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Jane Hart

Number: 43, formerly 33

Name: Jane Hart

Age: 30

Weight: 68 kg (149.6 lbs)

Height: 166cm (5'5")

Orientation: Pansexual

Class: Medic

Weapon: Scalpel or Zombie Gun

Partner: N/A

Voice:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLGL-H7QmMk (begins around 2:00)

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X1WnSUgmhg

Agent 33 aka Jane is a high-ranking Medic in the Agency. She doesn't often go out on missions, as she finds she has enough work to do at the Agency. She's Australian, and even though she can swear like a miner, is very well spoken.

Jane's ability is Bio-Knit, which is essentially like having a medical kit in her hands. She can pinch and massage wounds and broken bones back together, and she also can use her fingers like scalpels. By placing her hands on a person's skin, she can measure temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure and lung capacity instantly.

She can measure blood glucose and blood stats by rubbing people's spit in her fingers. The downside to Bio-Knit is that it is very painful for the patient, leaving them with the feeling that their injury is still there. Because she can conduct surgery without leaving scars, she is an excellent plastic surgeon.

Jane is 30 years old, though she looks a lot younger. She has the tendency to have a mothering attitude, especially towards her patients. While she can be very serious and hard working, Jane can often be found hanging out with other agents and being a bit of a goof.


Jane was born in Melbourne, Australia to a middle-income family. Her father worked hard to put her into a presitgious girls' school, but she always felt left out because the other girls had more money than her. She wanted to own a business as a child but when she discovered her abilites, she quickly changed career paths. She has a younger brother, Michael, she used to lend money to, but broke off ties with him when she discovered he was using it for gambling rather than his studies.

When she was 21 years of age, she met and fell in love with Alex Fisher, a wealthy man from an old money family. When they were engaged, she discovered that she had uterine cancer and the only treatment to stop the spread was to perform a hysterectomy. No longer able to have children, her heart was already broken, but Alex decided that the relationship was no longer worth keeping and broke off the engagement, in the coldest way possible. Still madly in love, what Jane did to Alex is only known to a very small group of people, but what is commonly known is that Alex killed himself afterwards.

Recent Developments:

Thanks to 107, 66 now knows about her crush on him. The reaction was intially very neutral. It finally came to head one day in the kitchen, and after showing off her fiesty side that he reciprocated her feelings. On the kitchen table.

During an operation on 88, Jane's hand were exposed to his poison and is recovering from extensive scarring.

During the mission into the mining town, she didn't provide much help in the fight, critically injured in her first major fight. Only survived due to the efforts of 134 and the timely arrival of Hanz.

Jane has revealed to 107 that she had a child in the past, a daughter called Hannah. Hannah died a week after birth as she was extremely premature. This was the catalyst that led to Jane attacking her fiance.


107 (Karren Chaser): Girlfriend and Mistress. The relationship started when Jane managed to get trapped in a pair of handcuffs and Karren left an invitation to teach her properly. And thus a beautiful BDSM relationship was formed. Jane is a bit tsundere in the relationship and doesn't want to rush things. Things have hit a bit of a road bump as Jane has confronted her feelings for 66 and is confused about where she stands with him and 107. A stupid joke on 107's part nearly destroyed their relationship.

66 (Lauren Wesley): Has an unrequited crush on him Is in a sexual relationship with him Has no idea what's going on. Possibly loves him, but she will never admit it but wants to forget about it and has come to the point where has has purchased memory-altering drugs incase her obsesion gets out of hand. She doesn't know why she even likes him in the first place, but thinks that it's because she can't feel his stats unless he's unconscious intrigues her. On the surface they are friends and she is comfortable in his prescence, unlike most.

50 (Adelaide Young): Considers 50 ('Blue' as Jane calls her) to be her best friend. Jane likes to tease 50, often about 54, but adores her like a sister. They make their mission in life to not angst. Will do anyhing for her. Anything. 50 was involved in a terrible prank 107 devised.

109 (Lee Xhang Fa): Personally finds him very lovable and kind. Has found his 'mind-wipe' trigger and will use it and abuse it for her amusement. Is attracted to him, though doesn't see anything happening between them. She surprised him by speaking Mandarin to him once.

148 (Adam Cavul): Teases him, almost bullies him. Mostly because he insulted 107, but her views on him have been softened because her interaction with him was the catalyst for Jane to get together with 66. Recently has developed a mild crush on him.

54 (Bianchi Arcelli): Likes him and is secretly impressed by him, since he once knocked out 66 all by himself. She really wants 54 and 50 to be in a relationship together so she can babysit their adorable androgenous children.

60 (Ainsley Ferguson): Both on neutral terms and have mutually agreed never to sleep with each other. She has a pair of framed pictures in her room of 60 smiling (though he happened to be high on meds at the time). 60 likes to boss he around even though she is of higher rank. She doesn't mind it. Really. She kinda likes it.

52 (Artemis Belle): To Jane, 52's main reason for existing is to wind her up. She likes the face she makes. They make good surgery partners. 52's enchanted bathrobe, Bertha, has a mysterious sleeping effect on Jane.

134 (Gwenaelle Jolie Gautier): 134 saved Jane's life during a mission, despite being badly hurt herself. Jane now holds her in the highest regard.

53 ( 'Silent' Chantes): Is in awe of 53's sheer badassery. 53 has saved her life a couple of times and has Jane's greatest respect in return.

44 (Kasmir Freimeister): Hasn't socialised with him outside the Medbay, but is very intriguied by him. She would like to know a lot more about him, despite him being a very private person.

47 (Arianna Nightingale): Cares very deeply for her, though doesn't really know her. Is at the moment trying to keep her alive after very intense surgery.

88 (Matthew Hazeman): Doesn't know him very well, but her hands are damaged because of his poison, feels a bit of a grudge because of that.

77 (Royce D.): Likes him because he's fun. And adorkable.

83 (Ramona Ziemer): Tolerates her. Loves her cooking.

117 (Lio): Adores the dork. Has candy around her person just for him.


  • Has a VERY high pain tolerance. Can shrug off broken bones and lacerations until her job is done.
  • Has alcoholic tendencies and is only a few drinks away from becoming one.
  • Her safe word is 'persimmons'. She's never used it.
  • Her birthday is November 11.
  • Terrified of horses.
  • Trigger-happy with a gun.