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Tsundere? WHERE?

Agent 02 (Dos) is the Head of the Scientist department, and second in comand of the whole Organization. Some says that he is the one who actually makes the whole Agency work, because of Uno typical long missions and absense.

Having the ability to be connected 24hs to any source of information, Dos is the vigilant hawk eye and nose of the Agents, something that traumatize him a lot sometimes.

He is the 'Mother' figure of the Agency, not only because of his strict demeanor but soft and sweet ways to care about his 'kids', but too because he is married to Uno, the Organization's father.

Has been revealed to be a former member of Hac-Tao's Pack, probably when he was in his teens. He called Hac his 'best friend'.

  • Loves Hot Cocoa.
  • Is spanish, his first name seems to be 'Jose'.
  • Was Uno's 'boyfriend' 2 years before letting him kiss him once.
  • Allergic to most animals with fur.
  • Can't see without his glasses.
  • Believes his mother was kille by RED CODE.