A-gents Wiki


Name: Jessica Zammit

Age: 19

Birthday: 18th September

Class: Spy

Weapon: Shovel; Usualy whatever is near to use as a weapon somehow

Height: 5"8'

Weight: 115 lbs

Number: 78

Ability: Mind Control Jessie's ability is basically to be able to enter people's minds and control their bodies to an extent. However, when she does that, she leaves her own body, leaving it vulnerable to attacks or any of that sort. Once her consciousness has left her body and entered another one's mind, the person being invaded can fight it off - if the person is strong-willed enough. Is this the case and does the invaded person indeed try to fight Jessie off, then it takes a lot of energy and concentration for her, not to return to her own body and thus lose the control. She cannot really influence or control 'minds', it's more of a body control but seeing as Jessie invades the mind with her own, it can be seen as a mix of both body and mind control. However, if the person she is currently controling gets hurt, so will Jessie, as soon as she returns to her own body.

Disadvantage: If she stays in a body/mind for too long, her mind will mix with the person she is currently controling and she cannot return to her own body.

Personality: Jessie is a nice and friendly person for the most part. If you do a wrong move though, she can get extremely violent, depending on the situation. Insult her friends or family and you risk a shovel to the face. She is oblivious to ambiguous allusions - for the most part - However, she normally doesn't warm up to strangers that easily, she is always a little suspicious - at least when it comes to men. Jessie can be a real drama queen when she is on a roll, though she normally snaps out of it after sometime and feels sheepish afterwards. She's sassy at times as well as feisty but she is also a caring and loving person.

Background: Jessie grew up with her grandparents in Arizona, as her parents died early, leaving her to her mother's parents. She worked a lot at the little bakery they owned, picking up a few perks in baking. She was a normal student at a public school, her grades were average and she had a small couple of friends. However, things started to change, when Jessie's grandparents were unable to pay the rent for their bakery. They told her not to worry about it but Jessie felt obligated to help them somehow, since they took her in as a child after all. One day at school, Jessie - about 14 years old now - tells one of her friends about the dilemma, while one of the older students is eavesdropping them. He offers to help her out, she agrees and is being lead to Diego, one of the oldest students at her school. He offers her a credit that she has to pay back eventually but she doesn't bother thinking about that, just takes the money and presents it to her grandparents happily. The bakery was saved after all, the rent was paid and new equipment was bought to work more efficiently.

Eventually, Jessie all but forgot about the credit she got, as Diego finds her again and threatens her to pay him back. As Jessie sees no other way in paying him back other than stealing the money she needs, she starts stealing from her classmates. This continues for sometime, until Diego and his group start to make fun out of telling on Jessie. Eventually, she gets kicked out of school - she doesn't tell her grandparents - and starts stealing from people on the street. It seems, her debt is bigger than Jessie thought and when Diego threatens to harm her grandparents, should she not be able to pay him everything back soon - she runs away from home, telling her grandparents she'd be on a class trip. Jessie starts to live on the street, getting better and better in being sneaky, spying on people before she uses different tricks to steal their money.

This continues for a while, until she is 16 - then, by chance, she meets Carlos. Jessie sees him on the street eventually, sneaking up on him and stealing his heavy bag, which seems to be a good prey to her. She flees into a dark alley but one of his clones is already waiting for her, making her wonder how he was able to catch up to her so soon. Carlos refuses to let her just walk off as he is concerned why she would be stealing at such a young age too. Jessie tells him about her debt she owes and he offers to help her. She eventually leads him to Diego and his gang, where Diego uses his clones to put them to rout and to leave Jessie alone. Jessie and Carlos become close friends from then on, as she sees him as a her big brother now. She returns home to her grandparents, though she does not tell them everything that occured, so not to make them worry.

Jessie moved from HQ2 to HQ1 like some of the other new agents as well. She is proud to have a relatively high rank and tries to do it justice.


42: Jessie considers her a very nice and polite person, one of the only people she met so far that seems to be considerably normal. She respects her and it lightens her mood whenever they meet.

44: They have only met one time thus far, though Jessie considers him as a rather stoic man, although she does not doubt that he deserves his high rank.

52: She experienced 52 as a rather motherly person and a good medic. She noticed the demanding, yet gentle tone in her voice when she asked her about her hedaches.

70: For Jessie, Stuart is like a brother. They fight sometimes but they also care for each other. Even though she titled him as a pervert, she wants him to be happy and no harm to happen to him.

202: Wolfgang is Jessie's boyfriend who she holds dear. Although they have some differences from time to time, they work it out and stick together.