesn't want to be around 77 ever since he over-reacted to him kissing 96.