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Name: Kasmir Freimeister

Sex: Male

DOB: 20.2.1983

Birthplace: Feldkirch, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Nationality: German

Sexuality: Aromantic (Asexual)

Bloodtype: AB

Political: Believes that every country should submit to either tyranny or anarchy.

Religious: Believes that there is definitely something to the idea of an ultimate Creator but really has
not thought much about it.

Class: Sniper

Personal Weapons: Heavily Modified and Updated Wa 2000 Sniper, Heckler & Koch MK23 (SOCOM Pistol) equipped with a suppressor and a laser targeting module

Operable Weapon Grades:
Handguns A
Rifles AA
Machine Guns C
Anti-Aircraft C

Other: Historical Handguns and Rifles AA

Spectral Sensitivity Shifting

Special Ability: Spectral Sensitivity Shifting


Spectral Sensitivity Shifting is the ability to change the way another being perceives colour. By bending the light prism and reflection properties in the eyes of a subject, Herr Freimeister is able to change how a subject sees the colours around them.

Current Abilities:


- Subject - The being the power is being used upon.

- Target - The noun that the power is being used against.

Familiar: [stacked on Kinship/Authority] Abilities are able to be applied to both those in a Familiar state as subjects.

Kinship/Authority: Abilities are able to be applied to both Familiy and Superiors as subjects.

Categorize: All abilities bellow can only be applied to the eyesite of up to 4 subjects including user. If the power is applied to more than 4 subjects the result will be the user's inability to continue keeping track of targets, subjects, colours, and ability useage, causing either a failure in proper power stability or the confusion of targets.

Highlight: Basic and rough highlighting of a target or general area in any standard colour [Only 4 colours at any given time].
Target: A large circle can appear against any solid surface in any one standard colour on up to 44 different areas.
Brightness: The levels of brightness can be changed on any 4 targets or one general area. [This power does not stack with Highlight.]

Current Limitations:


- All Limitations Subject to the current control the Shifter on their ability and is subject to change with experience and/or extreme mental conditions.

Spectral Sensitivity Shifting cannot be used...

-to change the way technology (ex. Scout robots, surveillance cameras, etc.) views and or records colour
-on targets unseen by the Shifter
-to change the vision of a target that is not in the current allowable categories
-to blind a subject or target
-to cause something existing to disappear or to cause something not existing to appear

Health Issues:

Though medics and Kasmir himself have yet to conclude, Spectral Sensitivity Shifting has caused a number of health issues for AGENT 44. With the aid of sleep deprivation, stress, weariness, lack of food, the consumption of alcohol, and expressing of emotion, AGENT 44's power caused the following symptoms:
Headaches, dizzyness, nausea, hallucinations, fainting, rise in blood pressure, delusions, and confusion.
AGENT 44 is currently recovering in the medbay for said symptoms and is doing exceedingly well, resting as advised and directed.

Professional Life: Extremely professional attitude. He does not often joke about during missions in order to keep on task and due to the fact that he does not feel comfortable enough with any of his comrades. Kasmir secretly finds the idea of a partner to be pleasing but would not request one nor accept one until he feels secure in their presence. He does well on solo missions but his power is more suited for supporting other AGENTS.

Casual Life: Kasmir has an uncanny ability to read books. Even as a child he was a known bookworm and known even more to retain the information with ease. He does not like nor dislike reading but continues to due so after his mother mentioned it suited him and that she was pleased when he read. Kasmir concluded his tour of German, Austrian, Italian, French, British, and American literature during the summer after his sophomore year in high school. He has since moved on to creative non-fiction, children's literature, and current pop literature. Kasmir also has a number of books on birds and flight. Kasmir's favorite foods are fish & chips and mushrooms. He enjoy an occasional energy drink.

Personality: Kasmir is extremely mild in everything he does. He is interested in watching other AGENTS interact and prefers to remain in the background, listening. Insults and the like seem not to hit him very deeply and he takes everything said to him calmly. His only passion is following orders and becomes rather angered when other AGENTS disobey orders.


Kasmir was born to a traditional German family in Baden-Württemberg, Germany in the small town of Feldkirch (Hartheim). He is the oldest of three children. As a child he was proper, studious, and well-mannered when he was not causing trouble and slacking off on chores. He was an observer from the start and never took a special interest in any one subject until long past his high school career. He absorbed information like a sponge and took to reading classic literature upon his mother's suggestion. After reading through German and Austrian classics, Kasmir decided to move on to the classics of other countries. Rather than finding translations Kasmir settled on learning other languages with the aid of his father and uncle.
Kasmir's sibilings were bright as well but took off with their own interests and loves. His brother, Bardulf, was keen in the art of science and war. He took off when Kasmir joined the German Army and has not been heard from since to the knowledge of the public.

During his senior year in high school, Kasmir found himself out of things to do. In a fit to be entertained by knowledge he created a social experiment which landed him in trouble with the local law enforcement. The experiment consisted of spreading rumors about the mayor, seducing a teacher, setting a bathroom on fire, and a goat. The details of the events are still unclear, even in official reports. The teacher in question resigned her position immediately after and refuses to speak of the matter any further.
After high school, Kasmir's parents thought it best their son joined Bundeswehr (the German military). Kasmir joined the Heer (Army) and served for a year and a half. During that time he discovered his sharpshooting talent and caught the eyes of the Fernspählehrkompanie 200, a special faction of the Heer. There he honed his sniping talents with the AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) and was introduced to a wide variety of weaponry. Kasmir kept in touch with his parents by mail but ceased to send letters abruptly a year after he was accepted into the Fernspählehrkompanie. Two years later he contacted them again, saying nothing of the missing years and assuring them he was fine, though he offered no excuse. His disappearance marked the appearance of his special ability, which caught the eyes of the top AGENTS. At the age of 28 Kasmir was offered the chance to join AGENTS. He accepted under the influence of curiosity and boredom.
AGENT 02: Kasmir only really met him once. Once was enough to strike Kas with enough curiousity to join AGENTS. Kasmir has little opinion on Dos since their first meeting.
AGENT 08: Kasmir calls her "Frau Acht" by default. Her German aura causes him to return to his root language unexpectly. Language confusion aside, AGENT 44 looks up to Ocho as a Superior, as his class leader, and as a positive force within his realm of preference [sniping]. Kasmir would venture to say he even enjoys her company. She does not say much which is well enough for him and her negative regard has a positive effect upon his mental state.
AGENT 41: Having only worked under her once, Kasmir has little opinion on AGENT 41. He recognizes that she is a good leader for her age but has room for improvement. He would say nothing of the sort out loud of course.
AGENT 42: Another member and Superior in his class. AGENT 44 holds her high as his Commander despite that she is a mere two numbers above him. The two are very evenly matched when it comes to sniping but at the end of the day Kasmir does not have nearly as much determination to perfect his skills as Frau 42, which sets him back. AGENT 44 is intrigued by her kindness and puzzled by her words regarding the subject of the chain of command. AGENT 42 recently became pregnant and asked Kasmir to be the Godfather. Though confused by her decision he accepted and thanked her and now makes a more active effort to serve her during her pregancy.
AGENT 60: Kasmir finds Ainsley's way of speaking to be easy to understand and often goes to him with hypothetical inquiries even after 60's demotion.
AGENT 117: Kasmir likes Lio well enough and has a feeling they will be around each other more often now that he is the Godfather of Lio and Oxana's child.