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Every time our Agents go out on missions they risk their lives and put them on a line. Often they come back unharmed, but at times they get hurt badly or even worse. For the worse is this page, when one of our Agents fall during or because of combat they will get a place not only in our characters hearts but also on this page. You are free to add things, like something your character did during the burial.

Ex-04 aka. Emil[]

After the incident, after looking out for any agent who was injured, after securing everything, giving it a file...making the situation just understandable again, some agents gather in the memorial grounds. That night, not caring for the cold or the tiredness, they gather to say good bye to a fellow Agent, one that was known by most there, one of the Ten, Agent 04.

Lauren Wesley: *During this whole funeral agent 66 hid behind a tree, arms folded, eyes closed, listening in on what was happening. Cuatro was dead. An event that couldn't be reversed. As the funeral went on and eventually people started to leave, he opened his eyes and turned, looking to the grave. He didn't say a word, just watched as people were giving their last goodbyes to the man. When everyone else left, 66 removed himself from the tree and walked over to the grave that was now occupied by the body of Cuatro. 66, holding a bottle of beer in hand, opened it and took a long sip.* You know... *He started when he removed his lips from the bottle.* ... you and I never really DID get drink together, did we~? *He smirked and crouched, resting one elbow on the gravestone and tilted the bottle to the side, letting the remaining bits of the beer go to the ground.* Heh, a toast to ya, Cuatro. *With that he stood up, made a little salute and left.*

Luisa Dimanche: As others, Luisa had gone to the ceremony as well, leaving the medical bay while she should’ve stayed. She felt horrible not being able to go towards the place where he fell, but she wasn’t in the right state to go. During the one minute silence she recalled all the events she had, had with 04, not moving and with her pupils widened. She never were too kind to him, rather, he was the only superior (together with Colin) she dared to be rude to. She wondered if she should’ve been kinder, they could’ve talked together about Agent 94, since he would be able to understand her. Yes. She wished she was kinder to the guy, at least told him she appreciated that he was being the retard he was around everyone. Because he actually cheered her up by just doing what he did. She took a deep shaking breathe when the minute was over. She bowed her head a little to 04s memorial stone whispering “I promise you, I will protect Colin for you. I will take care of him and help him when he is sad, because not only does he need it, I owe you. I owe you a big one sir”. She stood up straight, grinning a bit sad and shaking her head “But you will always be a pervert to me old man”. With that she left, some may have found it rude, but for her it eased everything she was feeling that day.

Adelaide Young: She stared down at the dirt clogged hole, it was hard to believe, this guy....one of her best friends boy friend. Someone she'd talked too and seen in every day light was really gone? Just like that? It didn't FEEL like it. No it really did feel like it was just a hole in the ground with a bit of turned up soil. There was nothing there. That couldn't have been 04. But why were her eyes burning so much? Why did she throw her mask up, her goggles on to hide her face, bite her lip and stained to stare and not look weak or disrespectful. Simply she read the engraved name again and again though her vision was blurring. She would not wipe the tears catching into pools in her goggles. Such a nice person... a true kind hearted person... someone that made them feel safe and happy was gone. He was more than just some official he was everyone's friend. She still remembered stealing his pillow, so very clearly. She clenched her fists by her sides and gritted her teeth hard, standing among those that stayed behind, and especially looking out for Agent 39. She would stay by him so long as he stayed. "........" she bowed to the grave a little flicking out a paper, slapped her hands together and in a instant a origami plane sat in her palm. She placed it by the head stone gently as if it were a weak bird. Pilots were always high fliers, she knew being grounded was hard for them. Maybe this plane will help him go. Fly high in the wind, watch us from above like always, smile and be happy in that other world, heaven, the invisible, purgatory or whatever it was that was beyond them. 04 would be exploring new boundaries for now she thought. "Enjoy y-your trip sir......We'll miss you."

Matthew Hazeman:watched the procedings from further back in the graveyard. He had never really talked to 04. Not anything in-depth, at least. And now it looked like he was never going to. One of the only things he could remember about the man was one sentence, from a conversation when he first joined the A-GENCY, about how the both of them were sorta cut off from the world around them, that they couldn't feel any touch or sensation. 88 scratched at his gasmask, thinking about that. Always reaching out for that next experience. And holding on for dear life once you got it.... Guess that's what made you the better man, sir. 88 watched as Dos placed Cuatro's clothes and glasses on the coffin, and got up as the remains were lowered into the ground. There was still work to be done. He had no doubt in his mind that there were those who were gleefully celebrating while they were mourning. People who needed to be stopped. As he walked away to train, 88 spoke one last time for the memory of that great man. "Have fun reaching for this next experience, Sir. I know it will be a good one."

Colin walker:Wake up. Oh just wake up, please. This was all a horrible bad dream. Just a horrible nightmare to complete a horrible week.... Standing in the front ranks of agents was the unmistakable tuff of red hair which could only belong to one medic. He wore a freshly pressed and clean Agent’s uniform with all of his hair pulled back and away from his face which was completely void of any emotion. But perhaps that in itself spoke volumes to what he was feeling. It was not like he was heartless and did not feel grief or pain, oh no. It was quite to the contrary. There were just too many emotions that swirled inside him like a vortex, blending all together into one congealed mess. His mind did not know how to processes or even where to begin to start disentangle the conglomeration so it just ceased to function, giving the medic the vacant stare he had plastered all over his face. Broken. Everything happened so fast, it seemed like just a few hours ago the two of them were out enjoying themselves, 04 so full of life, then suddenly. BAM!! Colin found himself writing up his superior’s death certificate and attending the funeral of the man he loved.... No, still loved. Would alwayslove. There would never be another living soul that would fill his heart like he did. Even now, after his death he still belonged to him, all of him. Emill really left an everlasting impression on him. He was his first real kiss, his first crush, his first love, his first.... well, everything. Oh god! He was thinking like such a girl! It was now that he understood what his partner felt when he lost his lover. In the back of his tried, numb mind he still refused or it was his subconscious trying to protect him from the excruciating reality but he just couldn’t let himself believe that 04 was really gone, even though with his eyes he had seen the whole thing. The fight.... the fall.... the landing. His eyes were locked on the casket as if he expected 04 to pop out with a grin on his face saying, ’ Hey, I was just joking. Got you again Colin! Hahaha, you’re too easy!’ Then Colin would blush and smack him for being an ass and Emill would laugh it off like always. But.... he never did. As the funeral played out in front of him it was like he was looking through another’s eyes. For a moment felt like watching a play, so unreal. He could see each performer going through the motions while on the edge of his memories were wisps of recollection haunted him. In the midst of theheavy shroud of dark blue auras it obscured the scene before him making it difficult to recognize the individuals. The imposing atmosphere admitting from his fellow agents enveloped the medic choking him making his feel nauseated. Their emotions overpowered him, dark talons tear at the last shred of sanity he had. He swore he could hear the voices of his colleagues echo in his mind. ’Good-bye, sir’ ‘Poor Colin’ ‘Rest in peace...’ It was all just too much for him to handle. He just wanted it all to go away, he needed to yell, scream, curse, anything to give him release. And he would have if the ceremony held out a little longer. Thankfully for all around he was able to hold it in for just a little more as people started to file out. Some lingered to pay their respects while some passed by patting him on the shoulder in an attempt to consol him. He was sure a few stopped to talk to him for he could remember mouths moving but could not recall what was said. The crowd thinned down until it was only him and his two friends who stayed by his side in silence. He still could remember 04 and his first meeting in memorial garden. Funny.... they first met in the place where he would have to say ‘good-bye’. Another moment skipped by and Colin asked to be left alone. His friends complied, giving a firm hug and pat before they retired for the evening. The rays of the sun were dimming as it slipped beneath the horizon though there was still enough to make out the writing on the headstone. Sheepishly he approached the freshly dug grave to stare down at the engraving. Emill Hudson.... Hudson He repeated in his head. He didn’t think 04 ever told him his last name. He thought being as close as they were that he would have known something like that. He felt a lump form in his throat and his heart race as he has about to speak leaving his mouth to lap unintelligently. Why was he getting so nervous? Clearing his throat he tried again. “H-hey...” he managed to squeak out before he took a cleansing deep breath, “Oh god this is hard... I don’t know if I’m just talking to air or... you can hear me. I would like to think you can... Oh Geez....” He took another moment running a hand in his hair, “There’s.. so much I never got to ask you or tell you cause I was scared of what you might think. Now I’m really kicking myself for not having the stones to do it, like asking you if I could stay to live in your room. I was over there half the time anyways.” He choked out a small sad chuckle, “Emil... I never knew why you chose me way back when but the reasons don’t really matter. I’m glad it was. There were times that I was going to give up on my foolish feelings for you, but I am thankful that I didn’t. Otherwise I would have never experienced your love. You exceeded all my expectations. All I ever wanted was just a small portion, to be something to you. I never dared to dream for things to turn out the way it did. It makes me feel.... deeply humbled that you allowed yourself to give all of your heart to me. I will always cherish the time we spent together. You were a hero to the end. So... thank you, with all of my heart.” Then he raised a hand with the biggest grin he could muster giving the tombstone a thumbs up in a very 04-like fashion, “Go sail the wind, Emill.”. It could have been the barometric pressure acting up that day or something but just then there gust of air that encircled him, clattering with his leaves in a mute melody. For an instant he thought he sensed arms surround him. But just as quickly as the squall came it was gone. Baffled, he stood there blinking in the twilight. Was that.... Did...? Nah it was too tall to be him. He was tried and his mind was just playing tricks on him. He shook his head and turned to head back inside to go to bed, but no sleep will come to him that night. The events were all still so raw, his mind was restless.

Izzy Kaldas: She looked around at the people, mourning for the loss of their superior. Most of her friends had known him well, while the only encounter she could remember having contact with him, included his invisible tentacles grabbing around. Now that she thought about it, it was probably just a fun game, that she didn't understand. o___o She looked at the coffin sadly. Mister tentacle man, I didn't know you well but my friends did and I think grandma really really loves you (39). When we all meet again, we have to play Agents-tag together. But not with abilities, last time we did that, Lio lost his leg. Also, we will make sure, grandma gets better. It might take a lot of time but we can do it, I'm sure! From what I heard, you were one of the coolest people here, so... stay awesome, Mister superior 04! You will be missed by a lot of people. My dad always says: The past is only the future with the lights on. o-o I don't know what that means but I think it's something smart. Maybe we all understand soon. Sleep well, 04.

Chaton T. Varr: He hadn't known 04 personally, but he mourned the loss of someone important to so many others. He stood respectfully away from the others, not really sharing the full impact of their loss, watching from just outside the graveyard. A sad look crossed his eyes, as he stared at the marker, tightening the grip on his power. "Memento Mori..." He whispered, making a cross on his chest with his hands, bowing his head and vowing a silent vow to never disturb the rest of the great man he had never known. Vowing to never use his form for anything. After a moment, he turned slowly away, "Cuatro. Au Revoir... May you rest forever more... In peace." He walked slowly back towards the main building, hands in his pockets, resisting taking on the great agents form. Resisting causing more harm to those already harmed. He was gone. And 75 would not ever pretend otherwise. For the good of all. "Rest well."

Natalie Dunes: She was too young, too naive, to understand what happened. She barely had a grasp of an understanding on that which was death. In the orphanage, if a child left and didn't return, it meant they had been adopted; something to celebrate, something to envy. But there was a part of her, however small, that realized this was a time for silence in the base. This was a time where pain was so tangible in hung in the air, around the now eerie hanger and the red-eyed comrades around her. She couldn't understand. So, she gave them a small favor, and quelled her swelling questions and words and antics, and just let the agency mourn, even if it was years before her understanding.

Nahel B.: She resisted the urge to cry as her eyes stared deep into Cuatro's grave. They didn't know each other well; only a few times had they actually spoken with one another. His smile and fun-loving attitude was what she could remember of him. Despite the gap between them, his funeral seemed to have brought them closer. The irony of it made 108 heart wrenched. She waited in the back of the crowd of agents waiting to give their respects to Cuatro. Slowly, she advanced forward until finally, she arrived in front of his grave. After a moment, staring down at the grave, her knees bent and she lowered herself close to the ground. 108 placed a small flower with the others. A small sweetpea. "Agent 04......." she looks up from the flower a little. A soft smile appeared on her face. "I'm sorry......I've never made you a bamboo bouquet......" She knew there was someone who would be the most heart broken. Agent 39. A frown replaced her smile. She remembered how happy 39 was when she had bumped into him before. He told her he was extremely happy because Cuatro and he may be moving forward in their relationship. 108 closes her eyes to the tears that have started to flow from them. After a moment of silence, she opened them back up to Cuatro's grave. "Rest in peace, Agent 04........none of us will ever forget you. You did so much for us. Thank you." 108 got up and gave the grave a wide, greatful smile. Before she left, her head lowered for a small bow. Then she stepped back and turned herself away from the grave, wiping away all the wetness on her face. Reply

Victor Aradeus: *still sees the coffin and the end of the Cuatro.. "sorry for not knowing better", "all die sooner or later and in this work more sooner.. soon go to visit you hah" this thing passed for the head of Vikie while do a little sarcastic smirk. Noventa y tres go to put his part of earth in Cuatro's pit* Bye womanizer.. bye Cuatro.. *for a moment 93 still look the rest of sadness agents faces.. and returning to his site. After the funeral all have to go back to his being, but now with a new name to the list of fallen. Vikie still do things so slow, mind in the future and some things can pass..*

Amalia DeVir: 99 sat in the quiet office of the medical bay. Unable to attend the funeral for fear of other unstable A-gents joining 04 in the great abyss, she attended paperwork, wary of any signs of trouble. Other patient attended the funeral, despite their injuries. Sighing, she turned away as they suck or just plain walked out. The low thrum of flouresent lights was the music she heard that night. As the last bits of earth hit 04's coffin, she came finally to his medical file. 99 looked at it for a long time before lifting a stamp to the paper, and pressing down. "DECEASED" was stamped just below his photograph. "KILLED IN ACTION" was written below it, in 99's small print, just before she placed it within the cabinet of A-Gents Fallen in ation..

Arianna Nightingale: *Due to her injury, she had been unable to attend the burial, though she quickly promised she would go to his grave when she was able. And even though she had never really had much of a chance to get to know 04, the death of a comrade and superior deeply troubled her. Death was something that she never handled well, even if she was just watching it on television. Shifting up in her bed, she gingerly placed a hand on her stomach, a deep seated chill tearing its way through her entire body, a faint sting starting at the corner of her eyes. Flicking her eyes downward, a weak smile appeared on her lips, her other hand gripping the blankets tightly. From what she knew, he had been a sweet, caring man. A man that did everything he could to assure the safety and happiness of the other Agents…almost like a father. Another wave of sadness hit her, soon followed by a jolt of anger. Why…why did it always have to be the good people that ended up dying? Why could it never be the people that truly deserved it? It was like fate liked nothing better than to play a twisted game of chess, the clatter of the taken pieces making it smile. Closing her eyes, the tears finally took over, lowering her head. Breathing in shakily, she bit her lip, trying to stay strong. 47 had to remember, that he was in a better place now…and was still watching over them all. They would make him proud, she was sure of it. But, for now… “Please, sleep well 04…you will be always be remembered…”

Kasmir Freimeister: He stood among his comrades, quieter than most. He had never formally met Superior 04. Though something about loosing a comrade to death and one to the enemy sat with him wrong. He felt as though he was letting down a man he never knew. He gave his salute, sharp and respectful, then took a small palm of dirt, letting his fall from his hand into the grave below. "I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand." he muttered in German like an incantation of some unknown religion. It was an English quote but it had always rolled off of his tongue in German. Perhaps Blake was meant to be born in Germany to German blood. AGENT 44 walked away from the grave. He was among the first to leave but not the very first. He paid silent respects and returned to HQ.

Jane Hart: She stood silent the entire time, watching the whole funeral detached, as if watching it through a television screen. She barely knew 04 and never really got a chance to really talk to him outside of general chit-chat. But she looked up at the people around her and their connections with 04 and she began to reflect on the ones that she loved and cared about. The thought of ever having to stand at their funerals like this, watching the earth swallow them up forever, sent her into a deep depression. She was one of the first to leave, unable to handle the grief around her. She spent the remainder of her night nursing a bottle of beer in her room, staring at the walls and silent tears on her face.

Ainsley Ferguson: The man stood silent, still, unmoving as stone as he watched the proceedings, his expression stony and frozen as calculating, thinking, keen eyes scanned over everyone... drinking in their responses and their actions. He didn't approach the gravestone, he didn't go to make any final words or a send off for the man. He simply stood there and thought, head swimming a little... he would need to see to that... or the medics would, certainly. See the results of the blood test and figure out what was happening, probably just the medication though, so he was not worried... he knew that drugs tended to effect him quite negatively. A man hated to see a child go before them... it wasn't natural. The new generation outlived the older and that was how things were supposed to go, although he, himself was rather old... but... this was just jarring. Superior Cuatro was far too young for this to happen, but as was the risk of being an Agent... an untimely end, he assumed. Hands remained within his pockets, a conservative stance and a slightly off balance waver back and forth that he paid no mind to. The medics would see to it. Despite what he might have said to them, they were Agents and one did not become an Agent without being capable... well not most of them. He had doubts about a few. When people began filing away, he left silently, returning to the medibay with only a few words muttered under his breath as he tread over the grave earth. "Téigh i síocháin. Agus pháiste... D'fhéadfadh Dia is glacadh le d'anam agus is féidir teacht ar an tsíocháin tú go dtí teacht orainn chun bualadh leat. Slán agus oíche mhaith. A bheidh tú uainn."

Royce Durnam: He was finally let out of the medbay, but not for the reason he would have ever hoped for. There before him lay his idol, his hero and the man who seemed like he could do anything. The best pilot among them, now lay in the ground. 77 could not contain his tears, and was not one to hide his emotions, so he cried freely and without bounds. Placing the dirt on top of the grave was probably on eof the hardest things that 77 had to do, and he said he silent goodbyes while doing it. Taking off his hat 77 kneeled down to touchthe grave. "......Cuatro...." He started, choked up and unable to continue for a time. "You were.....the best pilot captain we could have wished for...you never let times get you down, and your way with the ladies was..." -he coughed out a laugh- "a work of a genius" He paused in his goodbye to rub at his eyes which were starting to go blurry with all his tears. He thought briefly of one other person who would be hurting the most."Don't worry about 39. I'll watch over him, along with the rest of the agents of course." He smiled a small sad smile. "Farewell Cuatro, you will forever be in our heart, minds and flight...Thank you for everything." With that 77 stood up, hat in hand, and hand on his chest, and gave his former pilot captain one last salute.

Rell Attwater: He was among the ranks of his friends-turned-mourners, eyes solemn and tight as he watched the procedure. One dark hand covered his mouth--Cuatro deserved more respect than the smile he could not take from his face, even if it was very small now. There were some people that you worried every day might die, and some people you thought would never die at all, by blade or poison or age. Death simply was not worked into their personality. That was Master Cuatro, always... He had known him for years. Maybe never well, certainly not as well as he would liked, but 04 had been a constant. Always so confident, humerous, strong, and now simply gone. He felt the sting of tears in his eyes. And Colin, poor, poor Colin... He left nothing on the grave, could not think of anything. Where Master Cuatro was, he would not need anything ever again. Even so, he felt he should have put something down, but nothing seemed to fit.

Alex Rhode Gardello: Despite his relationship with Cuatro, 65 stood silent near the front of the ceremony, wearing his best suit, his hands folded respectfully before him. When the time for reflection came he could only think of the time that the two of them had journeyed to the bar. 04 had confronted him about 65's feelings toward him. 65 had told him about 39. Alec had been called selfish. This man, Emil, he had understood Alec's situation better than anyone. He had actually seemed to reach out and touch him. He had genuinely felt sorry for him. Alec, despite himself, after their meeting, had really wanted to know the man better. He had actually looked forward to the day that 39 ran off with him somewhere... be it a wedding or something else. Colin deserved it. 04 deserved it. He was, despite what his outer appearance said from a far, an understanding, wonderful man. When he stood to drop soil into the grave, he grinned down at the casket and whispered, "Ahh well. This happens to the best of us. I'll make you a promise, though. I will protect Colin. I will be there for him. Above all, I will respect him, and I will respect you. You will be missed, Emil. You will always be loved." He smiled, dropping the moist dirt into the hole and returning to his ranks among his fellow Agents, scanning the crowd for 39... then again, maybe he wasn't here. Maybe he planned to have a silent, personal send-off. Alec remembered his promise to let 39 stay with him. He'd stay up tonight and wait in the common room for him to come in. He'd give him anything he needed. Alec recalled all too well what Colin would be feeling, his aura most likely a black and empty mist. Alec had been though this before, he knew what it felt like... and above all, right now, Colin needed to feel safe. Alec's arms were always open, and he'd be sure to let the other know that.

Agent 83: She stood quietly with the other A-gents. Watching as the fallen 10 was put to rest. She bowed her head for the moment of silence, though her thoughts were anything but. After most of the A-gents cleared off she stepped foreward quietly, in her hand, a black rose. She sighed softly, kneeling down like she did with the others and smiled sadly. "...Never got to give you the rose, after the incident..." she whispered softly placing it lightly over the grave. "Thanks for everything, that you did for me. You were like a big brother if anything. It was nice to have that at the speratic points that they happened." she said softly. She blinked a few silent tears away. "Rest in peace bro, hope you are having a blast wherever you are." She stood up and left silently to her room. To let herself cry then get on with normal buisness as usual, in the agency.

Adam Cavul: .... *though he barely knew 04.. he had still been part of the 10, and he had been the only one of the ten besides uno and 06 that he had ever met.... though he wasn't hit nearly as hard as some agents by it, he still stood in respect for the fallen agent... the dead deserved respect... especially those who had been leaders in some way. from his power he heard a lot of the rumours in the agency... so he knew just how much 04 was liked in the agency... which was quite substantial. someone had to earn that kind of respect and admiration* you must have really been something, huh, 04?... i hope you aren't forgotten... someone with that big of an influence shouldn't be left to fade away. live long and freely in our hearts and minds.... sleep well in your rest... you've earned a rest.

Kapila Monkis: Having no idea who he was, only seeing him around the HQ she didn't feel much. She attended but just watched. Death, something she barely understood, she didn't get why it was being made into such a big deal. What she did understand was that 04 was a respected agent, one of the best, and she honored that. Throughout the ceremony she just watched from a distance, once people start to left she did too. She felt slightly guilty for not feeling any sadness in this event. "Hm.... Death, quite strange what it does to some people," she mumbled walking away without looking back. Reply

Jackson Bastion: he stood watching his hero ever since he joined the Agency be buried. Sadness hit his heart hard as not long ago, he lost his foster father 45 who was one of Cuatro's best friends. He walked to the grave and put in the amount of dirt for him. "That was from me...." he then took another pile and softly patted it down too. "That's from 45......if you see Francis sir.....please......say thank you for me......for....what he has done for me. I....also thank you sir, for teaching me to fly. Also to be a better man. I will see you friend...but...not yet." he smiled gently while standing up looking at the grave yet again. He saluted his fallen comrade and walked off. While he did so, a tear fell from his eye. He wasn't sad, he knew, that Cuatro would be with 45, and that he would be in good hands.

Sharlet Willis: She waited, A little. She didn’t know 04 well, she had a few encounters with him, and she remembered he was upset. She remembered she gave him a small peck on the cheek. It made him happy. He was a funny man. Hugging the flowers she waited her turn. Flowers from the garden she was working on. She was going to Miss him. She could always hear his singing. Bon Jovi, always singing, always, always him. No matter how much she tried to block it out. But She didn’t mind as much. She was going to miss it. She was going to miss his singing. Seeing him clean his Jet. Tears weld in her eyes. Bending down, she placed sunflowers on his grave. Lillys were not needed; He was a bright sunny man. He was always going to be a bright sunny man. “Thank you” she whimpered. Holding her arms she watched the grave with wet bury vision. That was all she could say. As she got up to leave She looked up at the sky as she walked, As she left She smiled to herself Changing and mending the sounds. This was very fitting for a time like this. She saw all the people that loved him. ‘Thank you for Loving me’ Once again a song by Bon Jovi. She he walked and cried, She was going to miss him. Even though she rarely got to see him. Reply

Mi Orlocke: *She cried the tears, feeling sorry for everyone; especially for Superior Uno. A lost of a life is terrible no matter what, who, when or why. It's what will bring the same and different changes. For worse AND for better. She may have not stuck around Superior Cuatro much, having been reclusive/abrasive since young, but as far as she knew, he was an Agent - a Superior - who served, taught and lived in his own way. All that she respected in a fellow human being. Moving forward to the grave, she took out a hand-embroidered handkerchief she had done during her break at Ethan's home. A breeze was picking up at the right moment.* May the flowers shaped by these threads stay unbroken, like your legacy in the AGENCY. Let the wind be your unending flight.

  • She let go of the handkerchief and the wind picked it, up and away and sky high...*

Tor: *He watched the whole proceedings of the funeral silently, followed what everyone did. This was a first for him. "Remembering the lost of a human life". ...It was a shuddering experience. And it made him think now, that if the same happened to him...Or 197...Mi. Death upon the person he wanted to explore the emotion "Love" with? The thought despaired him. He turned his attention to 197's actions of her paying her final respects to Superior Cuatro. Superior Cuatro, sir...We may have not been closely associated but as your former subordinate, I thank you for opening my eyes to things I haven't realize from your death.

  • Again, he raised his right hand and saluted to the grave. This was what he can do. All he knew what to do.*

Jayden Julius: *he still attending the Funeral although he deeply despised Cuatro.He still couldn't accept the fact that he really deceased. He know he hates him , he will never regret that.Perhaps his the only one in whole organization who hate him. But Cuatro was one of the best agent in the organization.He can never denied that. His death gave a great impact to whole organization even to him. " I never really get a chance of knowing him ,yet i hate his gut " he whisper as he looked at the grave. " Perhaps we can lighten this by stay connected.... through a diff world " he smile sadly and salute him before leaving the graveyard.

Emily A. Lancaster: During the funeral, Emily was somewhere in the recesses of thier mind. Alex could feel the girl's...well sadness. Cuatro had been her first crush, even if he hadn't been her own. Alex just looked on blankly, not one emotion betrayed on her face. He was good for the AGENCY, but not for her or Emily. Once it was over, Alex walked back to their room, and went to Emily. "Pick your head up kiddo," was all that she said. Alex never had to worry about Emily for too long. Vengence, anger, hatred... Emily wasn't able to feel those things for long, Alex could hold onto them for years. But now, she couldn't. It wasn't her place to hate or swear vengence on the killer of Cuatro. No. That was one hatred that could never be hers.

Ex-45 aka. Francis[]

Ex-94 aka. Gato[]