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Rank: 06 (Was promoted from 179 to 136 then to 110 to 61 and then from 61 to 06)

Name: Kapila Monkis (took the name Monkis after the man who adopted her)

Age: 18 years old

Birthday: October 13th

Weight: 150lbs

Height: 6ft

Eye Color: Light Blue

Weapon: Polearm

Personality: She is spunky, hard headed, she never gives up, she loves to pull pranks on people, and will do the best she can in everything. She has a tendancy to be lazy and is rarely seen when she isn't carrying some sort of meat product, either hidden in a bag or in her hand. She can become shockingly serious and mature in the neccesary situations. She has a tendency of acting tough and hiding how she feels about some things though. Half the time she is smiling she is either plotting someones demise or is upset and trying to hide it. Although she isn't the best liar. Can become frusterated easily. She also isn't the best at making friends.


Rampage state - Numbs all pain receptors, removes her emotions, and gains up to ten times her regular strength. She is also able to kill without remorse or holding back.

You can tell when she is in this state because her eyes seem to become very dull and she acts colder to people. If her state is triggered by something other than her own command, such as her emotions triggering it, she loses complete control of it. This means she cannot stop it easily. If she does this or uses her power for an excessive period of time she has a risk of loosing emotions entirely.


She was born in Poland and was given up to an orphanage at birth. Despite the fact she was always spunky with her facade of a smile. When she turned five things looked up for the young girl. She was adopted by a man named Monkis. He was a martial artist who always wished to have a child of his own. Upon discovering Kapila's powers he trained her in MMA, Jujitsu, and Wushu. Monkis taught her and Kapila loved him like the father she always dreamed of having. When she turned 8 he gave her his polearm, the polearm that had been with his family for generations, and she still cherishes it. When the young girl was 10, Monkis left her alone in the abandoned outskirts of a village she had lived in all her life. He disappeared into the forest, promising to have wood and food for the harsh winter that was approaching. He would usually come back by the end of the day, but he didn't. Kapila went after him, and went to the spot he always went to, but he was absolutely gone.

After a month of waiting she knew he was gone for good so she set out by herself and started traveling. Eventually she came to a small town where she decided to stay until she could one day find Monkis again. She searched through the many shops in the town to find one where she could possibly take an apprenticeship at and earn some kind of money for food. She eventually came to a clockwork shop, where she developed an interest in tinkering. An old man worked there, the first person who had shown her any kindness since Monkis 'died'. He took her under his wing, gave her a job, and cleared out the storage room for her to stay there until she found better. She was happy, she loved to help "Pops" with his shop. Two years passed and everything she just grew used to changed. When she was walking back to the shop with groceries she found the old man dead. He had been killed for no reason other than a stupid robber that killed him for the $ 4 in the cashregister. Unable to cope with what had just happened to her, she lost control of her power, hunted the crook down and brutally murdered him and five other people. It was then that Uno approached her and she started her new life within the agency.

Recently she left for Dog Howl, and spent four years of training. Since then she has been drowning herself in training. She has matured a bit, now more full of herself in her capabilities, but now seems to spend all of her time training.

Relationships -

03- She is quite fond of her. Despite not knowing her very well she likes how friendly she can be at times, even if she scares her at others. She respects her leadership and will listen to whatever she says, when she says it. She actually happens to wish to get to know her better, but feels its safer for herself to remain distant from her and some other superiours

42- Believes she is quite good at her job. She will do anything she orders her to do and tries to be respectful. She doesn't know her well but she thinks of her as a decent person.

19- She claimed to have "adopted" Kapila, so she goes along with it. Kapila thinks of her as a nice, caring person... Perhaps to caring, but she was like a mother that she never had. She calls her 'Mum', and does whatever she says so she doesn't get hurt. She seems to be quite childish when near her prescence. She has recognized that she has been through a lot since she had gone, and respects her. At one point was annoyed, only for the fact that she tried to get her to eat healthy. She feels comfortable around her overall, she considers her one of the few people she would definately put her life on the line for, even though she herself has been distant from the medic.

03- Considers her a very good friend. Like an older sister. She has become fond of her and usually listens to what she says.. Or types.. She's heard her voice, and thought it was quite amazing... And painful; she claimed her brain was melting after she could actually move again, then went on about how cool it was, and then passed out.

05- Kind of nervous around him. Attempts to joke and be friendly but they usually all fail. She tries to listen to what he has to say and be respectful. She doesn't know him very well although.

86- She had absolutely hated 86. Once she had admired him for his brawling skills, but now has began to develope a disgust towards him. Speaking to him, he was cocky, and rude. Her attempt at just holding a 'polite' conversation with him has turned into him challenging her to spar, or mocking her. She also had found his ego ridiculous, but at the same time the most amusing thing she had ever seen. " You're going to kill yourself with your own attitude." (Kapila said this to 86 after him trying to spar with her full force while having injuries) She hated how he spoke down to her, and regarded him as an untrustworthy liability. Now the tables have truely turned. After a while, she hadn't seen him around much, but when she did she realized she hadn't truly hated him in the first place. She had disliked him, mostly because she felt the need to prove herself. She regards him as a good brawler, and comrade now however.

66- She thinks he is amusing. Considers him a good friend, fun to pull pranks with, or even eat junk food with.

96 - She is a person that she comfortable with acting childish with her and is in awe of her capabilities of setting things on fire. (How do you get a sink on fire!?) She considers her a sister almost, and a best friend. Despite how her personality seems to change around her, to acting very childish, she refuses to let anything happen to her. Kapila now considers her to be one of the few people in the agency that she would sacrifice her own life in order to save hers.

74- Finds him amusing, and wants to befriend him.

04- Highly respects her as the spy leader. She seems fun to talk to as well. Wants to get to know her better. A fellow top ten member.

T59- Considers her a friend. "She's nice when she isn't being creepy." Avoids her sometimes, but overall finds her amusing and entertaining to watch. Kapila does get nervous however, because of her unexpected outbursts towards people.

108- Nice, great cook, considers her a friend.

50- Thinks she is a nice hard working person. She was a rolemodel for her in some ways, especially when she was younger. She wants to know her better. She attempts to joke with her on occasion, but refrains from it because she doesn't want to offend her. Considers a friend.

168- She knows he probably hates her, but that won't make her stop teasing. He is a friend, even if not the best. Kind of dislikes his negative attitude but ignores it. Tries to be nice but doesn't always see a point as to why she should even bother.

185- Nice girl who she absolutely wants to know better. When she was around her at first, she almost had to fight the urge to take her by the hand and escort her around the place. She wants to be her friend.

188: One of the few brawlers she could actually stand for a while there. Thinks he's fun to argue with and tease. Has been slightly losing respect for him however. With her new rank while he pretended to praise her, she saw through to only see that he was attempting to mock her with his nickname. Kind of annoyed with him. At times she really wants to pummel him.

T23: NEWBIE!! Must. Tease. At. All. Costs. But more than that, she considers him a friend, even if they pick on eachother about 98% of the time they hang out.