A-gents Wiki

Rank : 139

Real Name : Jayden Julius

Agent 139

Nickname : J.J , Jay ( Past life ), Mr.Ostrich ( only 137 are allowed to call him that )

Age : 25 yrs

Weight : 187 lb ( 85kg )

Height : 6' 3 " ( 190cm )

Nationality : Malaysian

Ethnic : Kadazan

Orientation : Homosexual

Class : Sniper

Weapon : Full automatic Sniper Rifle ,



An ability to absorb other skills or technique within a certain radius.He can absorb the power via contact ( touch , eye contact , and etc) and can keep it inside him up to 6 hours before the power disappear .He can only absorb others power within 2 meter radius. If the power is not suitable to his body and soul , it will reject and cause inner injuries ex :- blood coughing and etc . The ability need intensive training that involves both body and soul. The harder he train the more stable the power that he absorb which equal to longer range and longer time to keep the power.This ability may cause great exhaustion to him depending on the usage.


Agent 139 ( JJ ) is portrayed as a gifted sniper with a very high accuracy .Rarely seen without a smile on his face , he has a warm and friendly personality toward other agent despite their ranks.Quite a pervert despite his sexual orientation , he flirts with both gender and enjoy it. Due to his ability , he hold a high regards toward his body and soul and can always be seen pushing himself over the limit during his personal training. He is not being restrict to just long-range attack.Very excellent with hand combat but prefer long range attack more. Being quite a loner , he prefer to do more action rather than to talk which he thought it just wasted the time. Quite a perfectionist and hated when things go wrong. For every mistake that he do , he'll punish himself very hard , just to make sure he won't repeat the same mistake.

Kadazan people are well-known for their occult stuff ( spirit , monster ,alien and etc ) and this has been great influence to his life. He really love occult stuff and tend to spend tons amount of money just to collect it.Suffer PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder ) due to his childhood that can cause him to go berserk upon hearing the sound of a bell. He is quite an alcoholics but he rarely get drunk.The snack that he will always carry with him is sago worm ( type of grub that live inside a sago tree ).



Born in the deep jungle of Borneo which located in Sabah , he never complaint about his life. His father was a great warrior in the village and are well respect for his power.His mom is a bobohizan (female priestess ).He has an older brother , an older sister and a younger sister. His brother refused to stay in forest and work in the city as a business man. His sister work as forest ranger nearby and his last sibling still studying in primary. He has 1 older brother , 1 older sister and 1 younger sister.His dad is a great hunter and very well respect in the village.His brother refuse to stay in the forest and work in a city as bussiness man.The older sister work as forest ranger nearby and the last sibling is still in school.His mom is a bobohizan (tribal priestess)

Although he stay far from him family , he does stay connected to them .His parent has really high expectation on him and really care about him.


When he was a kid , he was trap in an old temple and suffer PTSD since then.After the incident , his father was very disappointed in him because it ruin the family honor as his father is the best warrior in the village and the incident really humiliate his pride.He trains him to be strong by forcing him to practice fight with his sibling.His father hates people who complaint or make noise during fight, so he trained all his kids to not make noise when fighting even during great pain because that will only make the enemy thrill.His dad also used to train him to hunt for wild animals by shooting using a rifle.

Ever since he was small , he discovered that he has the ability to copy other skill and power.But due to the power , he was nearly killed few times by some other villager because they believe it's the power of devil. He was scared and for his own safety, he decided not to used his power ever except for emergency.Due to that , his power getting weaker and weaker.

Growing up

As he grows up , he starts to ignore the power and tried to continue living as a normal human being.He studied hard for 4 years but he failed to enter the police academy due to some technical issue.He was very frustrated and tries all sort of random job ( working in fast food restaurant , delivery boy , involve in clan while staying in hong kong ) and some of it involve shooting but nothing satisfy him.But things change when he received a mysterious call from a guy who know about his power.He was offered to work for a secret organization called A-gents.He was quite surprise on how details the guy know about him and refused the offer but after a while , he left the clan and accepted the guy offer and willing to do the job.

Blue Feather

The blue feather on his his left head is a feather from the legendary phoenix @ ( Cenderawasih ). He received the feather when he was small. The bird was believe to guide him out from a wood after being locked inside a temple.


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