A-gents Wiki

Number: 134 aka Ciento Treinta y Cuatro

Name: Gwenaelle Jolie Gautier
Age: 26
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'4"
Orientation: Heterosexual
Class: Medic
Weapon: N/Al
Partner: N/A

Agent 134 aka Gwen, was born to two loving and aristocratic parents in Nantes, France. Growing up, she was always very quiet and forgiving, never one to have temper tantrums. At 5 years old she met her best friend forever Kimiko Tanaka. She was not spoiled but she was given everything she could ever want. At 12 years old, her Grandmother, who she was very close to, died in a car accident on Valentine’s Day, thus her unwillingness to celebrate the day. When turned 13, her parents had to started to work more, and they gave her the option of going with them around the world or staying with Kimiko and her family, Gwen chose Kimiko. That is when Gwen started really adapting and learning Japanese culture, from the traditional Japanese style home to etiquette and clothing. As she entered high school, which was an international one, Gwen put to use her years of ballet and gymnastics to earn her keep into the dance team with Kimiko. Gwen was still a very gentle kind person who was not very stubborn until she met Jean-Thomas when she was 18 years old. After graduating high school, Gwen’s life and personality took a very diverse turn, she started forgetting her responsibilities to her family to hang out with Jean , changed her clothes to jeans and tight shirts and she became very outward going and very stubborn. When she turned 22, Jean asked her to marry him, she agreed. A few months later, the A-gents asked her to join because of her ability; Gwen was shocked, because she had kept her abilities secret since she was 19. She told them she would think about it. During this time, Gwen she had noticed a very dynamic change in her savings account and on the night she was going to tell Jean her decision, he had disappeared. Understanding this to be that Jean had played her for a fool, she was destroyed and for months even after she came to the A-gents, she was quiet and very depressed, having nightmares every night. Though he left, everything he taught her and showed her from learning to use a gun to kill a person to how horrible the world truly was.

A-Gents: After coming to agents, Gwen has developed in a variety fo ways. Including mentally and physically. Gaining new friends, enemies while trying to keep ahead as a medic. As of recently, it was discovered that the enemy DONNA was using Gwen as a spy against the Agency via a chip created by nanos in her head. It has been removed but not sure of how much information DONNA has procured from this. In regard to the happier events, Gwen has been recently married to the ex agent: Hanz


  • Speaks French and English
  • Knows how to play the Harp
  • Loves to sing and dance and is pretty good
  • Very calm and loving
  • Loves children, would have become a pediatrician if she did not join A-gents
  • Loves frills, girly and purple clothes