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No, you can't touch his hair.

Hanz is the former head of the Assassins, and aside that, is known as having been one of the most insensible, cruel, strict and pissed off Agent ever; his glares are infamous, and his difficult trainings and missions even moreso.

Not very loved by his fellow Agents, and never the talkative kind, Hanz was used to being alone with his training, his meditation or his horses, things that apparently brought him peace of mind.

Very tall, specialy for being half Japanese, he comes from a mixed breed, between a cute Japanese woman and a big nordic man; this making him a very rare sight.

He rarely yelled or was violent with other Agents, as he prefered cruel words as his weapons of choice. However, there are two persons in HQ that proved to make him mad: Agent 04 and Agent 134. Both Agents angering him to the limit of reason.

He had at a time seemed very loyal to the Organization, and would try to kill any enemy within the walls of HQ as fast as possible, no mercy allowed. This specialy applies to Ryonell, whom he hates with passion, hinting some kind of involvement between them in the past.

Whatever this particular involvement was, it was strong enough to make him betray the Agency and go hunt Ryonell on his own, after asking Agent 04 to cut his hair and becoming a supposed ENEMY for the whole Organization.

Tres's New look after he betrayed the AGENTS.

After the event in which Hanz showed himself to most of the Agency after transporting them with his shadow, Hanz is no longer considered an ENEMY for the AGENTS, though Agents are warned to still be careful in the event that they should see him.

As no true threat to the Agency, Hanz comes and goes as he wills from the HQ and off. Not considered an A-Gent nor an enemy.

  • Cares for animals.
  • Likes mate and riding horses.
  • Is in the Organization since he is a kid.
  • His real name has been hinted to be Hanzou, Hanz.
  • His eyes are not black.
  • His full body is covered by Tattoos.
  • Knew about Dos and Uno's relationship before it even was hinted.
  • He has a weird relationship with both 134 and 04.
  • "Brother" of Jin (195), from the time of the old corrupted agency. Not blood related
  • Married now to 134.