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Firebombers are a sparkbug class, it seems to be a lot rather feisty individuals seem to enjoy settling down here and make use of their craft to create a myriad of explosive devices for either mischeif or important missions. This isn't to say all firebombers are irresponsible- it's just that a fair portion of them are. Their leader is Nueve, one of the oldest Agents around, and going deaf but still a cherished member and certainly a respected leader. Skilled in their craft, firebombers are never to be underestimated, even if some of them have made habit of working with hazardous chemicals in unreasonable locations such as the kitchen.

Head of Class: Nueve
Color of Glasses: Brown
Number of Members: 7

List of Firebombers:

  • 09 (--)
  • 34 (Chantes)
  • 74 (Thomas Flannery)
  • 96 (Isabel Kaldas)
  • 195 (Jin)
  • 201 (Manilla Welcomb)
  • 202 (Wolfgang Sharpe)

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