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Agent 131 ( ciento treinta y uno )

Libellula Nuvola, Italian hacker for //A-GENTS//

Name: Libellula Nuvola

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Class: Hacker

Height; 5'5

Weight: 132lbs

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Light light Green

Weapons: Her computer and her Zippo Lighter.

Birthday: Augest 22nd, 1985

Personailty: Libellula could be described simply as; Quiet, aloof. That she secretly likes to see other people squirm. That could very much be truse consitering how often she teases some people. She likes to help as much as she can as well, which balances out her slight sadisticness.

History: Libellula was born in Venice, Italy in the year 1985 on August 22nd . Her mother had INSISTED on a at home natural birth. After the present ‘home doctor’ checked up on her Libellula seemed to be fine and was given to her mother and named.

Throughout kindergarden and first grade Libellula went through school like any normal child, but she retained everything she had ever learned, heard, seen, experienced, from a scraped knee to her broken wrist when she was 5, even her baby sisters birth. When she was in second grade though at the age of Seven Libellula came down with an extremely high fever and she was starting to forget normal things, like addition, subtraction, spelling. The basics. As her fever got higher her mother kept her home. But the little girl was forgetting other things, her name, her little baby sisters name, even her age. As the fever and mental wear down progressed Libellula fell asleep and slept for six and a half days. By the time she had woken up she remembered everything again. The only thing she didn’t remember was being sick and forgetting everything. Her mother had told her what happened though. That was the first episode.

During the rest of elementary and even middle school Libellula didn’t have another ‘episode’. In her freshmen year of high school though the girl was taking an extreme interest in ANYTHING to do with technology and learning quickly. She knew how to take her dads cell phone apart and put it back together. About three weeks after her sixteenth birthday Libellula started to forget things again, it started out small again, like, what classroom was where in the school, or what classes she had at what time of the day. Over a three day span it progressed as she forgot her classes all together, she forgot how to work with her dad’s phone and other such things such as phone numbers or addresses. Another three days and it progressed even further as she was starting to forget name’s and the people they belonged to. As this started her mother pulled her out of school with an ‘flu’ excuse. Over another week and a half the teenager forgot everything again. Her fever was once again present but not going away even as she slept. But instead of sleeping this time the girl fell into a Short coma lasting about a month and a half. Once again when she woke up (in the hospital this time) She remembered everything BUT the episode.

Afterwards high school went by without a hitch. Libellula got into working on computers, teaching herself how to clean a computer, how to put more memory on it, how to upgrade hard drives, break through passwords and firewalls that her parents had set, everything she could!! Through out her high school years Libellula made friends with some other kids at her school that were into the inner workings of technology and computers as much as she was. All of them being more skilled in the area they taught her the basics of hacking, how to squirm through small cracks in firewalls, how to create and set tracker programs, how to spy on other’s computers unnoticed. She had even been taught how to destroy programs through a wireless link Between computers. When things stopped working for her though she got rather annoyed, and easily. Even the smallest glitch on a program she was working would tick her off and make her rather impatient on things fixing themselves or calming down on the screen in front of her. Often times she would try her best to keep calm, tapping her fingers against her desk or leg. When that didn’t work she often threw things such as chairs or even the computer that refused to work out the window(the school had crappy computers). After about the third complaint to her parents they signed her up for a boxing class, thinking that the violent but controlled environment would help her control her temper. The year after she graduated she started on a technology based collage degree and got a bit daring on her off hours from classes, starting to hack into small government systems, not to cause any harm, just to test herself and their defenses. Each time she succeeded she upgraded to a bigger government with tougher firewalls and defenses. Eventually she tried HUGE governments such as China and Russia. Those were a bit complicated but she managed…barely.

As she tried the USA’s CIA Firewalls, A man addressed as Uno caught her and instead of punishing her, offered her a job.(she was in a Coffee shop when she tried this)

Deciding to take that instead of getting herself killed for hacking, she joined. She then turned 20, claiming the rank of 131 in the Hacker class and starting her smoking habit.

Over the years Libellula has taken her work seriously, even working with a Spy stationed out in the field while caring for his sister in collage. (194) over the past year she has even become more social, Making quite a few good friends withing The Agency

Ability: Libellula's ability allows her to remember everything she's ever experienced since the moment of her birth. She remember's everything she's read, seen, smelled, heard, felt. EVETYTHING. But there is a catch to this ability of hers. While she can bring anything she wishes from her mind with ease, he rmind does need to refresh itself every so often.

She calls it a 'defragmentation progess'. Basically her mind, over the course of a week, wipes itself clean of all memories and she is put in a state of comatose. While in this state Her mind will automatically and slowly restore all memories and condense them, making more room in her mind for more memories. This process can take from two weeks to two months.


- Has quite a worrisome side to herself

- Motherly when cooking for others in the kitchen. she likes to make sure they eat properly

- Her specialty is Custom Programming.

- Has started smoking again but not like before

- Deathly afraid of Rats

- Gave up her attempt on writing a romance Novel

- Cannot sing to save her life.

- Refuses to see The therapist even thought at times it's clear that she needs it.

- Doesn't like to sleep due to the terrors that make themselves more then clear in her dreams.

- Awkward around small children (the exception being 210)

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgLcasNPfmQ


01. He is the man who saved 131's ass when she attempted to Hack into the US's CIA Database. She thinks of him as a man too smart for his own good. She also thinks of him as a good Father figure; Better then her own Father at least.

02. Another good man in 131's opinion. She might not show him much respect as a superior but she does think he is a good leader. He gave her two months of toilet cleaning duty once. 1 month for her original offence, another for when she rolled her eyes at him.

03. 131 doesn't know her that well but she does know that 03 orginized and was present at the mission to rescue her.

04. Only thing she knows of this man is that He is the reason she was found so soon after her kidnapping and that he is now the Pilot Leader. Seems like a strict man to her.

10. 131 respects her highly due to her talent and for the fact that she is one of the few people present at A-GENTS that is without an ability. They can be consitered friends but 131 only addresses her as 'superior' due to her high level of respect for the woman.

34. 131 helped her program the MC's she created, twice. She also helped maki modifications to one of the bigger MC's so that it could act as a nanny.

43. 131 addresses her as 'superior' but they could be consitered friends. 131 worries about her from time to time as she knows that she had her memory whiped(as requested) by 03. 43 is the one who operated on 131's surgery and amputated her dead leg.

44. A very quiet man. 131 finds him rather good company when quiet is wished. They have spoken a few times and shared tea but thats about it. He did risk his life to save hers and 50's life when 188 blew up the common room thought and she is grateful for that.

49. 131 is slightly fearful of this woman and her Enchanted objects. She is glad to have such a good, trustworthy Medic around though.

50. 131 LOVES teasing her. Simply because it's so easy and her blush is adorable. She is usually pelted with paper balls when This happens but it's all worth it. They have also gone drinking a few times and both timed she witnessed 50's 'Kissy' drunk side. She has also claimed 50's first French kiss. And the two months of cleaning toilets was well worth it. They could make good Drinking buddies

54. 131 believes they have a bit of a ridge between them. Thought they were both born and raised in Venice, Italy and were both kidnapped by Dangerous Enemies at one point She was rescued much sooner then 54. She believes that 54 doesn't think well of her because of that and she understands completely. She is greatful that he is constructing her new leg though, She knows it will be well built if done by him.

55. 'Rell' He is one of the few people who DOESNT call her by Libby or 131. He addresses her by her full name 'Libellula' Which she appreciates. In turn she calls him Rell on his request. He seems a bit nervous but she trusts him as a good Medic.

59. Possible Rivals. Both women are quite openly perverted. 131 does hold a bit of dislike for the woman though as she has jumped on her while she tried to take a nap in the common room once.

60. 131 doesn't really think much of him. He's another Quite man. And An Assassin to boot. They don't converse much.

66. She doesn't like him. Plain and simple. For awhile he was training her in a bit of self defence but it didn't last long as each time they worked together 131 ended up tearing a muscle in her left shoulder. She hates the nickname he gave her 'Highschool-san'. Though he is her superior she will not treat him as such. To her he is just as childish as a little kid. and much more cruel.

69. She's enjoyable to be around, They laugh together from time to time. She makes Kick ass Nachos. She also helped 131 out during the Anti-gravity Incident.

77. Though he seems a bit.. Off. 131 is thankful to him as he brought her out of her nightmare made real during the Illusuion Incedent. He also let her help him hand out 50's papers for awhile and use his arm to help her walk before her took her to the medbay

87. She's cute.

88. Has good taste in tea

96. On request she addresses 96 as Izzy instead of Superior. They have had a few interesting Conversations while 131 was in the medbay.

108. A spy who is focousing on Kilk. 131 wants to help her get that man as much as she can. She doesn't want any more lives to be taken because of her and she believes 108 might help her find a way to do that.

123. As requested 131 addresses her as Emily. She thinks the woman is also a bit of but reliable. They are friends and 123 was present during 131's rescue.

150. Their relationship is...... Complicated. She worries about him quite a bit as he has NO cooking Talent. He burned Grilled cheese. She is even more worried because she had heard of what he went through, or at least what medics knew, during the illusion incedent. She want's to visit him soon.. As soon as it's safe at least. She would consiter him a friend though as he has taught her to dance ( One dance) and she sat with him through a Drug High. She helped him build a special watch for 192's birthday. They have smoked together and even fell asleep together once. He is also one of the few people to call 131 as 'Libellula' Though he tends to call her Chief more often. She respectivly calls him 'Marcus'

188. A good pilot and a good challange in a drinking Match. 131 also believes her to be rather dangerous thought because of the fact that 188 single handedly blew up the Common room and Bar.

191. He's helped her through a few rough spots after she returned and was relased from the medbay. She has also promised to teach him to cook once she can stand on her own two feet again without help from crutches

192. He's 10's boyfriend and a pain in the ass. Thats about all she thinks of him. She'll attempt to be nice to him. but ONLY because she doesn't wanna dissapoint 10.

194. Derek! He's another person who's fun to tease but he's also a close friend to herself and 10. They're like a Trio. Both hackers worked with him during his years on the feild. she is unaware of it but he was there during her rescue.

195. 50's big brother. He seems reliable enough. funny too. He bakes epic cakes.

203. Another pain in the ass. He makes her laugh though, Espically when they're arguing and throwing insults at eachother. He came for a visit one night while she was in the medbay still and thought she is unaware of it he ended up in her bed cuddling her while they slept. He's also a good challange in a Drinking compitition. As far as she's aware he's also a Good hacker

207. A trainee Hacker who has come to 131 for advice on programming a few times. 131 see's potential in her.

209. Yet another Trainee Hacker. She was suprised when she was asked to make a humor Program for the Woman Android but complied nonetheless. She is quite curious to see how she works in tight situations.

210. Ah~ the little girl. 131 doesn't mind the eight year old being around but her barrage of questions can be quite tireing from time to time. 131 has never been really good with kids, even her own little sister. at 43's request before her mind was whiped 131 rtook 210 to bed and read her the story of 'Why Dogs hates Cats'. She seems a bit more at ease around 210 then she would be around other children. Probablly because 210 is more mature then most eight year olds.

211. A assassin trainee she built a custom Computer for. She has joked around with him and 210 before. And she is quite aware of the little girls crush on the man. She plans of staying out of it though.

215. Dynami. 131 enjoys playing video games with 215. They make a bad ass team and Always kick Noobs ass When playing. They are undefeatable in Halo.

216. 131 is likely one of the few people able to stand being around him for long. She is quite aware of his itiotic mistakes and will often Scold him for them if she's around at the time. She is going to help him with programming Ludo once he is also released from the Medical bay.