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Real Name : Karren Chaser

Age : 28

Birthday : 7th July 1983

Height : 1, 58 m ( 5,18')

Portrait 59 2.jpg
"I'll fly you to cloud nine~"

Weight : 40 Kg (88 lbs)

Class : Pilot

Weapon : Asta (her whip), Enhanced boots, Watch

Orientation : Pansexual (even more : basically she's attracted to everything who can pleasure her ... )

Partner : 210 (Susanne "Susie" Davies)

Voice : Megan Hollingshead

Theme songs :

Agent 59 is a real pervy pilot.

Raised in a small village from southern France she lived a normal childhood with her father, her mother and her younger sister.

Her ability appeared early in her life and she almost lose the use of her right eye before learning how to control it efficiently. Her father, a farmer, taught her the like how bikes while her mother, an horse breeder, taught her how to breed horses and use a whip.

Karren has a like for fight and she was often caught in the middle of a fight. But she doesn't like to be lethal, she jus loves to enjoy a good melee, even if she ends injuried. That is maybe the origine of her sadomasochist liking and her high tolerance to pain.

Karren enjoys to tease other agents and even the enemies of the A-Gents Organization. As she has a short attention span for the things she is not interested into it's difficult to say if she is listening seriously or not but when she promises something she will do anything to hold her promise.

Latest developments :

43 had her mind wiped and forgot about her relation with 59. Karren tried to gain her anew but reminding things to 43 makes her fall unconscious. Karren is then hardly trying to move on from her relationship ... 210 was registered as 59's partner, Karren already began to teach the young mechanic the basis of piloting.

Ability :

Karren is able to read the vectors. She can see the Direction, Strenght and Speed of any movement in sight. The vectors are translated in arrows of different shapes and colors making her able to see where a movement will end, which trajectory it will follow and how fast.

As there is numerous informations to gather, this ability gives her headaches if she uses it for a long time, and the ability can even damage the eyes.

Relationship :

-42 (Oxana S.): "Greasy". Karren thinks about her like a rival, she is like the anti-59. Karren uses her charms to make men happy, 42 seems to only bring them sadness, specialy to 117. Except that thing, Karren somehow likes 42 : she is a strong woman and Karren respects that.

-43 (Jane Hart): Ex-Girlfriend and Ex-Mistress. The relationship started when Jane managed to get trapped in a pair of handcuffs and Karren left an invitation to teach her properly. And thus a beautiful BDSM relationship was formed. The relation took a strange turn when Jane confessed to Karren that she had sex with 66. Karren first tried to accept this but deep within her she feared that Jane will end in 66's arms. In bed afterward Karren had a really violent behaviour with Jane, incounsciously trying to mark Jane as her. Later Karren made a really stupid joke to Jane and almost destroyed their relationship. Now that 43's memory has been whipped Karren realises that she lost her almost definitely, reminding something to 43 making her fall unconscious.

-46 (Sharlet Willis): She reminds Karren her little sister. Even if Karren want to tease her she also want to help Sharlet with her shyness. She impressed Karren during the rescue mission of Hac Tao.

-50 (Adelaide Young): Except the fact that she thinks like an assassin most of time, Karren really like 50. She's easy to embarass and teasing her is really funny. She's also a kind of sister to 43 so Karren tries her best to know her.

-53 ("Silent" Chantes): Maybe Karren's best friend within the A-Gents. She is one of the few who can keep Karren from goofing around and maybe the only Karren will always obey. Karren thinks of her like an older sister.

-66 (Lauren Wesley): Mister 66, as he never told his real name to Karren ... Karren was trying to get him in her bed because 43 told her that she had a crush on him. Karren also felt concerned about him because he reminds her some bad memories. But now she is nearly incomfortable next to him since he had sex with 43 ... She feared that 66 stole her 43 and reacted quite violently with 43.

-87 (Ariane Bäcker): Friend. Karren is always pleased to help Ariane.

-108 (Nahel Banko): Nahel is a nice girl. Karren feels guilty about how she acted with her after her hunt of 74. Nahel is a really caring girl, she's one of the few people who takes care of not brandishing a knife in Karren's sight.

-110 (Kapila): Fluffy. Karren loves to tease Kapila calling her Fluffy and jumping on her.

-117 (Lio): Lio is a nice guy. Karren thinks about him like a great kid. She finds him really funny and she is sad to see how 42 treated him at the begining of their relationship.

-120 (Rosa Sonali): Demon woman. Evil spider mechanic, almost the only A-gent teasing Karren on a daily basis.

-210 (Susanne "Susie" Davies): 43's daughter, the little Susie is a promising mechanic and Karren's partner. Karren has great hopes for the little girl and she began to teach her the basis of piloting and whip cracking.

Trivia :

  • Karren's whip is an inheritance of her family. the whip is named Asta and Karren talks about it as a real person. She also carries her whip everywhere, even sleeping with it.
  • Purple is Karren's hair natural color.
  • Suffers a form of alcmophobia and faints when she sees a knife.
  • Is highly perverted.
  • Is Nymphomaniac.
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