A-gents Wiki

Name: Jin Wilsons

Previous Persona: 3.5 ranked enemy 'Ion' (a unimaginative nickname another Agent gave him since he never gave one when an enemy)

D.O.B: 27. 6. 1979 (33 years)

Gender: Male

Race: --[CLASSIFIED]—effectively has purple blood and unusual physical tolerance/resistance

Hair/Eyes: White/Blue

Blood Type: Hybridised B+

Rank: 195

Class: Bomber

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM7NQQ0Lfu4&ob=av2n

Personality: He appears to be very flirty with anyone since he is bi-sexual, open expressively about his ‘good looks’(not afraid to be naked around people) and what’s worse he loves to tease the innocent minded.

He is a casual type of person, even quiet brotherly, and appears to people at random to simply talk or taunt, sometimes this leads to people letting their guard down. By nature he is playful and appears to dislike having to kill people, but terrifying them isn't a problem. Which is why when he was an enemy not long ago, he was accused of having an anti-hero complication where he often or not saves civilians or other Agents, but refuses to also not to put a lot of these people in these situations too, that was of course before he was captured by Agents.

Currently he is still very much a supporter of ‘Spiderman syndrome’ and loves cute, egotistical or/and the temperamental people since they respond them most enthusiastically and will tend to over react when hurt by someone he really REALLY digs. He dislikes the unemotional, the exceedingly fake/cold people or untalkative people. He's very particular about a certain matter of tidiness and order and can be seen straightening out his clothes, mending weapons or even simply just picking up trash or cleaning the place. He is not without his morals and manners, commonly gives deeper advice or quotes to people and reassures and admires the hardworking. Yet at the same time can appear to be quiet lazy or roaming aimlessly. Despite his care for people, you give him a reason to and he’s the coldest thing you ever see before you’re dead.

As friendly as he is there is a underling side to him, he'll care for a lot of people but only a select few would he risk everything for. Which is mainly his 'family'. Jin is entirely and completely a family man, even if he has no know existing blood relatives.

Very bad with his sense of directions if without his gadgets he'd be completely lost and quickly, hence he is sometimes found just roaming around aimlessly. He's cover it up by saying "I'm admiring the scenery,"

Extra notes:

  • - Cooking is his hobby, but especially loves baking, wouldn’t mind retiring as a cup cake baker.

  • - Likes frilly aprons

  • - Has a keen acuteness to picking up facts, lies, emotions from people after all it was part of his job

  • - Wants a proper apartment to himself; used to love his old one but his ex-boss destroyed it.

  • - Can never hide his amusement or sadness, his hair and sparking does all the expression for him and flies up sparking when happy/laughing and flops when sad.

  • - Loves children; he wants to be a dad some day

  • - tends to steal snickers bars (addicted to them)

  • - hair stands on end not due to gel but because its constantly electrified

  • - speaks a variety of common human and alien languages, and enough of the lesser ones to get around (Such as Irish, Italian, French, Latin, Spanish, Cantonese and slightly poor Japanese just to name a few)

Weapons: various-

-common known ones bombs (e.g smoke bomb –favourite-, liquid hydrogen bomb, C4, knives, flash bombs, electro-magnetic bombs, Nitro-glycerine, shrapnel bomb, and C4 clay etc)


-Teleportation device

-Chained Scythe

Ability: Ion transfer The ability to transfer ions between two different objects effectively giving or taking away charges. With this he can turn off/on anything as small as a toaster or a 60 metre radius block or even the human brain. It’s expressed as an electric pulsating wave from him outwards. Effectively this has caused explosions in devices when over charged.

He has been known to push out more than 400,000 volts of electricity.

Weaknesses: Unstable; constantly under a high charge Ion produces sparks and crackling of the air quiet commonly which can increase in voltage depending on his emotions. Happiness causes him to gain a positive charge, sadness a negative ironically. He must constantly prevent himself from laughing and has been banned from comedy movies.
Ion’s body requires a certain high level of charge, falling below or ‘flopping’ (his hair flops when he lacks electricity) for a long period of time will effectively makes him very sick (he’ll start coughing blood up if its really bad).
Completely drug-dependant to control his ability and sustain his body, due to the experimentations and long term usage of drugs from his previous employment, this has effectively warped his genetic structure but so far has only been expressed physically in his dark purple blood. He will be seen popping pills if his ion pulses become too strong.
Attracts lightning and static electricity, but wood, rubber and other electricity resistant objects work well as insulates, hence he avoids carpets when he can.


Ion (Jin) originally appeared as a 3.5 enemy 3 years ago as a masked nameless hired thug working for the equally mysterious enemy Agency now revealed by Jin as ‘CROW’. CROW being a small organisation controlled by a man known as ‘Axel’ (Who Ion loves to describe in very colourful language) that specialises in information retrieval, assassinations or whatever is required at a price. According to Ion he has been employed by them for seven years with other recruits, many of which had perished from jobs and experimentation, others remain working with the illusive enemy organisation whom he was the main field operative for. A very recent recruit to Agents after being captured during the events associated around the murder of the previous Agent 04 by the Enemy Koh, after admitting his involvement in the incident was unintentional; rather he was acting as a double agent against the Enemy Koh who hired him to kill Agent 39. Jin defends that he had intended betray Koh during the confrontational battle but was suspected long ago to be traitorous and Koh who used him as a distraction to attempt to kill Agent 39 and Ion whilst in the presence of 04 who perished protecting both. Reasons behind his motives were Jin's romantic relationship with Agent 54 (Bianchi Arcelli) who was kidnapped by Koh at the time, however, it was even deeper than this. In fact, during the confrontation Ion’s (Jin's) real identity became compromised when 04 crushed his mask to reveal him to be in fact........ 03, 04's and 50's 'dead' brother.

Jin Wilson had lived three lives in his 33 years of existence. Child hood: - Firstly the child given to Agents as his single mother couldn't comprehend and maintain his unusual electrical capabilities and the epilepsy that came with it. During this time Agents was a very different place, and to compete with their supernatural and other worldly enemies experimentation on individuals with abilities was needed. Jin was seen as the perfect waste-less pure energy source, a human generator when pushed to his max. He was experimented on to be enhanced, forced to continuously produce electricity till he seizured or passed out. In addition used as a perfect bombing weapon and made to fight others. However, Jin was a mischievous bright and happy boy and tended to escape if he could, thats where he met his 'adopted' father Agent 60 (Ainsley 'Fergie' Ferguson) and brothers Ex 04 (Hanz or 'Hanzy') and Ex 03 (Emil or 'Emzy' ) and grew up in this hellish place with them. He witness much in these cold prison walls of agents, sexual harassment, abuse, pain that made his hair turn white by the time he was 10. But it was when he was made to kill a girl his age in a fight and couldn't take it anymore. He made to escape and bring his closest brother Emil and father with him, but his brother refused scared to leave and the the plan back fired only after appeared like he died.

Teens to Twenties: - Jin was found as a nameless child in the city and placed into foster care, but with his unusual abilities and ran away. Lived on the streets till he was 18, delved into theft and drugs; basically he became a scum bag. However, it was this age he first met 'Addy' (Agent 50) in a park whilst half drugged out. She tripped in front of him and cried for scraping her knee, he was annoyed at first and told her to fix herself up and leave, however, when little Adelaide took out the sparkly elmo band aid from her pocket she tackled him and stuck it too his face.

"You need it more mister. Ya look sho sad." She said "Mommy said they make you feel all better."

A few weeks later she came back to give him five more, the next few days some stickers and eventually started following him around even if he didn't want her too on her way back from school. They became friends and Adelaide's parents helped Jin out where they could. Two years later, Addy's parents died and her cruel grandparents came into the picture... he 'adopted' her, discovered her powers and raised her till she was 13 where the FBI attacked them both. Jin had tried to protect her, using his abilities the first time in years making her exit the building before jamming his hand into the circuit breakers, unable to regulate his energy he Ion burst much more than intended and not only burnt all those that came in after them alive but also himself. This is where CROW picked him up and Agents picked up Agent 50. Again it appeared like he died.

ION: - For the first four years with CROW it was recovery from mass scaring from the burns, experimentation and training. They managed to stop his seizures, but altered his DNA to make his abilities incredibly strong and implant a explosive chip in his brain for their own secrecy. All of which he let them do...

At this time all Jin wanted was revenge against Agents, to take them down for all the people they took, for all the harm they caused and to have Adelaide returned and Axel agreed to give him the ability to do so so long as he worked for him. He didn't know or believed agents turned for the better. However... it was all ruined by Agent 54 (Bianchi Arcelli), who Ion saw originally as a easy go for information, to seduce and work his way into Agents and destroy them was pulled in on his own con and fell in love with him. It was killing him that he couldn't tell 54 who he was, and the fact that he was a firm believer in //AGENTS// and his little sister's crush too. However, 54 loved him back despite this and it was well till 54 was kidnapped and Ion himself sort ways to get him back resulting in nearly dying and being captured.

Currently after his capture he agreed to work for agents for the sake of his family and for all the poor decisions he made in his life. For the first few months he attempted to remain solely as 'Ion' so those that knew him wouldn't be horrified by what he became, but this gave way too thanks to Agent 03 and Agent 34. He is still earning the trusts of agents.

However his decision lies on the brink on whether Agents are truly reformed from their old ways; he could just as easily jump ship again if he finds a excuse not to trust them.......


Uno & Dos: He avoids these two like the plague and treats them, although he knew these people as the adults when he was younger, specifically Uno as 'Mr. Cool guy' according to Emil, he still feels extremely guilty around them and Dos does treat him coldly. He expect nothing else.

Ex Agent 03 (Hanz)- Otherwise called 'Hanzy' or 'Big Guy' he's Jin's younger BIG brother as Hanz refuses to call him big brother and makes Jin instead call him 'Oni-sama' (Japanese for formal Big Brother). These two grew up together with Emil. Although when young Jin and Emil simply used to tease the crud out of him before getting the crud more than equally beat out of them. Jin DID once had a crush on him, but dropped it when 54 came into his life and resulted to calling him brother after all.

Ex Agent 04 (Emil)- 'Emzy' in other words, Jin's closest brother, they met when Emzy was 4 when he helped Jin out of his containment cell and straight jacket. These two became trouble makers and jokers together, Jin the little ring leader and a stinker that used to get them both to prank others in Agents.

Agent 03 (Luisa D.)- 'Shorty' as he calls her and Luisa calls him 'Grandpa' in comparison, one of the people that knows his full history and seen into his memories. He teases and is amused by her, but mostly its a tolerating relationship and he's a little irked she can find so much about a person. None the less he respects her.

Agent 34 (Chantes)- One of the friends he truly admires, Chantes was the first Agent aside from 34 and his brothers to accept Jin and even looked after him in his time in the cells. He respects her highly and thinks fondly over her, treating her like a classy dame thinking that someone really needs too and worries over her health at times. If he can help her he will.

Agent 39 (Collin Walker)- Someone he avoids like the plague too for having had a hand in killing his boy friend the late 04 (Emil) and in front of him too. When ever 39 is around there is a distinct tenseness between them and more or less one of them flees the room. Although 39 convincingly told 195 he forgave him since it was a accident Jin otherwise told him not to forgive him. Jin, however, is protective of 39 and would do anything to help him and Emil when he can, just anonymously.

Agent 50 (Adelaide Young)- 'Addy' 'Addy-bear' or 'Little red robin', he has a lot of names for her, he raised her practically as his little sister. Jin adores Adelaide to the bone, he's unbelievably protective of her and worries constantly. He wonders often why she doesn't dress or act like a girl, and blames most of her bad habits (not cleaning her room, rude and loud roughness and table manners) on himself and is determined to fix that. The two act like they're always fighting, picking on each other, and mainly 'Addy' abusing poor Jin with jumping, punching or kicking him but they really love each other.

Agent 54 (Bianchi Arcelli)- 'Mio Bianchi' his lover, Jin adores Bianchi almost too much, loving his haughty yet shy nature, when he's angry or surprised or just plaining his presence. Jin constantly teases and messes with him, and most usually in a flirty or perverted manner that causes the poor innocent 20 year old to break out in blushes. He owe's 54 his life, his happiness and his heart, and though it looks like he's merely taking advantage of him, he always thought he's the only one person in the world he could give himself too forever.

Agent 60 (Ainsley Ferguson)- Called 'Fergie' when Jin was 10, Jin used to constantly bug 60 as the old adult in Agents at the time that didn't rat him out, and in fact want out. He hung with him constantly to a point he saw 60 as his adopted father and likewise 60 saw Jin as his son. He doesn't like how unexpressive 60 has become, a very different man to what he first met him where 60 was far more in touch with his emotions, however, he still loves him. Although these two, like with 50, tease each other. 60 complains constantly about 195's lack of wit and disappointment in how low his intelligence turned out to be.

Agent 66 (Lauren Wesley)- Really doesn't like 66 for the fact he seems to be a selfish cruel brat that hangs out with his sister too much. He doesn't seem to like it even more that 66 has similarities to him that makes him feel as if 50 had try to replace him.

Agent 96 (Isabel Kaldas)- His sudden appointed niece through his sister he treats 96 as a small child even if she is 21 years old. He's fond of her innocence and concerned for her as a Uncle would.

Agent 123 (Emily Alexander Lancaster)- Jin likes to be around Emily as a person who seems to appreciates his cooking most, she's easy to talk to and laugh with and he enjoys her company around.

Agent 134 (Gwenaelle Jolie Gautier)- Seeing Gwen as a very naive yet a very gentle and person, Jin treats her sweetly and looks after her like he would his sister. Knowing the relationship spat between Hanz and 134 he tries to mediate the issues between them, even though at times he is frustrated at them both for being so thick.

210 (Susanne Davies)- 'Little Susie' is one of the few agents he's most wary about, a child in agents is definitely something he is against. The kid is bright and he treats her as any spoiling uncle would when he's around her, often or not he isn't since she seems to be around 66 mainly.