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The last mission together...

Luisa Dimanche aka. Agent 03 is an assassin at A-gents. She is well trained and has a hard way of handeling people who don't do as she tells them to do. She is well known under the agents and tends to loose control when one annoys or offends her. This is also a reason why some people prefer to stay away from her and let her be.

Agent 03 has an ability which is called "Memory Blast", which she herself dislikes to use. It's her last resort. This ability allows her to take a look at the persons memory and she is able to use these memories to play them after each other at a high speed, causing the brain to react to it with brain itches.
This may cause pain, illusions, the loss of these memories or even cause the person to lose conciousness. When Agent 03 uses her powers to read ones memories, they are displayed as a very fast movie. As if one has hit the forward button while watching a movie.
While using her ability her pupils widen extremely and she has to concentrate very hard. So she would have difficulties using her ability in a crowded area.
The biggest downisde of this ability is that it requires a lot of willpower to keep it in. She may often been seen rubbing her temples, this is a sign that she is having a bit of trouble with keeping the ability low. If she were to let it run wild, people around her may get a slight or big head ache. Recently she has been training on her powers, trying to bend it in a way that is still unknown. As far as can be told she receives a red glow around her hands and she gets paralyzed when touching the glow.

During missions Agent 03 may come off as a cold bitch who enjoys commanding people. While this may seem so, she is only doing this so people take her serious and do what she says. Which may lead them to safety, because they wouldn't dare to ignore her orders. If you were to face an enemy, she will grab her gun, aim it at the enemy and tell them to leave without causing trouble, because she does not enjoy putting her comrades in danger (of course this will be different if you have to catch the enemy or when she's alone). If she were to kill someone, she will just do it and won't look back, because she sees herself as a full assassin.
Agent 03 never panics during missions, but when she does, she does it hard core. She will yell at you to kill one or do it herself without any warnings. She will stop thinking rationally and most probably grabs at her head to try to control her ability.

If you were to ask Agent 03 if she wants to become friends with you, she will tell you: "I don't do friends". This is because she thinks emotions and bonds will simply cause danger during missions. Though, there are some people who forced themselves into her life and she has come to dearly care about them. But even though she considers these people as someone close and she will point a gun at ones head if they hurt them. She will stay the cold bitch during a mission.

  • Loves apples.
  • Nicknames people she likes.
  • Calls missions with a lot of action 'a way to relax'.
  • Loves to shoot at stuff.
  • Is highly allergic to alcohol.
  • Does not like needles close to her.
  • Tends to hit people often.
  • Has seen all of Agent 60 's memories.
  • Has lost her teacher (Agent 94) during a mission.

"I don't do friends, they are only a bother during combat.They cause people to do things which they would never do if they were thinking rationally".

(Agent 03 during a conversation with Agent 50)

Agent 97 aka. Izzy: Even though Agent 97 would probably be the exact example of what would annoy Agent 03 ( Loud, clumsy, oblivious and 'very affectionate ), she is someone about whom Agent 03 has come to care a lot. To her Agent 97 has become a sort of daughter figure in a way. This is mostly because of Agent 74 who told her that Izzy saw her as a mother like figure. For Agent 03 the 'mother'-part means a lot. Knowing the fact that her parents never cared for her. Since this day she has been trying her hardest to be nice to and to be caring , a lot of which that comes off as very overprotective, for Agent 97 who has become, in her eyes, so sweet that she gives her cavities every time she sees her. As said before, she is the exact example of what would annoy Agent 03 and so they indeed had, had their clashes, but, more like mother and daughters would have their moments. Even if Agent 03 loves her dearly, she still can't help herself when she is slightly annoyed or frustrated, but she is working on this as hard as she possibly can.

Agent 39 aka. Little one: Being the first one she actually trusted enough to tell things she normally wouldn't even think about telling and the first one who she was okay with hugging her without putching the persons face, Agent 03 trusts him a lot. She is willing to shut up and listen to his problems, which he needs to do a lot, next to that she is willing enough to force it out of him. Because she cares. Not because she likes hurting the guy. Agent 03 has also taught Agent 39 to use a weapon, hoping he will become able to defend himself on a mission, rather than having to trust on others. Though she is very worried what might happen if he actually kills someone who doesn't deserve to be killed. Especially because of Agent 04s death she is very careful with what she does and says to Agent 39 because she believes it'll effect him differently than other people. She also feels very responsible for him and is willing to do about everything to protect his white butt.


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"She didn't want 41 to see her mad, not her, not now, so she went away from the roof. Looking for someone to pass her anger on".

( Agent 42 while being angry on the roof, noticing Agent 03 )

Agent 42 aka. Gorgeous: Having the only complimenting name of the people of whom she cares, Agent 42 acts like a rolemodel for Agent 03. She actually looks up to her and trusts her life with her. She is also the only person (next to Agent 74 ) up till now that she told about her past. Under the influence of one of Agent 50's notes, yes, but she is willing to let Agent 42 keep the memory of her telling her about her past for a reason, because she trusts her. She has also become very willing to pay her a visit whenever she is in trouble or needs to spill her guts as Agent 42 tends to give pretty good advice. Due to recent events, of which a couple of outbursts/fights, she feels like she has gotten closer to her and considers her as someone she needs to protect on a high level.

"Don't be ridiculous! You shouldn't be like this, there is nothing wrong with caring about someone and it will make your team stronger on a mission, not weaker!".

( Agent 50 during her first encounter with Agent 03 )

Agent 50 aka. Del: Actually being the first person who was allowed to use her real name. Is someone who Agent 41 trusts dearly. During their first encounter Agent 03 confirmed that Agent 50 was exactly someone who she was trying to avoid to be. Someone who wanted to befriend everyone and care, even while being on a mission. While time passed, Agent 50 has pretty much forced herself in Agent 41s life. Something which is needed when you want to befriend her. Agent 41 has accepted Agent 50 in her life and will protect her when needed and would trust her life with her. An example of this is that she has put a lot of responsibility with Agent 50 for the rescue mission to retrieve Agent 54. Of course this is also because she knows that she would never want to screw up on this, but also because she trusts her capabilities. She enjoys collaberating and planning missions etc. with her, especially because it's often that they agree with and consider the same things.

Agent 77 aka. Pervert: Even though Agent 41 hasn't been calling him by this nickname, it's inside her head floating around, waiting for a right moment to use it. Agent 77 came across to her like a weird pervert who enjoys destroying Agent 97s innocence. After some encounters Agent 77 has shown her that there is more to him and let her help him with his little problem. She has been starting to see him as a brother of whom she needs to take care. Lately she has been using her nickname and he likes to counter it with his own little nickname: "Apple Pervert". They always tend to end up in a fight in which pillows and apples are being thrown. Even if it doesn't seem like it at times, she does care about Agent 77 and actually finds the "fights" slightly amusing.

Agent 66 aka. Puck: Although the two had a rocky start with threats to actually kill each other during their first meeting. One would say that they had quite the development together. After his relationship with Agent 42 ended Agent 03 found him in the common room and they actually had a normal conversation with each other. They started to get along more and at one point she asked more about his past discovering things with she uses as an excuse to be able to ignore the annoying smile on his face. Since he has a resaon for it.

Agent 60. Sir: Her feelings as to Agent 60 are rather complicated. At some point she does care about his well being and how he portrays her, but at the same time she seems rather bothered by his way of doing things and his way of acting. She has had a couple of clashes with him which left her with no knowledge of how to continue. At the moment she has accepted as simply the role of someone who knows about his past and being something that looks out for him from far away. For more reasons than just caring.

"How can you speak good of one who hurt his OWN agents and was about to kill the others?! He's a traitor!"

( Agent 03 during a fight with Agent 134 )

Agent 134: Agent 03 is not one to forgive and make-up. Not easily. Especially if one hurt her colleges and friends. Agent 134 has, in 03s eyes, betrayed the whole agency with her act during the Hanzou betrayel mission. Not only did she not do her job, she also put other agents in danger for her own needs. She will have to work hard to get Agent 03 to like her again, to trust her again... Not sure if that is a possibility. Recently she has been acceptinf the female near her again and indeed looks out for her, but trusting her is something else.

Ex-Agent 03 aka. Hanzou: For her Hanzou is a traitor and a traitor alone. She doesn't understand why he did it and she would love to know why. She feels betrayed by him and pretty much want's him dead. Due to having seen Agent 134 s memories, she now understand how and why he did what he did. She still does not fully accept it yet, because she thinks that what he is doing is selfish more than heroic.

Agent 88: She most certainly does not like Agent 88 , but feels bad about what she did as a reaction to what he did to Agent 97 . She let her anger control her and when that happens she isn't thinking rationally. As a sorry she redecorated his room after Agent 74 burned it.