A-gents Wiki

NAME: Lee Xhang Fa

AGE: 20

HEIGHT: 5’ 11”

WEIGHT: 170 lbs

PERSONALITY: Lee is a good hearted person who never wishes ill fortune onto others and always looks at the cup half-full. Though he has a tendency to be oblivious to certain things (i.e. a girl flirting with or liking him). He has a great deal of self-discipline, so it takes quite a bit to anger him, but when he does get angry… watch out.


Mother - [Deceased]

Father - [Deceased]

Monks - [Extended Family]

Friends - 52, 53, 63 , 64, 66 , 83, 87, 96, 99, 107 , 108 , 115, 137, 140 ,

NUMBER: 109 - Ciento nueve

CLASS: Brawler

ABILITY: Limit Break: Limit Break allows him to unlock an extra percentage of his mind allowing him to do multiple things: - Immensely heightening his perception & reaction time

- Increase his threshold for pain

- Slightly increase his muscle strength

- Recall mental and muscle memories with clarity


- He can only use this state of mind for a few minutes without the risk of mental fatigue.

- Needs to be silent and still for about a minute to enter that state.

- If he stays in that state of mind, too long, it will really wear him out to the point of passing out or being hospitalized.

PARTNER: [none]

BIO: Lee grew up atop the China mountains, safely behind the walls of the Shaolin Monk’s Temple. His parents were visiting China for a vacation. They took a plane ride to get a nice bird’s eye view of the landscape. But do to an engine failure, the plane crashed, deep in the jungle. Lee’s mother survived the crash, but his father didn’t, and to make things worse… his mother was already 6 months pregnant with Lee. A few miles from the crash, was a Shaolin Monk Temple. A few monks saw the smoke that rose from the crash site and went to find any survivors. The monks brought Lee’s mother to their temple where they cared for her for months. Then, Lee was born, he was named after one of the monks who saved his mother. 7 years after Lee was born, his mother passed away. From then on, Lee was raised by the monks along with all of their beliefs, teachings, and traditions, except for one… shaving his head… His mother convinced the monks to allow Lee to keep his hair.

For years he studied the martial arts he was taught by the monks. At 18 years of age, Lee decided to travel around for a bit, so he took a few of his possessions and bid his fellow monks fair well. A year later, Lee returned to the temple and shared about his travels. He even demonstrated one of the techniques he learned while in Thailand. The monks felt Lee was ready to learn their most ancient technique; A form of meditation that when used, allowed one to unlock extra percentage of one’s mind for a certain amount of time; “Xiànzhì Dǎpò” (limit break). One year later, Lee, mastering the Limit Break, was sought out by a mysterious stranger and was offered to join //AGENTS// to help maintain peace in the world. The monks at first were hesitant about him joining, but eventually decided to allow Lee to join //AGENTS//. Lee is usually seen around HQ, either cooking in the Kitchen or Meditating/Training in the Bamboo Forest.