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Name: Kytt Dreyfus

Birth Date: November, 23 1997

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5 ft. 1 in.

Weight: 90 lbs.

Shoe Size: 5

Blood Type: O-

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac: Ox


Biological Manipulation Kytt’s ability allows her to manipulate the biological functions of living things, however this is limited to an area of 5 square inches at a time and she must be touching a person (skin to skin) in order to utilize her ability on them. Kytt is also capable of sensing the flesh within this area as well, both for a mental awareness of it as well as feeling whatever sensations are being felt within the area as well, meaning that should the injury be a painful one- Kytt would likely be unable to hold the necessary concentration to utilize the other portion of her ability appropriately.
Furthermore, any changes or manipulations applied to someone else are mirrored in Kytt, if she manipulates someone to make their heart stop, then her’s will as well and if she manipulates someone to make their arms move, then so will hers. This also means that she will need to be careful to ensure that her manipulation will not cause her to break contact with the individual she is manipulating.
In an instance where she is attempting to manipulate an organ or muscle that she does not possess (i.e. wings, male genitalia, extraneous organs, et cetera) then she will feel a sensation ranging from agonizing to pleasurable on a level of severity determined at random in the area closest in approximation to the location of the manipulated tissue in the subject of interest, the more severe the sensation the less effective the manipulation will be due to distraction. Because of her feeling the pain or sensations of the affected area, it should also be noted that she should not (and in fact, refuses to) use her power on an individual who is experiencing pain, due to psychological stress and increasing the likelihood that she might accidentally misuse her power.

History: Kytt Dreyfus is the child of Ainsley Ferguson and Alice Dreyfus. Born and raised by her Uncle Wesley in an abandoned church in Ukraine, she was severely abused by both Uncle Wesley and her primary caretakers assigned to her by her uncle who go by the name of Trish and Bill, however she knows them simply as 'Mom' and 'Dad' and thinks of them as such. Signs of this abuse are clearly visible on her body by the presence of scars crossing over her torso, upper thighs, and shoulders- placed so that if need be, they could be hidden but there was certainly a cry for more canvas for their art. Here and there about her body are small drawings of things such as flowers and 'Mom <3s Kytt' carved into her flesh and long since healed, a cruel testament.

In her upbringing, she was never taught to read and because of this she has a very limited vocabulary and becomes easily frustrated with conversation when she cannot appropriately convey her thoughts or feelings on a subject. Due to this, she tends to avoid talking in depth or length on subject, another factor in this is possibly also that she has a very active desire for learning and understanding and will quickly run off to discover the world around her. She was never given so much opportunity in her first 12 years of life because of the confinement she faced. Unallowed to leave her church, she watched people through her window and observed people going about their everyday lives. She did not know their language, she only knew what it was that Uncle Wesley, Mom, and Dad spoke to her and so she grew up speaking English while the world around her communicated in some strange, alien tongue she could never hope to pick up on.

All things eventually came to change in the summer of her thirteenth year when interest was drawn to her. Parties began to circle around the location in Ukraine, the first individual to make a move on the child was none other than the villainess Koh who began to build the child's trust slowly, gifting her with clothes from her land and introducing Kytt to her first hot meal. It was not long before Kytt began to regard the alien woman as a goddess sent to protect good girls such as herself. With time she came to meet other villains, forming her own opinions of each one.

Most recently she has come to live with the villain Arsene Lapin and continues to reside there, having daily lessons in skills such as reading, writing, and social expectancies where she is being taught how to be a proper young lady. Whatever purpose there is to this tutelage has not been revealed, however the child is falling under the perception of herself being Arsene's apprentice and takes a lot of pride in that knowledge and slowly but surely is becoming more prepared to enter into the world as a woman, rather than as a scared, ignorant child.

Villains Met:

Random Facts:

  • Her power burns a lot of calories and it is always running, because of this Kytt needs to consume a large amount of food in order to keep running. The child is almost in a constant state of hunger because of this and still manages to remain underweight. She is very fragile because of her low weight.
  • She does not know how to swim and actually shows trepidation when faced with large bodies of water. Whatever reason there is for this remains unknown.