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Agents 137 and 104, proud members of the Broforce.


  • Age: around 30 years old (He ages way slower than a normal human)
  • Gender: male
  • Likes: Sports, candies, talking, being praised, biting his bottom lip, having fun
  • Hates: Vehicules, being alone with a person he finds attrative, being scolded by a high rank, playing piano
  • What about his name?: Lio was nameless at his arrival into the Agency. His tutor was supposed to chose his name, but someone else meanly stole the privilege from him!

Tutor: Lio? What the hell is that name? It sounds like the yowl of a cat in heat! Lio. It looks so innofensive... Arg! It's not appropriate for a future machine killer! A Brawler should be named with a viril name! Like, you know. Alexander, Barthelemio or Grunt! Anything but Lio!

Regenerative Healing Factor: The regenerative factor is provided by a gland, as small as a coffee bean, situated into the brain. The gland cannot die or stop working. If the head is chopped, then the body will regenerate from the head itself (where the gland can produce the substance).

  • It allows Lio to regenerate very rapidly any parts of his injured body.
  • More severe are the wounds, more time it takes to regenerate.
  • That also means that Lio cannot die. But, if by example, his body explodes, it can takes months before he looks like a human again.
  • His power also grants him to age very slowly.
  • The healing factor CANNOT be used to heal another person. It's only one sided.

The gland CANNOT heal

  • If it is stuck into a place without oxygen or into a too high temperature zone (lava by example)
  • If it is frozen
  • If it's lifetime is finished (How much time it can lives? No one knows)

Backstory: Lio lived into the Amazonian forest, far away of human civilisations, for almost 30 years. Left alone into the wild, he was learning from other animals habits in order to survive. These countless years of hard lifetime granted him very beasty capabilities. Like a predator, his speed and reflexes were greatly increased, such as his musculature and agility. But his naivety and curiosity caused his downfall. Huntsmen actually captured him by setting a mere trap under a big plate of appetizing food. Lio was way more scared than aggressive; it was the first time he had even seen those creatures. It was with excitation that the men discovered his strange ability to regenerate his body... indefinitely. Experiments and torture made Lio a martyr. But there was nothing he could do against them. When the news about his ability was publicized, countless of scientific communities tried to bargain with the men to possess such a specimen. Fortunately, right before he was sold, a man named Uno bring him into a secret Agency. At that time, Lio did not knew any languages or any human signs. He had becoming very aggressive due to the bad treatments. He calmed down when his tutor started to educate him and reward him with food and candies. He was learning very fast and his memory was very developed. If he was unable to understand jokes, sarcasm, philosophy or words expressions, every concrete matters were easily learnt. In a very short time, Lio became civilized and was initiated to the art of combat. Using his naivety, his tutor succeeded to create a fearless combatant with a strong one sided mind; I have to do what my master says or I'll be scolded.

Origins: Lio never met his parents. The coloration of his skin suggests that he suffered of a mutation due to the gland or was conceived by a miscegenation between an extraterrestrial being. His presence into the Agency is not important enough to request for a complete genes detection. He is not very much interested into his past or even his future anyway.

General temper: Lio is pretty much like a human dog. He is loyal, forgiving, lives one day at a time, likes to be rewarded with food and feels very bad when scolded. He always is on the move, a real tornado, and his tutor actually forced him to add a calm activity to his life time. Piano was chosen. Lio hates playing it, but orders are orders... Fine, this guy might sounds like a total idiot, and maybe he is for most of the people. He still owns awesome learning and memorizing capabilities. He can recites, almost without mistakes, an entire book by heart. The catch is that he probably understands only the half of what he is repeating and that is why he sounds so very stupid. So yes, he can learn a piano partition in a time record, but while playing the song, no emotion and not even a little of creativity will be added. One last thing... he has zero interpersonal or manipulative skill.

Relationship in general: Lio particularly gets along with people that resembles him. Obviously, young children and animals are his favourite playmates, but also any A-Gents that likes sports, friendly competitions and gives him some attention. Lio is not shy. This fact is mainly caused by his lack of experience with humans. So if he has something to say, he will say it with the real words and without any blush or discomfort. This little const-time really can be annoying for people with high pride or shy persons. Last thing that might be important to know... males and females are the same to his eyes. There is only one difference between them; their physical appearance. So if he finds a person attractive, whoever she/he is, he can tries to seduce this person. Try in quote because he has no seductive skills at all.
Fact: At his debut into the Agency, he actually tried to rape a girl. Not violently or neither out of madness. He simply did not knew it was a bad thing. When he finally understood the meaning of his action, that the poor girl had been hurt and so very scared, Lio simply did not knew how to deal with this sentiment called culpability, and never had been able to look her into the eyes again. This is also why sex does not appeal him anymore.

Nicknames for Agents

Agent 10: Mr Kiddo --) Friend

Agent 25: Mr Monocle --) Friend

  • Lio first meeting with mr Monocle was a total fiasco... well for the high rank, not for Lio. Since 25 was not the kind of person to defend himself, he dared to call him Old man and was quite mean to him. After a little game that Lio won, 25 had to lick the floor, but he resisted. So Lio kicked him in the guts and made him lick the floor by force. He begged him to keep this event a secret. Lio accepted. They also had a little pep talk with agent 33 that turned out very funny and... disturbing. Agent 25 promised to show him how to piss strait in the toilet bowl.

Agent 40: Mr Fake Robot --) Tutor

  • A good relationship between these two seemed quite impossible since agent 40 is a very serious and complicated person and Lio, the absolute opposite. That man says way too much words to explain one simple thing. Lio fell several times into blue screen of death mode because of the complexity of his replies. Still, he learnt a lot about life and himself. The man promised Lio that he was always telling the truth. After a misunderstanding about agent 64 state, the monkey shunned the man for few days; being very mean and distant toward him until he realised that he was simply trying to protect him. After this incident, Lio started to see the man as a tutor and a person to talk if no answer can be found to his questions. When the relationship between agent 42 and agent 137 began to get complicated, 40 helped Lio to understand his sentiments toward the woman. Of course, the main reason why 40 helped him was to -save- Oxana from agent 66 who he really despited and had no trust for. That's when Lio asked 40 if he could kiss him to gain self-confidence. (Weeks later, the man said that Lio did pretty good.) After this request, Lio became in debt for eternity toward the other agent, but also became, a faithful friend.

Agent 42: Ugly Witch --) Current lover

Agent 45: Mr Old man

  • Lio liked this man a lot and was sad when he died. They had great son/father moments together.

Agent 45: Mr Young Old man

  • Lio talked only once to this man and it was to save him and agent 87 from a terrible huge blue whale in a mountain. After receiving the distress call, Lio, 66,124 and 179 stole the ship of mr 77. Lio used the auto-pilot mode to go to the location. Problem? It was not a blue whale but a damn dragon! Mr Young Old Man had lied to him and now, he was stuck into a ship, dying from nervousness and fear. When all the agents were rescued and came back to the HQ, Lio Diva slapped 45 out of frustration. 45 slapped him out of surprise... a total of 5 slaps were given, until Lio stated to cry. 66 delighted from his lost of self-control. End of the story with mr Young Old man. Damn that I hate pilots...

Agent 46: Miss Candies

  • Eyes sparkles, jumps in front of agent 46 like a predator. Can I has candies? Lio scared the hell out of that poor woman at their first meeting.

Agent 47: Miss Headphone

  • While fighting against Ion and Morkeal, he asked for her scarf to use it as a weapon. It was destroyed.

Agent 51: Miss Apple Freak --) Friend

Agent 53: Miss Boum Boum --) Wants her pipe

Agent 58: Mr Darth Vader --) Rivals

Agent 63: Mr Big tool --) His personal mechanic

Agent 64: Uncle Cookie

  • Lio liked this man from the start. They baked smiley cookies together that they offered to the agents to make them smile. After the misunderstanding with mr 40, Lio tried to avoid his presence, refusing to hate the man like his tutor told him to. After a good talk with Momo and 40, Lio was happy to finally be able to talk with Uncle Cookie without feeling threatened. Still, the monkey is not used to be cared of, and usually decline the help of the man even if it’s very mean

Agent 66: Mr Ghost --) Rivals

Agent 77: Master 77 --) Is his slave

Agent 83: Momo --) Friend

Agent 85: Mr Blondie

  • Lio and Izzy jumped on him, attracted by the shinny hairs, scaring the hell out of him. Agent 85 does not seem to like him a lot and seems to think poor of him.

Agent 87: Miss 87 --) Likes to explode near her

  • After a little misunderstanding -cannon and OOC dialogues-, it is now a classic to run after agent 87 to make his head explode on her. Lio likes her presence and feels at ease with her.

Agent 96: Miss Izzy --) Little sister

Agent 101: Mr Cyclop --) Bro Friend

  • Even if both of them are part of the BroForce, they rarely talk to each other. He still really likes him and is happy Izzy and him are lovers. A day, while all the Bros were drunk, he had to perform CRP to save his life after drowning into the pool. He then helped Izzy to bring him back to his room, taking the role of the nurse.

Agent 104: Mr 104 --) Bro Friend

  • They knew each other after exploding the car of agent Tres. They were scolded and had to clean the mess themselves. While together, they usually do stupid things.

Agent 107: Miss Purple --) Friend

  • The first time they met, Lio has been traumatized by her. This time, she is the one who jumped on him to hug and caress him. He tried to avoided her afterward, feeling threatened by her presence until she took some of her time to talk and explain to him few things about life. Now, he is not scared of her anymore. Miss Purple told him that she’ll give him some candies (Viagra) and that condoms can be chewed.

Agent 108: Miss Pony tail --) Friend

Agent 109: Mr Kung Fuu

  • Lio rarely talked to him and does not really like him anyway. Well, except for his so long and soft black hairs. Everytime he sees him, he pats his hairs saying that they are beautiful. Lio did the compliment to him in front of Oxana and made her extremely jealous. She afterward used Mr Kung Fuu to make him jealous too, but it failed. The poor man.

Agent 110:

  • Is the first female human that actually talked to him as a friend. She took care of him, patting his head while barfing into the plane. He thought she was very cute.

Agent 114: Miss Auk

  • Lio really feels at his ease with Miss Auk. On a cancelled mission, Lio was knocked out and she took care of him. He thinks she is beautiful.

Agent 115: Miss Kimono

  • Hello; resumes their relationship.

Agent 124: Mr Cyborg --) Friend

  • At their first meeting, Lio traumatized him. What a surprised... He had borrowed the wheelchair of Miss 87 and launched 124 into the pool with it. The thing is that he is damn scared of water. After this incident, they became friends sharing video games and superheroes addiction together. Lio tried to ship master 77 and mr Cyborg together since they already kissed once. OOC fact: Tiny 137 and 124 are often seen with each other and is called by him Hoi Hoi san (an anime female character) and wears a maid outfit with bunny ears at the moment.

Agent 139: Mr Ostrich --) Friend

Agent 140: Miss Beedrill --) Rival

Agent 179: Miss Smiley

  • They talk to each other from time to time.

Nicknames for Foes

Mother Red Code: Miss Mother

Wight: Mr Iceman --) Friend / Rival

Fuzzy Ball: Wooshi --) Pet friend ... dead.

Other acquaintances

His tutor ---) Missing in action

  • That's the man who took care of Lio his first year as a human. The old man expected to make of Lio a clever war machine; able to face any situations on the battlefield with aggressiveness and finesse. Unfortunately, the man disappeared into a mission before finishing his work, leaving the apprenticeship of his recruit, unfinished. When He was captured by Uno, for his own good, he had to be locked into a room with pillow walls. He was extremely aggressive and could hurt himself as much as the other humans. From a widow and a microphone, his tutor started to educated him. He could not hold his attention until he started to feed him with candies. Lio slowly became more soft and more capable of learning. In a time record, he learnt how to speak and to read. After the basics mastered, the tutor accepted to let 137 start the Brawler training. Always under his supervision of course. Lio tended to do idiot and dangerous things. His tutor also was victim, like other agents, from the loss of control of his student at night. Three of his fingers were eaten by Lio ._.
  • Their relationship was purely objective. None of them was seeing the other one as a friend. The tutor was the tutor... and the student, the student. Still Lio often do like if his Tutor was still in the HQ, referring to him or saying: I will so be scolded for that.

On the battlefield!: Great, so he cannot die... what a fabulous ability when you are aBrawler!
Lio is not a fighting specialist even if he knows almost every fighting styles. He only copies the best as he can what his memory allow him to remember on a stressful moment. What saves him from being sliced it is his high speed and agility. Time and practice will allow him, later on, to be a better combatant... as for now, he is minded and heavily trained as a Defender.

Wait what's a defender?: A defender is someone who has to protect the poor civilians that are present of the battlefield. His mission? Do everything as he can to protect them and place them into a more secure area. He has to blindly do it, even if it means taking the blow for them or even being killed. Lio also is often paired to other A-Gents as their body guard or even their living shield. Well why not? He specially has been trained to forget about pain and fight against tiredness. Not forget to mention that he blindly can step before any danger only to please his tutor.

Why is Lio always paired into missions?: There is few reasons why Lio will never be sent on the battleground alone. First, he cannot think of an elaborate action plan himself. Asking a plan from a headless chicken probably could be safer. Second, he is not an expert in fighting yet and often needs to be supported by other Brawlers. Third... he should ever, never fall into the enemies hands. The reason behind this is simple. He cannot die. When confidential information is in danger, it sometimes is better to let the enemy torture you to death and, this way, prevent the world from a catastrophe.

OOC stuff

  • Ghost 137: His first appearance was for the mission -The ruins Carinii- as a helper. Ghost 137 is more clever, but also is a mean joker. Since then, when 137 is occupied into another mission or chat, the ghost comes to the main chat to tease the agents. His favourite victim is 66. Unfortunately, 66 found a way to trap him into a Ghostbusters trap.
  • Tiny 137: Was found, completely nude, for the first time into the shirt of mr 77. He explained that, after playing with strange stuff into the scientist ward, started to shrink until he reaches 20 centimetres. Master 77 decided to take care of him, feeding and buying him clothes at the Toys R’us store. When his master is not there, he usually follows mr 124 who find him very, very interesting since he looks like a collector anime figurine. His nickname is Hoi Hoi san and wears a maid outfit. (outfit) When 77 found out, he was very jealous and he had a little fight with 124.
  • F!137: Lia is quite muscular, 5,7 feet, has short hairs and has great curves. She has problems to control her emotions and can start to cry or be angry at random moments. The person who stole her innocence was mr 42 and she still does not know if she liked this intimate moment or not. Still, she really loves mr 42 and have expressed a jealousy crisis when the man kissed Miss 49. Since then, if mr 42 insists too much for having sex, she can become aggressive. Funny fact, the man is deadly scared of her when she becomes aggressive.


  • · Lio knows a lot of useless things and tricks. How to dance Tango, Left for Dead 2/Halo 3, piano are an examples.
  • · He is actually very flexible.
  • · Almost all the agents own a nickname chose by him.
  • · Does not like strangers... until they greet properly.
  • · Lio often refer to perverted things without being a pervert. He simply is utterly naive.