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Lucca is the current king of what most humans call HELL. As a Ryonell part, Lucca has powers directly related to hsi true nature, that is in fact, being Ryonell's passion.

Being a big part of the late lord's life, Lucca had the power enough to gain a physical form and even recall WHAT he was, something that made him work fast into getting Ryonell's position as king and contacting his Twin brother Taegan.

As an evil force, Lucca has shown much more patience and piety than other demons, favoring human's existence in more than one occasion. It seems in fact, that his goal is to regain something that he sees lost in the human world.

His powers are not exactly the most impresive thing, but his charm and words, plus the fact that none knows he is just a 'part' of Ryonell, gives him a certain control over other people, as they don't really know HOW powerful he really is. Being PASSION, his list of abilities is short, but have very sugestive and surprising effects:

  • Touch: With one touch he can give someone an orgasm. Target must feel passion.
  • Teleportation: Some Ryonell parts can use this, Lucca can but its not a master of the art.
  • Charm aura: Makes those around to find him very attractive, lifts hornyness and passion around him.
  • Passion change: Takes all the attraction towards him and places it on other person or...object.

His 'passion magic' does not control people directly, but makes them horny minded.

To fight, he usualy uses Taegan, as his brother ability is to tranform anyone in a swordman, and Lucca is not really good with a sword.