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Agent 96

Name: Isabel "Izzy" Kaldas

Height: 166cm

Weight: 60 kg

'Number:' 97 (Noventa Y Siete) - Former 96

Birthdate: 7th March, 1990

Age: 21

Class: Firebomber

Voice: Kerry Butler

IRL: Ginnifer Goodwin

'Song: '"Me For Me" - Natalie Hawkins

-Previously promoted to 96-

Agent 96, Isabel "Izzy" Kaldas (20), is very new to the A-gents community and has only been living there for a few weeks. She is part of the Firebomber class .

96 or "Izzy" appears to be almost like a little girl, personality wise, when first meeting her. She is very naive, clumsy, bubbly and loves to shower people with affection - though, she also loves to get attention and affection by the people she holds dear.

Her ability is to be "incombustible" - She is immune to fire or heat in general. Her body cannot be harmed by fire or heat - but her clothes certainly can.

It was her father who found out about her ability.

He worked at a firework factory, thus Izzy's love for bombs, firework and fire. While her father always told her not to come to his working place because he said it was dangerous, Izzy always snuck in and watched the workers test the new pyro technique. One day, after an explosion in the testing area, the whole factory burned down. The firefighters found Izzy in the middle of the burning building, unharmed by the fire. Her father was, of course, more than surprised and while everyone else considered his daughter "lucky" for not being harmed by the fire, he soon found out that it was actually her ability.

Izzy is often labeled as not very smart or even stupid, while she is only very oblivious and hasn't been taught much about life when living with her father. He homeschooled his daughter as there were no schools around where they lived. Another arguement was that children her age might not treat her well - seeing as she never actually respected other people's "personal space". Izzy has a very strong bond with her father, since he is a very caring and affectionate man and always put his daughter before everything else.

Her mother used to live with them until she turned 8 years, then she left for - to Izzy - unknown reasons. She used to lose her temper with her daughter a lot and then just locked her in her room - that is why Izzy is afraid of locked rooms, a reason why she never locks her own.

Because of all of these circumstances, Izzy does not know much about a lot of things. Having her father as her only way to gain knowledge, she adopted only the "filtered" information he gave her. For example, Izzy's father felt uncomfortable teaching her about certain subjects and thus, she surprises her fellow A-gents friends everytime with how clueless she really is. One of her biggest problems is that she cannot stand to be alone - or being left alone, even if it is only for a few minutes. She feels left behind and her happy personality turns into sadness that Izzy cannot even really define herself. This makes her a very dependant person - dependant on others. If her friends are happy, so is she. Izzy learned that she is happiest with her special friends around, rather than with random people. While, at the beginning, she just tried to befriend everyone, she now chooses who she likes to spend time with or who she likes to hug and share affection with.

She is especially close to the people in the "Broforce" .


42 - Oxana, or how Izzy calls her "Ossana", is also like a mother figure for her, though tends to feel more like a big sister who does girly things with her or whose beauty she can admire. Seeing 42 always brightens her day. Lately, 42 started to refering to Izzy as her little sister, thus Izzy started to see her more as her big sister too. She is one of her most precious people.

39 - 41 called him Izzy's "grandma". He took care of Izzy during a mission, since then she is very fond of him and likes to be around him.

41 - Luisa was the one female person, Izzy looked up to, from the start. She is her idol and she

Cityy fanart.png

secretly seeks to be like 51/41. At the beginning she was very confused about why Luisa always seemed "grumpy" in her eyes but it only made Izzy adore her more. She came to see her as a mother-figure in a way and loves showing her affection to her. She was the first female person, Izzy looked up to, after her mother left her. Now, they have accepted each other as sort of a mother and a daughter. Izzy even calls her "mommy".

52 - Izzy cares for her very much and loves to talk to her. She is one of the few women she looks up to.

53 - She feels as though 53 was the "mother" of the firebombers that are normally very goofy and childish. She still wants to learn more about bombs from her.

88 - He is not that talkative but Izzy likes him very much. Recently, she is confused by his actions - obviously persuing a relationship with her.

54 - Has not talked to him much yet but Izzy has the urge to impress him and doesn't want him to think she is clumsy or a burden.

66 - At first, Izzy found him a little creepy. By now, she likes spending time with him, he even got her a teddy for her birthday that she holds very dear. He seems as though he was in a good mood everytime they meet, so Izzy sees him as a happy person.

77 - Roy is as well someone Izzy considers a big brother. He explained a lot of things to her - even if weird or wrong sometimes - which she is very thankful for. She also sees him sort of like a teacher when it comes to the things she doesn't understand yet. Plus, if needed, he is someone she wants to care about, too.

100 - Her first friend in the HQ. Izzy doesn't always understand her actions but she likes her very much.

101 - Ex-Boyfriend. Used to be one of her broforce collegues.

74 - Tommy is the one Izzy considers her "HQ-daddy" as he greatly reminds her of her real father - always caring and looking out for her. Although he is actually younger than her, he seems to feel responsible for her in a way. Izzy depends on him a lot, as he did with his father and thus greatly approved of his relationship with 51/41, since she wanted to see him happy.

134 - Gwen, or Gweny, is one of the woman she considers someone she can look up to. 114/134 actually clarified their relationship to be the one of mother and daughter which 96 is very happy about since she never had a good mother. Lately, 114/134 has been very distant though, which Izzy cannot really understand. Since a mission she has changed her view on her though and feels betrayed by her.

124 - Has become one of her closer friends who Izzy cares about a lot, since they seem to have much in common. Together with him and 77, they form the LOL-team as 124 calls them.

117 - Lio was one of Izzy's first and until now best friends. She considers him her older brother and loves spending time with him. He is just as childish and silly as her, thus they always have a lot of fun but also get in trouble sometimes. She cares for him a lot but is also confused by his antics sometimes.

148 - Adam is one of Izzy's closer friends - at least she considers him that. She always tries to entertain him, also, despite is grumpy attitude, he doesn't seem to mind her affection.

136 - Kapila is someone Izzy can have fun with. Izzy feels like this is more of a sister relationship, since they are kind of on the same level - although Kapila, even though younger than Izzy, seems to be the more mature part of thei friendship.