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Agent 66.Look at that face! Wouldn't you love to hug this "Sweetheart"? :D

Agent Sesenta Y Seys (66) aka. Lauren Wesley. NAME Lauren Wesley

NUMBER 66 - Sesenta y seis

DESCRIPTION Human male. Caucasian. 6ft tall and 175lbs. Light gray hair, light green eyes. No physical scars available at this time.

ABILITY Intangibility: Lauren possesses the ability to disconnect his molecular structure (known also as Phasing). He can deactivate the bonds between molecules, in themselves or objects. This allows him to to pass through the area between the molecules of solid objects, as easily as someone walking through water. This also counts for beings and projectiles, which is a high probability as to why he has no physical scars up to this point in time.

On the down side to this:
- Re-adjoining his molecular structure while within a subject may cause pain or death;
- Air or fluid within the body may not phase, and escape, so he has to be cautious when using this ability;
- Dense objects (Like dark matter or lead) may be difficult or impossible to phase through;
- Passing objects may throw molecules out of order, still causing damage, even though not contacting any cells;
- He could become trapped underground or underwater, unable to re-materialize but also unable to climb out.
- Electric and Life-Force energy could cause him to reconnect, or prevent them from ever reconnecting.
- He might accidentally fall through floors, chairs, or other unintended targets if he is not aware of the area's surroundings.

WEAPON N/A, since he's a brawler, he fights with his hands and feet.



PERSONALITY At first glance, Lauren may seem like a very nice guy. The kind you'd want your parents to meet before you announce you will marry him. However that is a facade. Underneath that nice look on his face is a coldhearted man, who will do anything he has to to get to achieve his goals. He has a detest towards anyone, who will use their superiority to push others around. Remember, pushing Lauren is a way to be found swimming with the fishes. He loves Japanese rock music and will listen to it, especially during battle so that he can pump himself up more to murder his foe. He loves cereals and eats them frequently (His favorite is "Choco Krispies"). He also adores to call people with Japanese titles such as "sempai" to higher ups, "san" to those equal to him or "kun" and "chan" to those beneath him, etc. He also likes to scare people for his own amusement by phasing through walls, surprising them in the process.

RELATIONS N/A. He claims he has broken off all contacts with his family ever since he was a kid.



Lauren comes from an average, middle class family in from Queens in New York, USA. He had a good upbringing and will admit it being like that. There was nothing to push him to be the way he is.

That is, not until he went to high school in Manhattan. There he was the joke of the bullies, because of his appearance. He was skinny, soft spoken and his gray hair stood out among others, so he was bullied frequently. The days where he didn't get a swirly or his nipples twisted, bruised and bloodied were less than the fingers on his hands. It was BECAUSE of this bullying that he snapped and started calculating ways to pay people back. One night, after heavy planning he indeed got his revenge. He gathered all the buckets of paint in the storage room of the high school and into his class' room. He proceeded to make a system, which would trigger the buckets of paint to fall on everyone, but him.

The next day in class, everyone, but him, became a different color. This... was his biggest mistake, however. He was the only one, who didn't get covered, so he was blamed (and rightfully so). He got detention and had to stay after class. The bullies, however, decided to stay too and they proceeded to assault him after the teacher of the room left. He was left bruised, beaten and bloodied to a point where he wanted to kill them. Kill all of those bastards that dared to harm him. Something deep in him snapped and he suddenly fell through the floor.

He screamed and wailed and twisted and turned, but he couldn't stop falling through, until he himself had to calm himself down. When calm, he wished to be able to stop himself. He then stopped, just as he landed on the first floor. Lauren proceeded to faint. He woke up a day later in the hospital, where he tried to phase again, like he did in high school and succeeded to do so. He realized his ability and devised a plan.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, all of the bullies somehow mysteriously got stuck in the high school's walls, writhing in pain from the sheer torture that caused their bodies.

Days later, the AGENCY called and took Lauren in. Since then, he has been an proud AGENT.


6 years since joining 66's simplistic world view was quaked and broken down somewhat after meeting agents like 137, 140 and 42. Two agents (137 and 140) he befriended and fell for the latter (42). Things seemed alright for a short period of time, however time is a cruel mistress. 42 had feelings for 137 and chose him. This made 66 snap and attempt to harm the other brawler (137). After a long battle 42 had a talk with 66 and begged him to lay his frustrations out on her. He refused. He loved her and couldn't harm her. She made him promise that he'd stop fighting 137 and would try to forget her. He agreed to the latter, but he couldn't forget 42.

Currently 66 is trying to contemplate over everything and find an answer to his problems... Will he? What will have fate in store for him next? No one knows.


01 - While these two haven't interacted much, 66 holds great respect for the leader of the agency. Uno is the one, who brought him into the Agency when he was 16 years old. He looks up to him and likes to call him "old man".

03 - He and Tres don't see eye to eye. Tres may be unpleased with 66, who uses Japanese honorifics even though he himself isn't Japanese. This seems to unsettle the superior agent, who IS of Japanese descent. They have kept a distance from one another of course.

33 - His relationship with agent 33 is the common case of "oblivious to one's feelings". 66 is in the role of the oblivious one, while 33 is in the role of the person, who has secret feelings for him. 33 has had fantasies about 66 and herself in BDSM type of sexual intercourse, but she never quite could tell him such things for multiple reasons.

40- For 40, 66 holds a strong hate. He doesn't like the old man, who seems to have made it his mission to try and get him to snap and assault him. It may seem like it's a simple quarrel of the old generation vs the new generation, but it goes deeper. 40 was the one, who explained to 137 what 137 truly felt for 42, an agent 66's been and still is very interested in. Because of 40's guidance, 137 managed to summon courage to admit his feelings to her and in return 42 chose 137 as her boyfriend, leaving 66 by himself. 66 was not amused. 66 also suspects 40 of betraying the Agency for a woman named "Alice". He even confronted him about it in medbay, trying to get answers out of the Assassin, but unfortunately had no luck in getting information out.

In recent days 66's opinion of 40 has shifted. It's become from a suspicion to a strong hatered for the Assassin, due to discovering 40's audio files, where 40 basically admits that he will give the agency on a silver platter for Alice if she returns. He has shared the files with 42, 137 and 140 and a judgement may very well await Agent 40...

42 - 42 to 66 is special. She is the first person he really opened up to in the Agency and was honest fully with his feelings and thoughts. He loves her very much and wanted to be with her, but after 137 was chosen by 42, that hope was shattered, or at least so it seems. She wants to be friends with 66 and for now he seems to be tolerating that kind of relationship. He wishes deeply that he can be one day with her, even if that never happens.

49 - 66 had once made 49 a target of a prank, phasing through a wall and scaring the superior agent, who was running off in a direction. He knows of his relationship with 04, having witnessed a bit of one of their passionate moments. He has promissed not to tell anyone what he's seen...

51 - The two agents started off shakily. 51 went as far to even threaten him that she could accidentally shoot him during missions, to which 66 replied with a bluff of his own. The two have recently started acting nicer around one another, seemingly going for a friendly relationship.

55 - His relationship with agent 55 is almost non existant. They have had little contact, but what has happened during their contact was very interesting. At a point 55 planned to kill himself. 66, upon finding, this out went after 55 and restrained him, giving him a very valuable speech about everything that concerned his reasons to do this and what it could do to the agency as a whole.

58 - The two don't like one another. Of that they are sure. The catalyst of this was agent 42, who both seem to love quite a bit. Enraged that 42 had picked 137 for her boyfriend, 58 tried taking his frustrations out on 66, since 137 was "off limits" to him.

63 - The two haven't interacted much, but during a training session with two other agents, 63 managed to give 66 a concussion. There were no real hard feelings about it from 66, so he seemed to forgive the agent. But he's never forgotten that and a scar on the side of his head reminds him of what happened.

66(Old) - 66's mentor, trainer and the man who he looked up to as his brother. When 66 was first starting off in the agency, he was assigned a tutor to train him for the missions that he would eventually take. Not impressed at first, Lauren Wesley and the old 66 eventually became friends and more - a sibling connection. The Old 66 died during a mission, protecting Lauren from a death shot.

77 - The two haven't talked much. But they are apparently both members, of the "Broforce", even though 66 doesn't seem to be around the other members as much...

83 - They seem to have become friends. The events with 55 wanting to commit suicide brought them together as such and the two had even traveled to Washington, DC in order to give 83 a make over.

96 - He's had little interaction with her. He finds the way she acts both unusual for someone her age and cute at the same time.

101 - Fellow member of the "Broforce". 101 was the first agent to ever be able to physically assault 66 (A kick really), since 66 was a trainee.

104 - Fellow member of the "Broforce". At first 104 was very creeped out by 66. Now... not so much.

124 - The two met at poolside, via 137. 66 instantly creeped 124 out, reminding him of a cousin of his, who had the same kind of "creepy vibe" coming from him. Though scared of the agent, 124 feel some sort of attraction to him. 66 is... oblivious of such.

137 - Another "Broforce" member. 137 was one of the first people not to be affraid of 66's demeanor genuinly. The two became friends after a intense parkour training session where 66 won in the end. 137 admired 66 and wanted to be taught by him how to be so "cool". A strange start to a friendship. The two interacted allot and it seemed like their friendship would be long lasting, however... It was not to be. Because of 40, who got 137 to relaize how he felt towards 42, the two started to distance one another. When 42 chose 137 over 66 and 58, 66 snapped and choked out 137 in a mock training session, releasing his frustrations on the agent, who he saw as a fool and a traitor to their friendship. After weeks of not seeing one another, 137 tried to make amends with 66 in a dream world, where he offered him a rose of "frienship." 66 didn't accept due to the situation they were in at the time and... maybe because he didn't want to forgive 140 for what happened.

140 - Initially creeped out by 66, 140 now looks at him with admiration and care, seeing him as an brother figure. He likes to tease 140 about various things, but is also quite defensive of her. He likes to call her by her number, even though she invented a nickname for him, "Gin", which she says means "smile".

160 & 161 - Finds the twins amusing. They find him amusing as well. A possible friendships seems to be in store one day...


- 66 loves to eat cereal. Three times a day. People are unnerved by this, quite allot and 42 once blamed him that he made her gain weight because of a kiss after eating the cereal.

- It has become known that 66 lacks the capability to get drunk.

- He loves listening to J-Rock type music during battle and will sometimes even perform a little "Walking dance", while walking around.

- He likes to use Japanese honorifics towards people he knows. This unnerves a bunch of agents (mainly 51 and 03)