"You look Yummy."

Hac-Tao or as pronounced right, Hai Dao, is an ancient Dragon, born in China 3000+ years ago, he is not an Enemy of the AGENTS or an ally, but a very chaotic force.

As a Dragon, Hac has a various set of abilities fit of a killing machine; he has super strength, regeneration, breaths fire and spits venomous saliva. Also, his tail and hair move independently, so his reach is increased greatly, making him dangerous even from afar.

His other abilities are much like a brawler's ones, mixing ancient Xiaolin combat style with submission techniques, Hac likes to cripple his enemies, keep them restrained and eat them wile they are still alive.

Not very friendly at first, Hac-Tao has been 'trained' to behave, stay calm and eat human food instead of human flesh, however, his point of view about all this may change depending on the 'MODE' he is at the moment.

  • Human mode: When Hac's mind is in this version of himself, he tends to be more open, calm and rational; He acts more like an honorable and humble warrior, and talks in a more coherent way.
  • Dragon mode: A God, does what he likes when he wants and never asks anyone about it. Will refer himself as 'we', and is a very proud but well mannered personality.
  • Psycho mode: The crazy part of Hac's mind. He does not speak much, but when he does, he mostly talks about murder, or laughs with a particular 'Hehehehehehehehehehehehe.' wile grinning a lot.

Hac has passed his last 100 years imprisoned in SYPI(Supernatural and Paranormal Institute), under the 'PACK PROJECT'. This project was supposed to integrate him again to society, by making him part of a Pack of students with other 4 SYPI classmates. However, his recent escape suspended the treatment, and he has been seen not showing any of the progress he made in all those years.

His known PACK partners at the time are: Ethan, Oren, Nijima, Math, Agent 12, and Jose.

  • Has a very deep scar in his face and back.
  • His hair is made of little serpents.
  • LOVES mushroom soup.
  • Had a romance with a woman called Maria.
  • Has two young siblings alive, a younger Brother and a little sister.
  • Can transform into a Dragon.
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