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<To kill or not to kill..... Why is that even a question???>


Sometimes the man who looks happiest in town, with the biggest smile, is the one carrying the biggest load of sin. There are smiles and smiles; learn to tell the dark variety from the light. The seal-barker, the laugh- shouter, half the time he's covering up. He's had his fun and he's guilty. And men do love sin....

Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes Voice

Rank 3 (***) - Moderately dangerous.

Grin is a self-titled “Psycho-for-Hire.” For a surprisingly small fee, Grin will capture, torture, and kill anyone you want. In addition to his traditional services, Grin also owns an interstellar casino known as The Devils Den (which doubles as a rather formidable warship), and is cornering the narcotics industry with a drug known as “Liquid Pain.”

He absolutely loves going against the Agency, since a good portion of the members could potentially be pushed over the deep end and cause more carnage than even he could ever hope to (namely 52, 58, 66, 67, 120, 137, and 140). That, and there’s a lot of good looking women that will help him live out his combat fantasies~.

Ability wise, he has a pair of tentacles that extrude from scars in his forearms (both can extend up to 20 feet and are durable enough to withstand multiple hits from most common weapons and exude a poison that keeps wounds from fully healing), minor telepathic capabilities (enough to talk to a person and keep his mind relatively secure), and is able to create very life-like illusions. If Grin does end up fighting someone who he hasn’t been hired to kill, he won’t slaughter them. Instead, he’ll either just take out enough non-vital organs and break enough bones to see to it that they’ll be writhing in pain for the next few months, or keep them busy with one of his illusions. If things start going bad for him, he’ll attempt to escape rather than stick around and die.

Random facts about the subject:

  • Grin is a sadomasochist, meaning he likes both creating and experiencing pain. He’s prone to breaking out into song (sometimes changing the lyrics to a darker tone), and “batshit crazy,” to use another self-given description of himself.
  • Grin is always wearing some sort of mask with a smile on it. He generally sticks with a Greek comedy mask though. He also is known to possess a "Hannibal Lector" mask with a crudely painted smile on it and a Richard Nixon mask.
  • Has two scars that run down the inside of his forearms. This is where his tentacles come out from. The story about how he got them changes every time you ask him. The most common ones involve either a government program that gave him his abilities (and his mental problems) or a serial killer carving them into him before he made a deal with the Devil.
  • Lives by the credo “If you’re going to do something, look good doing it.”
  • Grin is suppossedly one of the youngest enemies that the A-GENTS deal with outside of RED CODE. According to him, he's only 19.

Recent Activity:

  • Grin did manage to "possess" 58 for a while. It was shortly after 58 had his mild breakdown upon hearing that 114 might have gotten pregnant. After randomly passing out a few times, 58 began to act strangely. He was actually giggling, making frequent jokes, and hitting on most everyone he talked to (including 66, who he normally loathes). Then, one day, he walked into the medbay and just attacked 49. After restraining him in the isolation chamber, 52 went in and talked to him. She then discovered that Grin was controlling 58 "for fun."
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